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Strong's #2380 - חָזוּת

Root Word (Etymology)
from (H2372)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
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1) vision, conspicuousness

1a) vision, oracle of a prophet

1a1) agreement

1b) conspicuousness in appearance

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1680 ‑ ἐλπίς (el‑pece');  2768 ‑ κέρας (ker'‑as);  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (5)
Isaiah 3
Daniel 2
NAS (5)
Isaiah 3
Daniel 2
HCS (5)
Isaiah 3
Daniel 2
BSB (5)
Isaiah 3
Daniel 2
ESV (5)
Isaiah 3
Daniel 2
WEB (4)
Isaiah 3
Daniel 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1168) zh (ההז HhZ) AC: See CO: ? AB: Perceive: The ability to see beyond what is seen in the physical present as a light piercing through the darkness. (eng: haze; gaze - an exchange for the h and g)

A) zh (ההז HhZ) AC: ? CO: Vision AB: ?: A perception beyond the normal experiences.

Nf) zh (ההז HhZ) - Vision: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (3): vision - Strongs: H2378 (חֲזוֹת), H2379 (חֲזוֹת)

Nf3) tfzh (ההזות HhZWT) - Vision: KJV (5): vision - Strongs: H2380 (חָזוּת)

jm) nfzh (ההזונ HhZWN) - Vision: KJV (35): vision - Strongs: H2377 (חָזוֹן)

fjm) nfizh (ההזיונ HhZYWN) - Vision: KJV (9): vision - Strongs: H2384 (חִזָּיוֹן)

B) zzh (ההזז HhZZ) AC: ? CO: Light AB: ?

bm ) zizh (ההזיז HhZYZ) - Lighting: A moment of vision in the dark of night. KJV (3): lightning, bright clouds - Strongs: H2385 (חֲזִיז)

C) zha (אההז AHhZ) AC: Hold CO: ? AB: ?: [Unknown connection to root;]

V) zha (אההז AHhZ) - Hold: To grab something and keep hold of it. Also ones holdings. KJV (67): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hophal, Piel) hold, take, possess, caught, fastened - Strongs: H270 (אָחַז)

Nf1) ezha (אההזה AHhZH) - Holdings: KJV (66): possession - Strongs: H272 (אֲחֻזָּה)

H) ezh (ההזה HhZH) AC: Perceive CO: Light AB: ?

V) ezh (ההזה HhZH) - Perceive: To see something that is not physically present. [Hebrew and Aramaic] [df: hzh]KJV (83): (vf: Paal) see, behold, look, prophecy, provide, dream - Strongs: H1957 (הָזָה), H2370 (חֲזָא), H2372 (חָזָה)

Nm ) ezh (ההזה HhZH) - Chest: The breast of a sacrificed animal (possibly as a sacrifice for a vision) . KJV (13): breast - Strongs: H2373 (חָזֶה)

af1) ezhm (מההזה MHhZH) - Vision: KJV (4): vision - Strongs: H4236 (מַחֲזֶה)

fm) izh (ההזי HhZY) - Chest: [Aramaic only] KJV (1): breast - Strongs: H2306 (חֲדֵה)

gm) ezfh (ההוזה HhWZH) - Seer: KJV (22): seer, see, agreement, prophet, stargazer - Strongs: H2374 (חֹזֶה)

kf1) ezhm (מההזה MHhZH) - Light: KJV (4): light - Strongs: H4237 (מֶחֱזָה)

rm) fzh (ההזו HhZW) - Vision: [Aramaic only] KJV (12): vision, look - Strongs: H2376 (חֱזוּ)

J) zfh (ההוז HhWZ) AC: Look CO: Haven AB: ?

am ) zfhm (מההוז MHhWZ) - Haven: A placed looked for. KJV (1): haven - Strongs: H4231 (מָחוֹז)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 חָזוּת noun feminine vision, conspicuousness (on formation compare Lg BN 202) — absolute ׳ח Isaiah 21:2; Daniel 8:5,8; construct חָזוּת Isaiah 29:11; suffix חָזוּתְכֶם Isaiah 28:18; —

1 vision, oracle of a prophet חָזוּת קָשָׁה הֻגַּדלִֿי Isaiah 21:2 a hard vision is declared to me; וַתְּהִי לָכֶם חָזוּת הַּכֹּלכְּדִבְרֵי הַסֵּפֶר הֶחָתוּם Isaiah 29:11 the vision (prophecy) of the whole is become to you as the words of a sealed writing; חָזוּתְכֶם אֶתשְֿׁאוֺל לאֹ תָקוּם Isaiah 28:18 your agreement with Sheol will not stand, so Thes MV De Che Di and others after Vrss, but Ew§ 156 e renders oracle, and Siegf. Hellseherei, see חֹזֶה

2. 2. conspicuousness in appearance: קֶרֶן הָזוּת a conspicuous horn Daniel 8:5 #NAME? Daniel 8:8; Daniel 8:21; so חָזוּת אַרְבַּע Daniel 8:8, but < read אֲחֵרוֺת others, as ᵐ5 Gr Bev.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

חָזוּת f. (with Kametz impure), from the root חָזָה

(1)  appearance, aspect, especially of something grand or handsome, (compare מַרְאֶה). Daniel 8:5, קֶרֶן חָזוּת a conspicuous or great horn, verse, חָזוּת אַרְבַּע וַתַּעֲלֶינָה “and there arose four conspicuous (horns).” For it appears that it must be thus interpreted on account of verse.

(2) a prophetic vision, Isaiah 21:2.

(3) a revelation, a law, hence a covenant (both ideas being kindred to the minds of the Hebrews, with whom religion was a covenant with God). Isaiah 28:18 (compare חֹזֶה verse 15 Isaiah 28:15); 29:11.

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List of Word Forms
וְחָזוּתְכֶ֥ם וחזותכם חָז֖וּת חָז֣וּת חָז֤וּת חָז֥וּת חזות chaZut ḥā·zūṯ ḥāzūṯ vechazuteChem wə·ḥā·zū·ṯə·ḵem wəḥāzūṯəḵem
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