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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Psalms 58

Verse 1

Title. Michtam. See App-65 .

Do ye indeed . . . ? Figure of Speech. Erotesis. App-6 . Render:

"Are ye indeed silent [when] ye should speak righteousness? When ye should judge with equity, O ye sons of men?"

O congregation: or, O faction. Hebrew. 'elem. Occurs only here and in the subscription of Psalms 55:0 = silent. So human judges are dumb when they ought to speak, and deaf when they ought to hear (Psalms 58:4 ).

men. Hebrew. 'adam. App-14 .

Verse 2

wickedness. Hebrew. 'avval. Compare App-44 .

Ye weigh = Ye weigh out, or, dispense.

Verse 3

wicked = lawless. Hebrew. rasha'. App-44 .

Verse 6

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4 .

LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4 .

Verse 7

cut in pieces = cut down [like grass].

Verse 9

the thorns. Put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Cause), App-6 , for the fire caused by them (Ecclesiastes 7:6 ).

Verse 11

the righteous = the righteous one.

He is a God: or, There is a God, judges in the earth [will say]. Note the Introversion in this verse.

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