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Strong's #6275 - עָתַק

Root Word (Etymology)
a primitive root
Parts of Speech
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1) to move, proceed, advance, move on, become old, be removed

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to move

1a2) to advance (in years), grow old and weak

1b) (Hiphil)

1b1) to move forward, proceed, move on

1b2) to remove

1b3) to transcribe

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 93 ‑ ἀδικία (ad‑ee‑kee'‑ah);  458 ‑ ἀνομία (an‑om‑ee'‑ah);  2690 ‑ καταστρέφω (kat‑as‑tref'‑o);  522 ‑ ἀπαίρω (ap‑ah'ee‑ro);  868 ‑ ἀφίστημι (af‑is'‑tay‑mee);  3822 ‑ παλαιόω (pal‑ah‑yo'‑o);  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (9)
Genesis 2
Job 5
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
NAS (11)
Genesis 3
Job 5
Psalms 2
Proverbs 1
HCS (9)
Genesis 2
Job 5
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
BSB (10)
Genesis 3
Job 5
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
ESV (9)
Genesis 2
Job 5
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
WEB (9)
Genesis 2
Job 5
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2589) qto (אהתק AhTQ) AC: Remove CO: ? AB: ?: A movement from one space or time to another.

V) qto (אהתק AhTQ) - Remove: KJV (9): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) remove, old, left, copy - Strongs: H6275 (עָתַק)

Nm) qto (אהתק AhTQ) - Bold: In arrogance or durability. KJV (5): durable, arrogancy, grievous, stiff, hard - Strongs: H6276 (עָתֵק), H6277 (עָתָק)

bm) qito (אהתיק AhTYQ) - I. Removed: II. Durable:[Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (6): durable, ancient, drawn - Strongs: H6266 (עָתִיק), H6267 (עַתִּיק), H6268 (עַתִּיק)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [עָתֵק] verb move, proceed, advance (Late Hebrew Hiph`il; Assyrian etêku as H., also transitive bring, move; Arabic , precede, pass forth, become free, grow old; Aramaic , עֲתַק grow old, Palmyrene adjective עתק old); —

Qal Perfect 3 feminine singular עָֽתְקָה Psalm 6:8,3plural עָֽתְקוּ Job 21:7; Imperfect 3 masculine singular יֶעְתַּק Job 14:18; Job 18:4; —

1 move מִמְּקֹמוֺ׳וְצוּר יֶע Job 14:18, so Job 18:4.

2 advance (in years; Aramaic sense) Job 21:7 ("" יִחְיוּ); hence = grow old and weak Psalm 6:8 (of eye, "" עָֽשְׁשָׁה).

Hiph`il Perfect 3 plural הֶעְתִּיקוּ Job 32:16 (Gi; van d. H. Baer Job 32:15), Proverbs 25:1; Imperfect 3 masculine singular וַיַּעְתֵּק Genesis 12:8; Genesis 26:22; Participle מַעְתִּיק Job 9:5; —

1 move forward (that Isaiah , tent) = proceed Genesis 12:8 (מִשָּׁם, ה locative), Genesis 26:22 (מִשָּׁם); so figurative Job 32:16 (see above) words have moved away from them (מֵהֶם), but see probably gloss (Bu and others).

2 Job 9:5 he who removeth mountains.

3 very late Proverbs 25:1 transcribe ( remove from one book or roll to another; ᵐ5 ἐξεγράψαντο, ᵑ9 transtulerunt; so in mediaeval Hebrew: Zunz ZMG xxv (1871), 447f. = Ges. Schr. iii. 66f.).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

עָתַק fut. יֶעְתַּק

(1)  to be removed, transferred (Arab. عتق to hasten, IV. to propel quickly). Job 14:18, 18:4. See עַתִּיק No. 1.

(2) to be stricken with age, to become old, Job 21:7 Psal. 6:8, “my countenance becomes old.” (Arab. عَتُقَ to be ancient, old.) Compare עַתִּיק No. 2.-From the idea of removing, taking away, comes that of

(3) to be manumitted, set free (comp. Isaiah 28:9 Arab. عَتَقَ fur. I. عَاتِقُ manumitted, free; عِتْقُ freedom); whence in Hebrew עָתָק is applied in a bad sense to license and impudence.-On the other hand

(4) it is used in a good sense, the idea of freedom being applied to the external appearance worthy of an honourable and noble man. Arab. عِتْقُ a noble countenance, beauty, brightness, عَتِبقُ noble, generous, also, having a clear and delicate skin (like nobles), عتق to be well, to have a clear and delicate skin. Heb. עָתִיק, עָתֵק shining, handsome.


(1) causat, of Kal No. 1, to remove away, to take away, Job 9:5 specially a tent, to break up a camp, Genesis 12:8, 26:22.

(2) to transfer, to transcribe from one book to another; hence i.q. to collect. Proverbs 25:1. LXX. ἐξεγράψαντο. Vulg. transtulerunt. (Talmud. to write out, to transfer.)

(3) to take away. Job 32:15, הֶעְתִּיקוּ מֵהֶם מִלְּים “they took words away from them;” impers, for, words were taken away from them, they could say nothing.

Derived nouns, עָתָק, עָתֵק, עָתִיק, עַתִּיק.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available BibleSupport.com
List of Word Forms
הֶ֝עְתִּ֗יקוּ הֶעְתִּ֖יקוּ הַמַּעְתִּ֣יק המעתיק העתיקו וְיֶעְתַּק־ וַיַּעְתֵּ֣ק וַיַּעְתֵּ֨ק ויעתק ויעתק־ יֶעְתַּ֥ק יעתק עָ֝תְק֗וּ עָֽ֝תְקָ֗ה עתקה עתקו ‘ā·ṯə·qāh ‘ā·ṯə·qū ‘āṯəqāh ‘āṯəqū ateKah ateKu ham·ma‘·tîq hamma‘tîq hammaTik he‘·tî·qū he‘tîqū heTiku vaiyaTek veyetak way·ya‘·têq wayya‘têq wə·ye‘·taq- wəye‘taq- ye‘·taq ye‘taq yeTak
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