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Hitchcock, Enos, D.D.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature

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a Congregational minister, was born in Springfield, Mass., graduated at Harvard in 1767, and was ordained colleague of Mr. Chipman, pastor of the Second Congregational Church of. Beverley, in 1771. In 1780 he became a chaplain in the army, and at the close of the war in 1783 he took a pastoral charge in Providence, R. I. He bequeathed at his death, which occurred in 1803, $2500 as a fund for the support of the ministry. He published a Treatise on Education (1790, 2 vols.): Sermons, with an Essay on the Lord's Supper (1793-1800). Allibone, Dict. of Authors, 1, 852.

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