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Strong's #4448 - מָלַל

a primitive root
Parts of Speech

1) to speak, utter, say

1a) (Qal) to speak

1b) (Piel) to say, utter

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1601 ‑ ἐκπίπτω (ek‑pip'‑to);  1968 ‑ ἐπιπίπτω (ep‑ee‑pip'‑to);  4591 ‑ σημαίνω (say‑mah'ee‑no);  312 ‑ ἀναγγέλλω (an‑ang‑el'‑lo);  2980 ‑ λαλέω (lal‑eh'‑o);  634 ‑ ἀποπίπτω (ap‑op‑ip'‑to);  
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Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1288) lm (מל ML) AC: Speak CO: Word AB: Continue: A continuation of segments, which fill the whole.

A) lm (מל ML) AC: ? CO: Word AB: ?: A chain of words blended together to form sentences.

Nf1) elm (מלה MLH) - Word: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (62): word, speech, say, speaking, byword, matter, speak, talking - Strongs: H4405 (מִלֶּה), H4406 (מִלָּה)

B) llm (מלל MLL) AC: Speak CO: Ear AB: ?: A chain of words blended together to form sentences.

V) llm (מלל MLL) - Speak: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (10): (vf: Paal, Piel) speak, utter, say - Strongs: H4448 (מָלַל), H4449 (מְלַל)

bf1) elilm (מלילה MLYLH) - |kjv: ear - Strongs: H4425 (מְלִילָה)

C) lma (אמל AML) AC: Speak CO: Word AB: ?: Chain or words to form a sentence. Also a sickness as a break in the chain of the body.

V) lma (אמל AML) - Speak: [Hebrew and Aramaic] [df: rma] KJV (5379): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hitpael) say, speak, answer, command, tell, call, promise - Strongs: H559 (אָמַר), H560 (אֲמַר)

Nm ) lma (אמל AML) - Word: [df: rma] KJV (49): word, speech, saying, appointed, answer - Strongs: H561 (אֵמֶר)

Nf1 ) elma (אמלה AMLH) - Word: [df: hrma] KJV (37): word, speech, commandment - Strongs: H565 (אֶמְרָה)

am ) lam (מאמל MAML) - Word: [df: rmam] KJV (3): commandment, decree - Strongs: H3982 (מַאֲמָר), H3983 (מֵאמַר)

bm ) lima (אמיל AMYL) - Branch: The conglomeration of branches of the tree. [df: ryma] KJV (2): bough, branch - Strongs: H534 (אָמִיר)

gm ) lmfa (אומל AWML) - Word: [df: rma] KJV (6): word, speech, thing, promise - Strongs: H562 (אֹמֶר)

km ) lmam (מאמל MAML) - Word: [Aramaic only] [df: rmam] KJV (2): appointment, word - Strongs: H3983 (מֵאמַר)

E) alm (מלא MLA) AC: Fill CO: Firstfruits AB: ?: A conglomeration of ingredients for filling up something.

V) alm (מלא MLA) - Fill: [Hebrew and Aramaic] [df: arm] KJV (253): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hitpael, Pual, Piel, Participle) fill, full, fulfill, consecrate, accomplish, replenish, wholly, set, expire, fully, gather, overflow, satisfy, filthy, lift - Strongs: H4390 (מָלָא), H4391 (מְלָא), H4754 (מָרָא)

Nm ) alm (מלא MLA) - I. Full: II. Lord:As one who is full of authority. [Aramaic only] [df: arm]KJV (69): full, fill child, fully, much, multitude, worth, lord - Strongs: H4392 (מָלֵא), H4756 (מָרֵא)

Nf1 ) ealm (מלאה MLAH) - Firstfruits: In the sense of a great filling. KJV (3): fruit, fruit, fullness - Strongs: H4395 (מְלֵאָה)

Nf2) talm (מלאת MLAT) - Full: KJV (1): fitly - Strongs: H4402 (מִלֵּאת)

bm) ailm (מליא MLYA) - Fatling: In the sense of being full. [df: ayrm] KJV (8): fatling, fat, fed - Strongs: H4806 (מְרִיא)

cm ) aflm (מלוא MLWA) - Filling: [df: wlm] KJV (37): full, fullness, therein, all, fill, handful, multitude - Strongs: H4393 (מְלוֹ)

edm ) aflim (מילוא MYLWA) - Filling: KJV (15): consecration, set - Strongs: H4394 (מִלֻּאִים)

edf1) eaflim (מילואה MYLWAH) - Setting: A recess for filling with a stone or other ornament. [df: halm] KJV (3): inclosing, setting - Strongs: H4396 (מִלֻּאָה)

F) lme (המל HML) AC: ? CO: Speech AB: ?

df1 ) elfme (המולה HMWLH) - Speech: KJV (2): tumult, speech - Strongs: H1999 (הֲמוּלָּה)

G) lem (מהל MHL) AC: Mix CO: ? AB: ?: A filling with another substance.

V) lem (מהל MHL) - Mix: KJV (1): (vf: Paal, Participle) mix - Strongs: H4107 (מָהַל)

J) lfm (מול MWL) AC: ? CO: Front AB: ?: The front of a long series of the same. The past is seen as "in front" in ancient Hebrew thought because the past can be seen while the future is unseen and therefore behind.

V) lfm (מול MWL) - Circumcise: A cutting of the front part of the male member. KJV (36): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil) circumcise, destroy, cut, need - Strongs: H4135 (מוּל)

Nm) lfm (מול MWL) - Before: The front of time or a place. KJV (36): against, toward, before, forefront, from, with - Strongs: H4136 (מֻל)

Nf1) elfm (מולה MWLH) - Circumcision: The removal of the front part of the male member. KJV (1): circumcision - Strongs: H4139 (מוּלָה)

im) lfmt (תמול TMWL) - Before: The front of time or a place. KJV (23): yesterday - Strongs: H8543 (תְּמֹל)

nim) lfmta (אתמול ATMWL) - Before: The front of time or a place. KJV (8): yesterday, before, old, late - Strongs: H865 (אֶתְמוּל)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2023
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

מָלַל to speak, a word mostly poet. for the common דִּבֶּר. (Chald. and Syr. מַלֵל, ܡܰܠܶܠ id. It in some measure imitates the sound, like the Greek λαλέω, lallen). In Kal once part. מוֹלֵל Proverbs 6:13.

Piel מִלֵּל id. Const. with acc. to speak of, to utter any thing; Job 8:2, “how long wilt thou utter such things?” Job 33:3; Psalms 106:2. With a dat. of pers. and followed by direct discourse, Genesis 21:7, מִי מִלֵּל לְאַבְרָהָם וגו׳ “who would have said to Abraham, Sarah shall give suck?” Compare דִּבֶּר No. 1, c.

Deriv. מִלָּה a word [and pr.n. מִלֲלַי].


מָלַל i.q. מוּל, מָהַל, נָמַל to cut off, or to be cut off, especially applied to grass, herbage, ears of grain. Fut. (formed in the Chaldee manner) יִמַּל Job 14:2, 18:16 pl. in pause יִמָּ֑לוּ Job 24:24; Psalms 37:2 (see Bleeck on these forms, in Rosenm. Repert. t. i. p. 80), to be cut off; Job 14:2, כְּצִיץ יָצָא וַיִּמַּל “like a flower he cometh forth and is cut off;” Job 18:16, “beneath his roots dry up, מִמַּעַל יִמַּל קְצִירוֹ his branch is cut off from above.” In the former [German] editions of this book, these forms are taken as from נָמַל i.q. נָבַל to fade, which appears to be supported by the words, Psalms 37:2 (where there is in the other member יִבֹּלוּן), but the signification of cutting off is confirmed by the form יְמוֹלֵל Psalms 90:6, and the deriv. noun מְלִילָה.

Poel מוֹלֵל, fut. יְמוֹלֵל to cut off, Psalms 90:6 see מוּל Pilel.

Deriv. מְלִילָה.

Note. Some regard the notion of cutting as primary, and this they consider to be applied to speaking (see H. A. Schultens ad Elnawabig, p. 132), but this I leave undetermined.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available
List of Word Forms
יְ֭מַלֵּל ימלל מִלֵּֽלוּ׃ מִלֵּל֙ מֹלֵ֣ל מלל מללו׃ תְּמַלֶּל־ תמלל־ mil·lê·lū mil·lêl milLel millêl milLelu millêlū mō·lêl moLel mōlêl tə·mal·lel- temallel təmallel- yə·mal·lêl Yemallel yəmallêl
Old Testament Hebrew Lexical Dictionary developed by Jeff Garrison for Copyright 1999-2023. All Rights Reserved, Jeff Garrison, Gdansk, Poland.
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