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Strong's #7550 - רָקִיק

from (H7556) in its original sense
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
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1) thin cake, wafer

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (8)
Exodus 2
Leviticus 3
Numbers 2
1 Chronicles 1
NAS (8)
Exodus 2
Leviticus 3
Numbers 2
1 Chronicles 1
HCS (8)
Exodus 2
Leviticus 3
Numbers 2
1 Chronicles 1
BSB (8)
Exodus 2
Leviticus 3
Numbers 2
1 Chronicles 1
ESV (6)
Leviticus 3
Numbers 2
1 Chronicles 1
WEB (8)
Exodus 2
Leviticus 3
Numbers 2
1 Chronicles 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1456) qr (רק RQ) AC: Draw CO: Grass AB: ?: Thin green blades of grass that are drawn out of the soil.

A) qr (רק RQ) AC: ? CO: Thin AB: ?

Nm ) qr (רק RQ) - I. Thin: II. Only:As something thin. KJV (19): thin, lean, only, nothing, except, but - Strongs: H7534 (רַק), H7535 (רַק)

Nf1) eqr (רקה RQH) - Temple: The side of the head as a thin spot. KJV (5): temple - Strongs: H7541 (רַקָּה)

B) qqr (רקק RQQ) AC: Spit CO: ? AB: ?: As green and drawn out of the mouth.

V) qqr (רקק RQQ) - Spit: KJV (1): (vf: Paal) spit - Strongs: H7556 (רָקַק)

bm) qiqr (רקיק RQYQ) - Wafer: A thin bread. KJV (8): wafer, cake - Strongs: H7550 (רָקִיק)

J) qfr (רוק RWQ) AC: Draw CO: ? AB: ?: Something that is drawn out.

V) qfr (רוק RWQ) - Draw: KJV (19): (vf: Hiphil, Hophal) out, empty, draw, arm, pour - Strongs: H7324 (רוּק)

Nm) qfr (רוק RWQ) - Spit: As drawn out of the mouth. KJV (3): spit, spiting, spittle - Strongs: H7536 (רֹק)

L) qri (ירק YRQ) AC: ? CO: Green AB: ?

V) qri (ירק YRQ) - Spit: KJV (3): (vf: Paal) spit - Strongs: H3417 (יָרַק)

Nm) qri (ירק YRQ) - Green: The color of grasses and herbs as thin. KJV (11): green, herb - Strongs: H3418 (יֶרֶק), H3419 (יָרָק)

cm) qfri (ירוק YRWQ) - Green: The color of grasses and herbs as thin. KJV (1): green - Strongs: H3387 (יָרוֹק)

jm) nfqri (ירקונ YRQWN) - Mildew: As a thin green film. KJV (6): mildew, paleness - Strongs: H3420 (יֵרָקוֹן)

lm) qrqri (ירקרק YRQRQ) - Greenish: KJV (3): greenish, yellow - Strongs: H3422 (יְרַקְרַק)

M) qir (ריק RYQ) AC: ? CO: Empty AB: ?: A container where all of its contents have been drawn out. Also vanity as an emptiness.

Nm) qir (ריק RYQ) - Empty: Empty of contents. Also vain in the sense of emptiness. KJV (26): vain, vanity, no purpose, empty - Strongs: H7385 (רִיק), H7386 (רֵק)

pm) mqir (ריקמ RYQM) - Empty: KJV (16): void, vain - Strongs: H7387 (רֵיקָם)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2023
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 רָקִיק noun masculine a thin cake, (RV) wafer (compare Arabic a thin round cake of bread), always of unleavened bread: Exodus 29:23 = Leviticus 8:26 אֶחָד׳ר, רְקִיק מַצָּה אֶחָד Numbers 6:19, רְקִיקֵי מַצּוֺת Exodus 29:2; Leviticus 2:4; Leviticus 7:12; Numbers 6:15 (all P), 1 Chronicles 23:29. — ᵐ5 λάγανον.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

רָקִיק m. (from the root רָקַק No. I.) a thin cake, a wafer, Exodus 29:2, 23 Exodus 29:23; Leviticus 8:26.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available BibleSupport.com
List of Word Forms
וְלִרְקִיקֵ֣י וְרָקִ֣יק וּרְקִ֥יק וּרְקִיקֵ֥י ולרקיקי ורקיק ורקיקי ū·rə·qî·qê ū·rə·qîq ureKik urekiKei ūrəqîq ūrəqîqê velirkiKei veraKik wə·lir·qî·qê wə·rā·qîq wəlirqîqê wərāqîq
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