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Strong's #05959 - עַלְמָה

from (H5958)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
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1) virgin, young woman

1a) of marriageable age

1b) maid or newly married

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3933 ‑ παρθένος (par‑then'‑os);  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (7)
Genesis 1
Exodus 1
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Song of Solomon 2
Isaiah 1
NAS (7)
Genesis 1
Exodus 1
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Song of Solomon 2
Isaiah 1
HCS (7)
Genesis 1
Exodus 1
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Song of Solomon 2
Isaiah 1
BSB (7)
Genesis 1
Exodus 1
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Song of Solomon 2
Isaiah 1
ESV (4)
Genesis 1
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 1
WEB (7)
Genesis 1
Exodus 1
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Song of Solomon 2
Isaiah 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1357) lo (אהל AhL) AC: Work CO: Yoke AB: ?: The pictograph o is a picture of they eye representing knowledge and experience, the l is a picture of a shepherd staff or yoke. Combined these mean "experience the staff". The yoke, a staff is lifted over the shoulder, is attached to the oxen for performing work. (eng: collar - with the exchange of the sound of the ayin with the c and the additional r)

A) lo (אהל AhL) AC: Raise CO: ? AB: ?

Nm ) lo (אהל AhL) - I. Above:[df: lwe]II. Upon:[Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (152): above, high, upon, in, on, over, by, for, both, beyond, through, throughout, against, beside, forth, off, from - Strongs: H5920 (עַל), H5921 (עַל), H5922 (עַל)

Nf1) elo (אהלה AhLH) - Rising: A rising of smoke from a burnt offering. [Aramaic only] KJV (1): burn offering - Strongs: H5928 (עֲלָוָה)

Nf3) tflc (גלות GLWT) - Captivity: A yoke was placed on captives to be taken back. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (19): captivity, captive - Strongs: H1546 (גָּלוּת), H1547 (גָּלוּ)

am) lom (מאהל MAhL) - Above: KJV (138): above, upward, high, exceeding, upon, forward - Strongs: H4605 (מַעַל)

af1) elom (מאהלה MAhLH) - Ascent: A place of straight or stepped incline. KJV (47): degree, steps, dial, by, come, story, up - Strongs: H4609 (מַעֲלָה)

fm) ilo (אהלי AhLY) - Pestle: As lifted up then down to smash what is in the mortar. KJV (1): pestle - Strongs: H5940 (עֱלִי)

if1) elot (תאהלה TAhLH) - Trench: A watercourse that rises in elevation to bring down water from a higher source. KJV (11): conduit, trench, watercourse, healing, cured, river - Strongs: H8585 (תְּעָלָה)

km) lom (מאהל MAhL) - Rising: [Aramaic only] KJV (1): down - Strongs: H4606 (מֶעָל)

pm) mlo (אהלמ AhLM) - Youth: A young male at the prime age for work. KJV (2): young, stripling - Strongs: H5958 (עֶלֶם)

pf1) emlo (אהלמה AhLMH) - Youth: A young female at the prime age for work. KJV (7): virgin, maid, damsel - Strongs: H5959 (עַלְמָה)

fjm) nfilo (אהליונ AhLYWN) - High: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (57): high, upper, higher, highest, above, uppermost - Strongs: H5945 (עֶלְיוֹן), H5946 (עֶלְיוֹן)

rpm) mflo (אהלומ AhLWM) - Youth: A young male at the prime age for work. KJV (4): youth - Strongs: H5934 (עֲלוּמִים)

B) llo (אהלל AhLL) AC: Work CO: ? AB: ?: The yoke was listed up onto the shoulder of the oxen to perform work.

V) llo (אהלל AhLL) - Work: To perform a work. To work over another as a mocking or abuse. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (23): (vf: Hitpael, Hophal) glean, done, abuse, mock, affect, children, do, defiled, practice, wrought, bring, come, went - Strongs: H5953 (עָלַל), H5954 (עֲלַל)

am) llom (מאהלל MAhLL) - Works: KJV (41): doings, works, inventions, endeavors - Strongs: H4611 (מַעֲלָל)

bm) lilo (אהליל AhLYL) - Furnace: Used for working metals. KJV (1): furnace - Strongs: H5948 (עֲלִיל)

bf1) elilo (אהלילה AhLYLH) - Works: KJV (24): doing, works, deeds, occasions, actions, actions, acts, inventions - Strongs: H5949 (עֲלִלָה)

bff1) eililo (אהליליה AhLYLYH) - Works: KJV (1): work - Strongs: H5950 (עֲלִילִיָּה)

idm) lflot (תאהלול TAhLWL) - Impulse: A work performed without consideration. KJV (2): babe, delusion - Strongs: H8586 (תַּעֲלוּלִים)

H) elo (אהלה AhLH) AC: Lift CO: ? AB: ?: The lifting of the yoke onto the shoulder. One taken into exile is placed in the yoke for transport and the yoke of bondage. It was a common practice to strip the clothes off of those taken into exile.

V) elo (אהלה AhLH) - I. Rise:To go, come or bring oneself or something up. [Hebrew and Aramaic; A generic verb with a wide application meaning to lift up] [df: hlg]II. Uncover:As a lifting off of the cover. To be exposed from the removal of clothing. Also to reveal something by exposing it. [Hebrew and Aramaic] [df: hlg alg]KJV (1087): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hitpael, Hophal, Pual, Piel) up, offer, come, bring, ascend, go, chew, offering, light, increase, burn, depart, put, spring, raise, break, exalt, uncover, discover, captive, carry away, reveal, open, captivity, show, remove, appear, brought, carry - Strongs: H1540 (גָּלָה), H1541 (גְּלָא), H5924 (עֵלָּא), H5927 (עָלָה)

Nm ) elo (אהלה AhLH) - Leaf: As high in the tree. KJV (18): leaf, branch - Strongs: H5929 (עָלֶה)

am) elom (מאהלה MAhLH) - Ascent: A place of straight or stepped incline. KJV (18): up, ascent, cheifest, cliff, hill, stairs - Strongs: H4608 (מַעֲלֶה)

ff1) eilo (אהליה AhLYH) - Loft: A room on top of the house used during hot days of summer. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (21): chamber, parlour, up, ascent, loft, chamber - Strongs: H5944 (עֲלִיָּה), H5952 (עִלִּי)

J) lfo (אהול AhWL) AC: Lift CO: Yoke AB: ?: The lifting up of the yoke upon the shoulders of the oxen.

Nm) lfo (אהול AhWL) - Yoke: [df: le] KJV (40): yoke - Strongs: H5923 (עוֹל)

Nf1 ) elfo (אהולה AhWLH) - I. Rising:A rising of smoke from a burnt offering. II. Captivity:In the sense of lifting a yoke on the shoulder. [df: hlwghlg] KJV (331): burn offering, ascent, go up, captivity, carry, captive, remove - Strongs: H1473 (גֹּלָה), H5930 (עוֹלָה)

L) loi (יאהל YAhL) AC: Lift CO: ? AB: ?

V) loi (יאהל YAhL) - Lift: KJV (23): (vf: Hiphil) profit, forward, good, profitable - Strongs: H3276 (יָעַל)

am) lofm (מואהל MWAhL) - Lift: KJV (1): lifting - Strongs: H4607 (מֹעַל)

M) lio (אהיל AhYL) AC: ? CO: Coat AB: ?: An upper garment lifted up onto the shoulders.

Nf1) elio (אהילה AhYLH) - Occasion: [Unknown connection to root; Aramaic only] KJV (3): occasion - Strongs: H5931 (עִלָּה)

fm) ilio (אהילי AhYLY) - High: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (12): upper, high - Strongs: H5942 (עִלִּי), H5943 (עִלָּי)

km) liom (מאהיל MAhYL) - Cloak: KJV (28): robe, mantle, cloke, coat - Strongs: H4598 (מְעִיל)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 עַלְמָה noun feminine young woman (ripe sexually; maid or newly married); — ׳ע Genesis 24:43 (J), Exodus 2:8 (E), Proverbs 30:19; Isaiah 7:14; plural עֲלָמוֺת Psalm 68:26; Song of Solomon 1:3; Song of Solomon 6:8; עַלעֲֿלָמוֺת to (the voice of) young women, either literally, or of soprano or falsetto of boys: 1 Chronicles 15:20; Psalm 9:1 (read עַלעֲֿלָמוֺת לַבֵּן [for עַלמֿוּת לַבֵּן], ' voce virginea a pueris decantandum,' Thes), Psalm 46:1; Psalm 48:15 (read עַלעֲֿלָמוֺת [for עַלמֿוּת]; translated probably to Psalm 49:1).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

עַלְמָה f. of the preceding, a girl of marriageable age, like the Arab. غُلَامَةُ, غَيْلَمُ; Syr. ܥܰܠܺܡܬܐܳ; Ch. עֻלֵּמְתָּא, i.q. נַעֲרָה, and Gr. νεᾶνις (by which word the Hebrew עַלְמָה is rendered by the LXX. Psalms 68:26 and Aqu., Symm., Theod., Isaiah 7:14), Genesis 24:43; Exodus 2:8; Proverbs 30:19. Pl. עֲלָמוֹת Psalms 68:26; Song of Solomon 1:3, 6:8. Used of a youthful spouse recently married, Isaiah 7:14 (compare בְּתוּלָה Joel 1:8). [See note at the end of the art.] The notion of unspotted virginity is not that which this word conveys, for which the proper word is בְּתוּלָה (see Song of Solomon 6:8, and Prov. loc. cit; so that in Isa. loc. cit. the LXX. have incorrectly rendered it παρθένος); neither does it convey the idea of the unmarried state, as has of late been maintained by Hengstenberg, (Christol. des A. T. ii. 69), but of the nubile state and puberty. See Comment. on Isa. loc. cit.-עַל עֲלָמוֹת in the manner of virgins, nach Iungfrauen Weife (see עַל No. 1, a, ), i.e. with the virgin voice, sharp, Germ. soprano, opp. to the lower voice of men, 1 Chronicles 15:20 (see as to this passage under the root נָצַח No. 1 Piel); Psalms 46:1. Forkel (Gesch. der Musik, i. p. 142) understood it to mean virgin measures (compare Germ. Iungfrauweis), but this does not suit the context, in 1 Ch. loc. cit.

[Note. The object in view in seeking to undermine the opinion which would assign the signification of virgin to this word, is clearly to raise a discrepancy between Isaiah 7:14, and Matthew 1:23: nothing which has been stated does, however, really give us any ground for assigning another meaning. The ancient versions, which gave a different rendering, did so for party purposes, while the LXX., who could have no such motive, render it virgin in the very passage where it must to their minds have occasioned a difficulty. Alma in the Punic language signified virgin, as Gesenius rightly states in Thes., on the authority of Jerome. The absolute authority of the New Test. is, however, quite sufficient to settle the question to a Christian.]

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List of Word Forms
בְּעַלְמָֽה׃ בעלמה׃ הָֽעַלְמָ֔ה הָֽעַלְמָה֙ הָעַלְמָ֗ה העלמה וַעֲלָמ֖וֹת ועלמות עֲ֝לָמ֗וֹת עֲלָמ֥וֹת עלמות ‘ă·lā·mō·wṯ ‘ălāmōwṯ alaMot bə‘almāh bə·‘al·māh bealMah hā‘almāh hā·‘al·māh haalMah vaalaMot wa‘ălāmōwṯ wa·‘ă·lā·mō·wṯ
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