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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 57

Verses 1-11

Title.—(RV) ’For the Chief Musician; set to Al-tashheth. A Psalm of David: Michtam: when he fled from Saul, in the cave.’ This and the two following Pss. were set to the melody of the song beginning Al-tashheth (’Destroy not’), which was apparently a vintage song (Isaiah 65:8). The occasion referred to in the title is either David’s stay in the cave of Adullam (1 Samuel 22:1), or the incident in the cave of Engedi (1 Samuel 24:3), but the Ps., has no relation either to the one or to the other. It is a companion to Psalms 56. The general situation is the same, but the refrain in this case (Psalms 57:5, Psalms 57:11) is even more triumphant. Psalms 57:4, Psalms 57:8 (see notes) mark the Ps. as an evening hymn. Psalms 57:7-11 form Psalms 108:1-5. This is one of the Pss. for Easter.

1. Trusteth] RV ’taketh refuge.’

3. From the reproach, etc.] RV ’when he that would swallow me up reproacheth,’ i.e. reproacheth God, blasphemeth. His truth] his faithfulness.

4. And Ilie, etc.] better, ’I will take my rest even among fiery foes’—an expression of the calm courage of faith.

6. My soul is bowed down] LXX ’They have bowed down my soul’; but perhaps we should read, ’their soul is bowed down,’ which makes the v. consist of two contrasts.

7. My heart is fixed] is firm and steadfast in its courage.

8. My glory] my soul, as in Psalms 7:5; Psalms 16:9; Psalms 30:12. Psaltery and harp] see on Psalms 33:2. Will awake early] RM ’will awake the dawn,’ by singing even before the morning appears.

9. People] RV ’peoples’: see on Psalms 56:7.

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