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Psalms 58

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Verses 1-11

Psalms 58

The Depravity of Man

This psalm lays the evil deeds of men at the root of the tree of every man, whose root-stock is depraved, morally deranged, from conception and birth. Yet, each responsible person must bear the consequence of his own willful deeds of sin and guilt, Romans 5:12-19; Corrupting sins are the fruit of an inborn, sin-blemish, in the very character of every responsible human being, that necessitates their regeneration, to appear in the glory presence of God, John 3:3; John 3:5; Romans 3:23.

Scripture v. 1-11:

Verse 1 inquires and chides "Do you all actually speak righteousness, O (ye) congregation, you bound together ones?" Do you all judge righteousness , O ye sons of anemic morally weakened men? It is, a question of shat H stinging irony. They did not, but were dumb to the oppression of the innocent and took bribes to let the guilty go free, Deuteronomy 1:16-17; Psalms 38:13. Toward David they were treacherous, misconstruing his words to Saul’s armed band, Psalms 56:5; Psalms 57:3.

Verse 2 indicts "Yea, in your hearts ye work wickedness; Ye weigh the violence of your own hands in the earth;" Scales and weights symbolize the meting out of justice, which their judges distorted or perverted, Job 31:6; Micah 2:1; Psalms 94:20; Isaiah 10:1.

Verse 3 asserts that "They (all sons of men) are estranged (separated) from the womb (from birth) repeatedly speaking lies." Let it be noted that their "going astray, as soon as they are born, lying," is a fruit or their "being astray," by nature, as repeatedly certified in the scriptures, Psalms 51:5; 1 Kings 8:45; Ecclesiastes 7:20. The newborn is a sinner first by nature, then by practice, Ephesians 2:3.

Verse 4 declares that the venom of the serpent of sin exists in every man, causing him to stop his ear from the call of the word of God, like an adder that is deaf to the charm of a musical charmer. As the serpent strikes, and keeps it up by nature, so do men repeatedly sin, James 3:7-8; Psalms 140:3; Romans 3:13.

Verse 5 states that these (David’s enemies) "will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely." Saul would not heed, accept any message of truth from David, but insisted David was bent on dethroning him, 1 Samuel 24:20; 1 Samuel 24:22; 1 Samuel 26:21; 1 Samuel 26:25.

Verses 6-8 are an imprecatory prayer of David that God would break the teeth (destroying power) of the young lions of Saul who sought to swallow him up, gobble him down, like a devouring beast. He asked further that God would cause them to melt away, disappear, as continual running waters, Psalms 3:7; Psalms 112:10; Joshua 7:5. He asked that when enemies drew bow against him, God would cause their arrows to break, frustrate their aim, Psalms 37:15.

Verse 8 asks that as a snail melts away (exposed to the wind and sunshine) and as a premature child of miscarriage, so might God let His enemies pass away, Job 3:16.

Verse 9 declares that before the pots can feel the thorns burned to heat them, God would take his enemies away, like a whirlwind, that was as living wrath, rapid and continual against the wicked and wickedness, Psalms 118:12; Ecclesiastes 7:6; Job 27:21.

Verse 10 asserts that the righteous will "rejoice when he sees the vengeance of God," and His victory over his foes; It is added that "He (the righteous) shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked," in honor of the Lord’s victory, Psalms 68:33; Psalms 52:6; Psalms 107:42; 1 Samuel 24:12; Revelation 19:14-15; Psalms 118:23.

Verse 11 concludes that a righteous man may say "truly there is (exists) a reward for the righteous," as certified repeatedly, Psalms 126:5-6; Romans 2:6-11; 1 Corinthians 3:8; Revelation 22:12. "He is a God that judgeth (continually judges) in the earth," Galatians 6:7-8; Ecclesiastes 12:13; Acts 17:31-32.

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Garner, Albert & Howes, J.C. "Commentary on Psalms 58". Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary. 1985.