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Strong's #04726 - מָקֹר

maw-kore', maw-kore'
from (H6979)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
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1) spring, fountain

1a) spring

1a1) of source of life, joy, purification (figuratively)

1b) of the eye (figuratively)

1c) source (of menstruous blood)

1d) flow (of blood after child birth)

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1841 ‑ ἔξοδος (ex'‑od‑os);  4077 ‑ πηγή (pay‑gay');  4511 ‑ ῥύσις (hroo'‑sis);  5204 ‑ ὕδωρ ();  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (18)
Leviticus 3
Psalms 2
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 4
Hosea 1
Zechariah 1
NAS (18)
Leviticus 3
Psalms 2
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 4
Hosea 1
Zechariah 1
HCS (18)
Leviticus 3
Psalms 2
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 4
Hosea 1
Zechariah 1
BSB (18)
Leviticus 3
Psalms 2
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 4
Hosea 1
Zechariah 1
ESV (17)
Leviticus 3
Psalms 2
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 3
Hosea 1
Zechariah 1
WEB (18)
Leviticus 3
Psalms 2
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 4
Hosea 1
Zechariah 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1250) rk (כר KR) AC: Dig CO: Bowl AB: ?: The pictograph k is a picture of the palm of the hand, the r is a picture of the head of a man. Combined these mean "palm of man". The palm as hollowed out. A digging. (eng: core; bore)

A) rk (כר KR) AC: ? CO: Hollow AB: ?

Nm ) rk (כר KR) - I. Hollow:The hollow hump of a camel or a pasture in a hollow. II. Lamb:One of the pasture. III. Captain:KJV (16): lamb, pasture, ram, furniture, captain - Strongs: H3733 (כַּר)

Nf1) erk (כרה KRH) - I. Pasture:As a hollowed out valley. II. Mole:A digger. [df: hrp] KJV (2): cottage, mole - Strongs: H3740 (כֵּרָה), H6512 (פֵּרוֹת)

fm ) irk (כרי KRY) - Captain: [Unknown connection to root] KJV (3): captain - Strongs: H3746 (כָּרִי)

kf1) erkm (מכרה MKRH) - I. Cave:As a hole in the rock. [df: hrem]II. Weapon:Probably a weapon that is a digging tool or similar implement. KJV (40): cave, den, hole, habitation, army - Strongs: H4380 (מְכֵרָה), H4631 (מְעָרָה)

lf1 ) erkrk (כרכרה KRKRH) - Camel: As with a hollow hump. KJV (1): beast - Strongs: H3753 (כִּרְכָּרָה)

B) rrk (כרר KRR) AC: Dance CO: ? AB: ?: A leaping or dancing around in a circle.

V) rrk (כרר KRR) - Dance: KJV (2): (vf: Pilpel, Participle) dance - Strongs: H3769 (כָּרַר)

C) rka (אכר AKR) AC: Dig CO: Farmer AB: ?

Nm ) rka (אכר AKR) - Farmer: One who digs the ground for growing crops. KJV (7): husbandman, plowman - Strongs: H406 (אִכָּר)

D) rak (כאר KAR) AC: ? CO: Pit AB: ?

V) rak (כאר KAR) - Deep: To make a deep engraving in a tablet or stone. Also to give a deep explanation. [df: rab] KJV (3): (vf: Piel) plain, plainly, declare - Strongs: H874 (בָּאַר)

Nf ) rak (כאר KAR) - Pit: A dug out hole, usually a well or cistern. [df: rab] KJV (37): well, pit, slimepit - Strongs: H875 (בְּאֵר)

gm ) rafk (כואר KWAR) - Pit: A dug out hole. [df: rab] KJV (2): cistern - Strongs: H877 (בּאֹר)

F) rke (הכר HKR) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Wrong: [Unknown connection to root]

V) rke (הכר HKR) - Wrong: KJV (1): (vf: Hiphil) strange - Strongs: H1970 (הָכַר)

Nf1) erke (הכרה HKRH) - Look: KJV (1): shew - Strongs: H1971 (הַכָּרָה)

H) erk (כרה KRH) AC: Dig CO: ? AB: Prepare

V) erk (כרה KRH) - I. Dig:[Hebrew and Aramaic] II. Prepare:To prepare a banquet or feast. [Unknown connection to root] KJV (21): (vf: Paal, Niphal) dig, make, pierce, open, grieve - Strongs: H3735 (כְּרָה), H3738 (כָּרָה), H3739 (כָּרָה)

Nf1) erk (כרה KRH) - Preparation: [Unknown connection to root] KJV (1): provision - Strongs: H3741 (כָּרָה)

J) rfk (כור KWR) AC: Dig CO: Pit AB: ?

V) rfk (כור KWR) - I. Dig:[df: rwq]II. Examine:To look deeply. [df: rwb]KJV (7): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Pilpel) declare, dig, cast out, destroy, break down - Strongs: H952 (בּוּר), H6979 (קוּר)

Nm ) rfk (כור KWR) - I. Pit:A hole, well or cistern that is dug out. [df: rwb rwx rx]II. Furnace:A hollow box formed out of brick or clay for cooking. III. Kor:A standard of measure. KJV (96): pit, cistern, well, dungeon, fountain, measure, cor - Strongs: H953 (בּוֹר), H2352 (חוּר), H2356 (חוֹר), H3564 (כּוּר), H3734 (כֹּר)

am) rfkm (מכור MKWR) - Fountain: A spring that comes out of a hole in the ground. [df: rwqm rqm] KJV (18): fountain, spring, wellspring, issue, well - Strongs: H4726 (מָקֹר)

em ) rfik (כיור KYWR) - I. Pot:As a dug out container. [df: ryk]II. Platform:[Unknown connection to root] KJV (23): laver, scaffold, pan, hearth - Strongs: H3595 (כִּיֹּר)

kf1) erfkm (מכורה MKWRH) - Birth: A coming out of a hole. KJV (3): birth, nativity, habitation - Strongs: H4351 (מְכֹרָה)

M) rik (כיר KYR) AC: ? CO: Furnace AB: ?: A hollowed out object.

Nm) rik (כיר KYR) - Furnace: A hollow box formed out of brick or clay for cooking. KJV (1): range - Strongs: H3600 (כִּיר)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2023
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 מָקוֺר noun masculine Zechariah 13:1 spring, fountain (apparently originally well); — absolute ׳מ Zechariah 13:1; Proverbs 25:26; construct מְקוֺר Jeremiah 2:13 +, מְקֹר Leviticus 12:7; Leviticus 20:18; suffix מְקוֺרוֺ Hosea 13:15, etc.; —

1 spring of water :

a; figurative, of ׳י, מַיִם׳מ חַיִּים Jeremiah 2:13; Jeremiah 17:13, compare חַיִּים׳מ Psalm 36:10; חַיִּים׳מ (more Generally), Proverbs 10:11; Proverbs 13:14; Proverbs 14:27; Proverbs 16:22 + Proverbs 18:4 (so read for חָכְמָה׳מ ᵐ5 Hebrew Manuscripts Toy).

b. figurative of purification Ezekiel 13:1.

c.מָקוֺר מָשְׁחָת Proverbs 25:26 (figurative; + מַעְיָן).

d. figurative of source of life and vigour Hosea 13:15; Jeremiah 51:36; of a nation's original source, stock Psalm 68:27 (Kay Che, of temple); source of joy Proverbs 5:18 (figurative of wife; "" אֵשֶׁת).

2 figurative of eye, מְקוֺר דַּמְעָה, Jeremiah 8:23.

3 source of menstruous blood, דָּמֶיהָ׳מְ Leviticus 20:18, so מְקֹרָהּ Leviticus 20:18 (H).

4 = flow of blood after child-birth דָּמֶיהָ׳מְ Leviticus 12:7 (P).

II. קור (√ of following; compare Arabic () see turn, twist (of serpent), a king of rope).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
List of Word Forms
וּמָק֣וֹר ומקור מְק֣וֹר מְק֣וֹר ׀ מְק֥וֹר מְקֹרָ֣הּ מְקוֹרְךָ֥ מְקוֹרָֽהּ׃ מְקוֹרוֹ֙ מִמְּק֥וֹר מִמְּקֹ֣ר מָק֣וֹר ממקור ממקר מקור מקורה׃ מקורו מקורך מקרה mā·qō·wr maKor māqōwr mə·qō·rāh mə·qō·w·rāh mə·qō·w·rōw mə·qō·wr mə·qō·wr·ḵā meKor mekoRah mekorCha mekoRo məqōrāh məqōwr məqōwrāh məqōwrḵā məqōwrōw mim·mə·qō·wr mim·mə·qōr mimeKor mimməqōr mimməqōwr ū·mā·qō·wr umaKor ūmāqōwr
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