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Strong's #2609 - κατάγω

from (G2596) and (G71)
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  1. to lead down, bring down
  2. to bring the vessel from deep water to the land
  3. to be brought (down) in a ship, to land, touch at
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 935 ‑ בּוֹא (bo);  1826 ‑ דָּמַם (daw‑mam');  3381 ‑ יָרַד (yaw‑rad');  3474 ‑ יָשַׁר (yaw‑shar');  5060 ‑ נָגַע (naw‑gah');  5137 ‑ נָזָה (naw‑zaw');  5221 ‑ נָכָה (naw‑kaw');  7287 ‑ רָדָה (raw‑daw');  7760 ‑ שִׂים (soom, seem);  7817 ‑ שָׁחַח (shaw‑khakh');  8199 ‑ שָׁפַט (shaw‑fat');  
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KJV (15)
Luke 1
Acts 12
Romans 2
NAS (15)
Luke 1
Acts 12
Romans 2
HCS (9)
Luke 1
Acts 7
Romans 1
BSB (9)
Luke 1
Acts 7
Romans 1
ESV (9)
Luke 1
Acts 7
Romans 1
WEB (15)
Luke 1
Acts 12
Romans 2
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

κατ-άγω [ᾰγ],

fut. -ξω Th. 1.26, etc.: aor. κατήγᾰγον Od. 11.164, Epig. 7: rarely aor. 1 κατῆξα v.l. in X. HG 2.2.20, PGrenf. 2.44 (ii A. D.), Philum. Ven. 10.4: aor. inf. -αξέμεν Il. 6.53: pf. καταγήοχα Decr. ap. D. 18.73:


1. lead down, esp. into the nether world, ψυχὰς μνηστήρων κατάγων Od. 24.100; εἰς Ἀΐδαο 11.164, cf. Pi. O. 9.34, Paus. 3.6.2: generally, bring down to a place, Od. 20.163; τὴν ἐκ τῶν ὀρῶν ὕλην εἰς τὸ ἄστυ Pl. Criti. 118d, etc.; bring down a river or canal, PGrenf. l.c.: Pass., POxy. 708.3 (ii A. D.).

2. draw down, κατῆγεν ἦγεν ἦγεν ἐς μέλαν πέδον E. Ba. 1065; esp. by magic arts, κ. τὸν Δία Plu. Numbers 15:1-41; ἀετόν ib. 8, dub. sens. in Thphr. CP 2.9.4.

3. bring down to the sea-coast, κατάγειν κοίλας ἐπὶ νῆας Il. 5.26, cf. 6.53; ἐπὶ θάλατταν τὸ στράτευμα X. Ages. 1.18. launch, σκάφος εἰς τὴν θάλασσαν Callix. 1.

4. bring down from the high seas to land, τὸν Κρήτηνδε κατήγαγε ἲς ἀνέμοιο Od. 19.186: abs., put in to shore, 3.10 Aristarch. (κατάγοντο codd.); esp. for purposes of exacting toll or plundering, X. HG 4.8.33, An. 5.1.11, D. 5.25, al.; κ. ναῦς ἐς τοὺς ἑαυτῶν συμμάχους X. HG 5.1.28; also κ. τοὺς ἐμπόρους Plb. 5.95.4, cf. D.S. 20.82; κ. σαγήνην draw it to land, Plu. So 4; τοῦ πνεύματος κλύδωνα κατάγοντος πολύν bringing in a heavy swell from the sea, Id. Mar. 36; ὥρα πνεῦμα λαμπρὸν ἐκ πελάγους κατάγουσα Id. Them. 14: Pass., come to land, land, opp. ἀνάγεσθαι, of seamen as well as ships, Od. 3.178; ἐπ' ἀκτῆς νηΐ κατηγαγόμεσθα 10.140, cf. Hdt. 4.43; Σίγειον οὐρίῳ πλάτῃ κατηγόμην S. Ph. 356; κατάγεσθαι ἐς τὸν Μαραθῶνα Hdt. 6.107, cf. 8.4, Pl. Mx. 240c; εἰς τὸν λιμένα X. HG 6.2.36. κατάγεσθαι παρά τινι turn in and lodge in a person's house, Eup. 344, X. Smp. 8.39, PFlor. 248.11 (iii A. D.); ὥς τινα D. 52.22; εἰς οἰκίαν Id. 49.22; εἰς πανδοκεῖον Plu. 2.773e.

5. draw down or out, spin, Pherecr. 46, Epig. 7, Pl. Sph. 226b; κατάγουσα, ἡ, spinning-girl, statue by Praxiteles, Plin. HN 34.69: metaph., κ. λόγον Pl. Men. 80e.

6. reduce to a state, ἐς κίνδυνον φανερὸν κ. τὴν πόλιν Th. 4.68; ὁ οἶνος εἰς ὕπνον κ. Ael. VH 13.6.

7. bring home, gain, θρίαμβον καὶ νίκην τῇ πατρίδι Plb. 11.33.7; ἐκ πολέμων Plu. Fab. 24; escort, ἐπὶ τιμητείαν Id. Aem. 38, etc.

8. κ. γένος derive a pedigree, ἀπό τινος Id. 2.843e, Nic. Dam. 61 J.: Pass., τὰ στέμματα κατάγεται εἴς τινα are traced down to.., Plu. Numbers 1:1-54; φᾶμαι κατάγοντο Call. Fr. 1.39 P.; of persons, to be descended, ἀπό τινος Olymp. Vit.Pl. p.1 W.

9. derive a word, S.E. M. 1.242 (Pass.): generally, derive, ὅθεν δεῖ κατῆχθαι καὶ πῶς ἀποδεικνύειν Phld. Rh. 1.203S.; κ. [ βοάν ] lower the voice, E. Or. 149 (lyr.): metaph., bring down, lower, πρὸς αὑτόν to one's own standard, D.Chr. 40.11.

10. Medic., couch a cataract, Gal. 18(2).680.

11. wind up a torsion-engine, Ph. Bel. 76.13: Pass., Hero Bel. 79.6; ὁ κατάγων τὴν Χεῖρα Ph. Bel. 75.9.

12. καταγόμενος current, ἐνιαυτός Vett.Val. 27.16.

II bring back, κατὰ δὲ φρόνιν ἤγαγε πολλήν brought back much news [of Troy], Od. 4.258; esp. from banishment, recall, Hdt. 1.60, Th. 1.26, A. Th. 647, 660, etc.; κ. οἴκαδε X. An. 1.2.2: generally, restore, τυραννίδας ἐς τὰς πόλις Hdt. 5.92. ά; εἰς τὰς πατρίδας.. εἰρήνην Plb. 5.105.2; ἐκ ταλαιπωρίας Jul. Or. 2.58c: Pass., return, ἐπὶ τὸ στρατόπεδον X. An. 3.4.36.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

κατάγω: 2 aorist κατήγαγον; 1 aorist passive κατήχθην; the Sept. for הורִיד, to make to descend; to lead down, bring down: τινα, Acts 22:30; Romans 10:6; τινα followed by εἰς with the accusative of place, Acts 9:30; Acts 23: (15 L T Tr WH), 20,28; τινα followed by πρός with the accusative of person, Acts 23:15 (R G); τό πλοῖον ἐπί τήν γῆν to bring the vessel (down from deep water) to the land, Luke 5:11; κατάγεσθαι, to be brought (down) in a ship, to land, touch at: followed by εἰς with the accusative of place, Acts 21:3 (L T Tr WH κατήλθομεν); ; often so in Greek writings.

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

κατ -άγω ,

[in LXX chiefly for H3381 hi.;]

to bring down: c. acc pers., Acts 22:30, Romans 10:6; id. seq. εἰς , Acts 9:30; Acts 23:15; Acts 23:20; Acts 23:28; as nautical term, to bring to land: τ . πλοῖον ἐπὶ τ . γῆν , Luke 5:11; pass., seq. εἰς , Acts 27:3; Acts 2:12.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

κατάγω is frequently used of ";bringing down"; corn etc. to the sea coast or a harbour, e.g. P Grenf II. 44.11 (A.D. 101) ὡς εἰς φόρετρα ὧν κατῆξαν γένων ἐπὶ κώμη (ς) Βακχιάδος, of goods ";brought down"; the canal which at one time ran past Philadelphia to Bacchias and the lake, P Oxy IV. 708.2 (A.D. 188) τοῦ ] καταχθέντος γόμου ἐκ τοῦ ὑπὸ σοὶ νομοῦ, BGU I. 81.20 (A.D. 189) ἃς καὶ κατήξαμεν εἰς ὅρμον ἄλσους μητρο (πόλεως). For a similar use of the subst. καταγωγή see P Magd 11.10 (B.C. 221) τῆι καταγωγῆι τοῦ σίτου, and cf. Archiv iii. p. 219 f. On τὸ καταγώγιον = ";the sum paid for this transport,"; see Wilcken Ostr. i. p. 379.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
κατάγαγε καταγαγειν καταγαγείν καταγαγεῖν καταγάγετε καταγαγέτω καταγαγέτωσαν καταγαγη καταγάγῃ καταγαγης καταγάγης καταγάγῃς καταγαγοντες καταγαγόντες καταγαγων καταγαγών καταγαγὼν κατάγει καταγομένω κατάγουσαι κατάγουσι κατάξει κατάξεις κατάξετέ κατάξουσιν κατάξω καταχθείησαν καταχθεντες καταχθέντες κατήγαγεν κατήγαγες κατήγαγές κατηγαγον κατήγαγον κατηχθημεν κατήχθημεν katachthentes katachthéntes katagage katagagē katagágei katagágēi katagagein katagageîn katagágeis katagágēis katagages katagagēs katagagon katagagōn katagagṑn katagagontes katagagóntes katechthemen katēchthēmen katḗchthemen katḗchthēmen kategagon katēgagon katḗgagon
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