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Strong's #2376 - חֱזוּ

from (H2370)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
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1) vision, appearance

1a) vision

1b) appearance

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (12)
Daniel 12
NAS (12)
Daniel 12
HCS (12)
Daniel 12
BSB (12)
Daniel 12
ESV (12)
Daniel 12
WEB (12)
Daniel 12
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1168) zh (ההז HhZ) AC: See CO: ? AB: Perceive: The ability to see beyond what is seen in the physical present as a light piercing through the darkness. (eng: haze; gaze - an exchange for the h and g)

A) zh (ההז HhZ) AC: ? CO: Vision AB: ?: A perception beyond the normal experiences.

Nf) zh (ההז HhZ) - Vision: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (3): vision - Strongs: H2378 (חֲזוֹת), H2379 (חֲזוֹת)

Nf3) tfzh (ההזות HhZWT) - Vision: KJV (5): vision - Strongs: H2380 (חָזוּת)

jm) nfzh (ההזונ HhZWN) - Vision: KJV (35): vision - Strongs: H2377 (חָזוֹן)

fjm) nfizh (ההזיונ HhZYWN) - Vision: KJV (9): vision - Strongs: H2384 (חִזָּיוֹן)

B) zzh (ההזז HhZZ) AC: ? CO: Light AB: ?

bm ) zizh (ההזיז HhZYZ) - Lighting: A moment of vision in the dark of night. KJV (3): lightning, bright clouds - Strongs: H2385 (חֲזִיז)

C) zha (אההז AHhZ) AC: Hold CO: ? AB: ?: [Unknown connection to root;]

V) zha (אההז AHhZ) - Hold: To grab something and keep hold of it. Also ones holdings. KJV (67): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hophal, Piel) hold, take, possess, caught, fastened - Strongs: H270 (אָחַז)

Nf1) ezha (אההזה AHhZH) - Holdings: KJV (66): possession - Strongs: H272 (אֲחֻזָּה)

H) ezh (ההזה HhZH) AC: Perceive CO: Light AB: ?

V) ezh (ההזה HhZH) - Perceive: To see something that is not physically present. [Hebrew and Aramaic] [df: hzh]KJV (83): (vf: Paal) see, behold, look, prophecy, provide, dream - Strongs: H1957 (הָזָה), H2370 (חֲזָא), H2372 (חָזָה)

Nm ) ezh (ההזה HhZH) - Chest: The breast of a sacrificed animal (possibly as a sacrifice for a vision) . KJV (13): breast - Strongs: H2373 (חָזֶה)

af1) ezhm (מההזה MHhZH) - Vision: KJV (4): vision - Strongs: H4236 (מַחֲזֶה)

fm) izh (ההזי HhZY) - Chest: [Aramaic only] KJV (1): breast - Strongs: H2306 (חֲדֵה)

gm) ezfh (ההוזה HhWZH) - Seer: KJV (22): seer, see, agreement, prophet, stargazer - Strongs: H2374 (חֹזֶה)

kf1) ezhm (מההזה MHhZH) - Light: KJV (4): light - Strongs: H4237 (מֶחֱזָה)

rm) fzh (ההזו HhZW) - Vision: [Aramaic only] KJV (12): vision, look - Strongs: H2376 (חֱזוּ)

J) zfh (ההוז HhWZ) AC: Look CO: Haven AB: ?

am ) zfhm (מההוז MHhWZ) - Haven: A placed looked for. KJV (1): haven - Strongs: H4231 (מָחוֹז)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [חְֶזוּ] noun masculine vision, appearance; — emphatic חֶוְוָא (K§ 55,6 b)) Daniel 2:19; suffix וִי- Daniel 7:2, וִהּ- Daniel 7:20; plural construct חֶזְוֵי Daniel 2:28 +; —

1 vision (as mode of revelation) Daniel 2:19 (יְ לֵילְיָא׳ח), Daniel 7:2, so Daniel 7:7. Daniel 7:13, רֵישָׁא׳ח Daniel 2:28; Daniel 4:2; Daniel 7:10,1; Daniel 10:15, חֶלְמָא׳ח Daniel 4:6 (Gie GGA, 1895,598 reads אֲחַוֵּא I will relate).

2 appearance Daniel 7:20.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
List of Word Forms
בְּחֶזְוִ֖י בְּחֶזְוֵ֣י בְּחֶזְוֵ֥י בְּחֶזְוָ֥א בחזוא בחזוי וְחֶזְוֵ֥י וְחֶזְוַ֖הּ וחזוה וחזוי חֶזְוֵ֨י חזוי bə·ḥez·wā bə·ḥez·wê bə·ḥez·wî bechezVa bechezVei bechezVi bəḥezwā bəḥezwê bəḥezwî chezVei ḥez·wê ḥezwê vechezVah vechezVei wə·ḥez·wah wə·ḥez·wê wəḥezwah wəḥezwê
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