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Bible Commentaries

Hampton's Commentary on Selected Books

Titus 2

Verses 1-5

Sound Doctrine for the Aged

The word "sound" here literally conveys the idea of healthy ( Tit_2:1 ). Unfortunately, many people are not interested in sound teaching ( 1Ti_1:8-11 ; 2Ti_4:3-4 ). But, Paul urged Titus to teach such words for the good of those who would hear and obey. Specifically, older Christian men were to be taught to be sober minded. They also should live lives worthy of respect. They should be thoughtful. Too, a soundness should be exhibited in love, faith and patience ( Tit_2:2 ).

Older Christian women should live becoming respect. They should not be false accusers or enslaved to wine. Instead, they should be teachers of good things. Among those good things would be Paul's instructions to teach young women. Older women should show the younger how to love husband and children. They would also need to teach them to control their own lives and remain morally pure. A younger woman should be taught to be a worker at home filled with kind deeds. Naturally, they should be submissive to their own husbands ( Eph_5:22-33 ). All this was to be taught to prevent someone from being able to truthfully speak against God's way ( Tit_2:3-5 ).

Verses 6-10

Instructions for Young Men and Servants

As with all the other categories, young men are exhorted to maintain self-control. Titus, like all the other young men, was charged to be a model of good works. His teaching was to be pure, filled with reverence and so sound as to thwart any condemning words from others. In fact, those hostile to the truth would be embarrassed to speak against his life ( Tit_2:6-8 ).

Through Titus, Paul urged Christian slaves to live so as to be acceptable to their masters. They were not to talk back or take something entrusted to their care. Ultimately, all the good they did was meant to please the Master, Jesus Christ ( Tit_2:9-10 ; Col_3:22-25 ). Actually, all the various instructions to Christians were written by Paul to encourage them to glorify God in all their lives.

Verses 11-12

The Grace of God

The reason all types of Christians are to live exemplary lives is the grace of God. That grace was shown in the coming of Jesus to bring salvation to the earth ( Tit_2:11 ; Luk_2:25-32 ). When one accepts that grace, he dies to self and is raised to walk a new life. His decisions are then based on what Christ would have him do.

Grace teaches him to change his lifestyle ( Rom_6:3-4 ; Gal_2:20 ). He learns to say no to the irreverent life devoid of religion. He also sets aside worldly desire ( 1Jn_2:15-17 ). In place of those, he lives a self-controlled, law abiding life. His disposition will be set in the direction of pleasing God while he lives on earth ( Tit_2:12 ).

Verses 13-14

Looking for the Lord

The Christian can change his style of living because he has changed his focus. Instead of focusing on the here and now, he is expectantly awaiting the return of the Savior ( Tit_2:13 ; 1Co_16:22 ; Rev_22:20 ). His hope is in Christ and the glory he promised. Like Paul, the Christian faithfully stays the course knowing Christ will reward him with an eternal crown ( 1Ti_1:1 ; Rom_5:1-5 ; Col_1:27 ; 2Ti_4:6-8 ).

The Lord gave hope by paying the ransom price to buy sinful man out of bondage ( Act_20:28 ). Such bondage came because of man's lawless deeds ( 1Ti_1:9 ; 2Co_5:15 ). He cleanses those who come to him. He consecrates them to perform good works in his service ( Tit_2:14 ; Eph_2:8-10 ; Eze_37:23 ). Paul urged Titus to speak these things about the Christian life with authority. He was to exhort others to follow such instruction. No one should be allowed to despise the instruction because it came from God ( Tit_2:15 ).

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