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Strong's #6925 - קְדָם

kod-awm', ked-awm'
corresponding to (H6924)
Parts of Speech
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1) before, in front of

1a) before

1b) from before

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3936 ‑ παρίστανω (par‑is'‑tay‑mee, par‑is‑tan'‑o);  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (41)
Ezra 4
Daniel 37
NAS (28)
Exodus 1
Ezra 3
Daniel 24
HCS (27)
Ezra 4
Daniel 23
BSB (42)
Ezra 4
Daniel 38
ESV (31)
Ezra 3
Daniel 28
WEB (36)
Ezra 3
Daniel 33
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2698) mdq (קדמ QDM) AC: Face CO: East AB: Before: The place of the rising sun. The Hebrews recognized the east as the top of the four compass points (contrary to our understanding of north) and is the direction faced when orienting direction. The past is understood as what is in front, or before, you as the past is known (contrary to our understanding of the future being in front of us) . [from: md- the red color blood combined with the quph as the rising sun, hence the "rising sun of blood"]

V) mdq (קדמ QDM) - Face: To go or meet face to face. To go before someone or something in space or time. KJV (26): (vf: Hiphil, Piel) prevent, before, met, come, disappoint, go - Strongs: H6923 (קָדַם)

Nm) mdq (קדמ QDM) - I. East: II. Ancient:A distant past. III. Before:In front or to the face. Also a time before. KJV (87): east, old, eastward, ancient, before, aforetime, eternal - Strongs: H6924 (קֵדְמָה)

Nf1) emdq (קדמה QDMH) - Before: Something in front, or to the face. A time past. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (8): former, old, afore, antiquity, ago, aforetime - Strongs: H6927 (קַדְמָה), H6928 (קַדְמָה)

bm) midq (קדימ QDYM) - East: KJV (69): east, eastward - Strongs: H6921 (קָדִם)

dm) mfdq (קדומ QDWM) - Ancient: A distant past. KJV (1): ancient - Strongs: H6917 (קְדוּמִים)

ef1) emdiq (קידמה QYDMH) - East: KJV (4): east, eastward - Strongs: H6926 (קִדְמָה)

fm) imdq (קדמי QDMY) - First: As what came before. [Aramaic only] KJV (3): first - Strongs: H6933 (קַדְמָי)

gm) mdfq (קודמ QWDM) - Before: Something in front, or to the face. [Aramaic only] KJV (42): before, him - Strongs: H6925 (קְדָם)

jm) nfmdq (קדמונ QDMWN) - East: KJV (1): east - Strongs: H6930 (קַדְמוֹן)

jfm) infmdq (קדמוני QDMWNY) - I. East: II. Ancient:A distant past. III. Before:In front or to the face. Also a time before. KJV (10): east, former, ancient, before, old - Strongs: H6931 (קַדְמֹנִי)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 קֳדָם42 preposition before (so Old Aramaic, Nabataean, Palmyrene, etc. (Lzb360f.), ᵑ7קָדָם, Syriac ; properly a substantive the front, compare Arabic the front; for √ see Biblical Hebrew קדם); — suffix קָדָמַי Daniel 2:9 +, מָ֑י- Daniel 2:6; קדמיך Kt, קֳדָמָךְ Qr, Daniel 5:23; Daniel 6:23; קֳדָמוֺהִי Daniel 4:5 + (compare Nerab קדמוה, Cooke189); 3 feminine singular קדמיה Kt, קֳדָמַהּ Qr, Daniel 7:7,8,20; קֳדָמֵיהוֺן Daniel 4:4; —

1 before (= Hebrew לפְנֵי), especially in the phrases to answer, pray, say, etc., before a superior (as more respectful than to), Daniel 2:9 לְמֵאמַד קֳדָמַי, Daniel 2:10; Daniel 2:11; Daniel 2:27; Daniel 6:11 (see Dr), Daniel 6:12; Daniel 6:13; Daniel 6:14; ׳קֱרִי ק Ezra 4:18; Ezra 4:23; Ezra 5:23 (twice in verse); with שְׁפַר to seem fair Daniel 3:32; Daniel 6:2; after verbs of motion, in before, Daniel 2:24,25; Daniel 3:13; Daniel 4:3 +; of time Daniel 7:7.

2מִןקֳֿדָם from before ( = מִלִּפְנֵי, but as used in late Hebrew, Esther 1:19; Esther 4:8), with קַבֵּל Daniel 2:6, בְּעָא Daniel 2:18; of a decree, Daniel 6:27 מִןקֳֿדָמִישִֹׁים טְעֵם ("" מִנִּי Daniel 3:29 +), compare Daniel 2:15; Ezra 7:14; of God, Daniel 5:24 מִןקֳֿדָמוֺהִי שְׁלִיחַ מַּסָּא דַּייְֿדָא, Daniel 7:10 (so very often in ᵑ7, Dr Sm lxx. f. lxxiii). Also = Hebrew מִמְּנֵי, with to fear Daniel 5:19; Daniel 6:27, be rooted up Daniel 7:8, fall Daniel 7:20.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
List of Word Forms
וּקְדָמ֖וֹהִי וקדמוהי קֳדָ֖ם קֳדָ֣ם קֳדָ֣מֵיה֔וֹן קֳדָ֥ם קֳדָ֨ם קֳדָם֙ קֳדָם־ קֳדָמ֑וֹהִי קֳדָמ֔וֹהִי קֳדָמַ֑הּ קֳדָמַ֖הּ קֳדָמַי֮ קֳדָמָ֑י קָֽדָמ֑וֹהִי קָֽדָמ֙וֹהִי֙ קָֽדָמ֣וֹהִי קָֽדָמ֥וֹהִי קָֽדָמַ֔י קָֽדָמַ֔יהּ קָֽדָמַ֖י קָֽדָמַ֗י קָֽדָמַ֨י קָֽדָמָ֗ךְ קָֽדָמָךְ֙ קָדָמָֽי׃ קדם קדם־ קדמה קדמוהי קדמי קדמי׃ קדמיה קדמיהון קדמך kadaMach kadaMai kadaMaih kadamoCh kadaMohi koDam kodaMah kodaMai koDameiHon kodaMohi kodom qā·ḏā·māḵ qā·ḏā·may qā·ḏā·māy qā·ḏā·mayh qā·ḏā·mō·w·hî qāḏāmāḵ qāḏāmay qāḏāmāy qāḏāmayh qāḏāmōwhî qo·ḏā·mah qo·ḏā·may qo·ḏā·māy qo·ḏā·mê·hō·wn qo·ḏā·mō·w·hî qo·ḏām qo·ḏām- qoḏām qoḏām- qoḏāmah qoḏāmay qoḏāmāy qoḏāmêhōwn qoḏāmōwhî ū·qə·ḏā·mō·w·hî ukedaMohi ūqəḏāmōwhî
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