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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Psalms 57

Verse 1

Title. Michtam = Resurgam. One of the six Psalms so called. See App-65 .

when, &c. Compare 1 Samuel 22:1 .

the cave. Probably at En-gedi (1 Samuel 24:7 , 1 Samuel 24:8 ), where David probably used the words "Al-taschith". See the sub-scription.

Be merciful = Be gracious, or favourable. Compare Psalms 56:1 .

God. Hebrew. Elohim.

be merciful. Figure of speech Epizeuxis , for emphasis.

soul. Hebrew. nephesh. App-13 .

trusteth in = hath fled for refuge to. Hebrew. hasah. App-69 . Same word as "make my refuge" in next line.

Thy wings. Figure of speech Anthropopatheia.

Until, &c.: or, Until one shall have overpast these calamities.

Verse 2

MOST HIGH. See note on Psalms 56:2 .

GOD. Hebrew El. App-4 .

performeth = bringeth to pass, and perfecteth, or completeth.

all things. Figure of speech Ellipsis (Absolute). Nothing particularized, that we may supply everything. To name one thing might seem to exclude all others. Compare Psalms 138:8 .

for me = on my behalf.

Verse 3

swallow me up. See note on Psalms 56:1 .

Selah. Connecting and emphasizing by repetition David's confidence (that God would assuredly send deliverance), with and because of His lovingkindness and truth. See App-66 .

mercy = lovingkindness, or grace. Note the Structure "-3. "and "10", above.

Verse 4

men. Hebrew. 'adam. App-14 .

Verse 5

Be Thou exalted. See the Structure. Figure of speech Cycloides. App-6 . See Psalms 57:11 . Compare similar Cycloides in Psalms 56:4 , Psalms 56:11 .

Verse 6

They have digged, &c. Compare Psalms 7:15 .

Selah. Connecting the bitterness of his enemies with his assured confidence in God. ( App-66 .)

Verse 7

My heart. my heart. Figure of speech Epizeuxis ( App-6 ), as in Psalms 57:1 . (See the Structure, above; also the Figure of speech Ecphonesis. )

fixed = steadfast. Contrast Psalms 78:37 .

Verse 8

Awake. Figure of speech Poeanismos . App-6 .

glory. Figure of speech Metonymy (of Effect), put for the tongue or the heart which gives the glory.

will awake early = will awake the dawn.

Verse 9

LORD *. One of the 134 places where the Sopherim altered Jehovah, of the primitive text, to Adonai. See App-32 .

people = peoples.

sing = sing praise.

Verse 10

mercy . . . truth. See note on Psalms 57:3 .

clouds = skies.

Verse 11

To the chief Musician. See App-64 .

Al-taschith = Destroy not. See notes on Title, and Psalms 56:13 ; also App-65 .

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