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"Ads Free" and the Mission in Uganda

Helping to build God's Kingdom one church at a time!

From early on has been redirecting God's blessings to individuals, churches and organizations in need.

Whether helping to fund VBS in Poland or supporting local and international missionaries, we were there and continue to be.

Boris Mugumya and Timothy Namanya
In 2016, after visiting Uganda and witnessing the need in this beautiful country, we began sponsoring several children through Compassion International. The following year we awarded a young man, Boris Mugumya, a 3-year scholarship to study business management at the Bishop Barham Christian University in Kabale, Uganda. In 2020, our second 3-year scholarship winner, Timothy Namanya, began university studies in social work.

Burambira Building Fund:

Bethel Building Fund:

In the fall of 2020, Geoffrey Onap, senior evangelist with the Kasese Evangelical Ministries, posted a video on Facebook of believers struggling to worship during a heavy rain storm in their church without a roof. Seeing the need, we provided the funds needed for the purchase of the sheet metal and pay for their installation. This led to a conversation regarding additional needs in his area of the country.

In May, 2021, we partnered with RevCatch to provided an "Ads Free" feature that allows people to pay to remove all ads from the site, resulting in a much faster experience. 75% of all proceeds from the "Ads Free" feature (RevCatch receives 25%) go directly to help build churches in Uganda and support other ministres of our choice. StudyLight's ONLY benefit is the good feeling of being able to support such causes.

These are 17 churches overseen by the Kasese Evangelical Ministries. (Click the highlighted church name to see the current building)

  1. Kasese Evangelical Ministries and Orphanage
  2. Nyarugote Evangelical Church - 50 members
  3. Burambira Evangelical Church - 55 members - New building being built
  4. Businge Evangelical Church - 48 members
  5. Kabagara Evangelical Church - 22 members - Meeting under tents
  6. Kasunganyanja “Light of the World” Evangelical Church - 28 members - Meeting under tents
  7. Lyamabwa Evangelical Church - 56 members
  8. Mukunge Evangelical Church - 69 members
  9. Rwendongo Evangelical Church - 38 members
  10. Rwentuha Evangelical Church - 25 members - Meeting under tents
  11. Nyabugando Evangelical Church - 40 members - Meeting under tents
  12. Bethel Evangelical Church - 78 members - New building still incomplete
  13. Bugomba Evangelical Church - 80 members
  14. Galilaya Evangelical Church - 25 members - Home Group
  15. Kyamuwera Evangelical Church - 27 members - Home Group
  16. Kyankumba Evangelical Church - 51 members
  17. Mpanga Businge Evangelical Church - 70 members

Most of these hurch building are built with poles woven with branches then packed with mud. Over time the poles disintegrate causing the structure to become unstable and possibly collapse. It is the long term desire to replace these structures with brick and morter building. Additional, there are four church who hold meeting under tents while two groups meet within the homes of believers.

Burambira Evangelical Church being built.
A new church building in Uganda can cost between $35,000 and $40,000 depending on the price of the land. This consists of a rectangle building with 8 windows, 4 doors, sheet metal roof. Windows will have metal shutters to protect against thieves. Inside and outside are plastered and painted a cream color. In addition, gutter will catch rainwater that is filtered and collected into a 10,000 liter water tank for the local population to use during dry times.

On May 18, 2021, funds were supplied for the purchase of land on which one of these new churches is currently being built. The following two months saw the digging and laying of the foundation and the building of the walls. By November 3, 2021 the roof, gutters, water filtration system and tank, windows and doors have been installed.

The plan is to finish the church before Christmas. Still to go is an solar-powered electrical system, concrete floor, plastering and painting of both the inside and outside walls. Later we will replace the outside toilet and add a covering to the front and side entrances.