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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Titus 2

Verses 1-15

Various Instructions for Christian Life and Doctrine

1-15. ’In giving sound doctrine, to offset false teaching, put the first emphasis on the need of character, because Christ is our reward, and very soon. And do thou, Titus, set a good example, and maintain thine own authority.’

1. Sound doctrine] cp. Titus 2:2, ’sound in faith.’ The context shows that this is soundness not in intellectual opinions, but in the inculcation of uprightness of life. In Christ’s day ’faith’ was always regarded as spiritual; in the apostolic age, nearly always so; but in the apostolic age the tendency unquestionably began to identify ’faith’ with a system. It is important to mark that faith and doctrine as used in this Epistle are not far from the earlier use: cp. Intro. § 2.

2. The aged men] Not the elders in an official sense, but simply the old men.

3. Behaviour] All outward department; not simply dress on the one hand; not inner thoughts on the other. Not given to much wine] RV ’enslaved to much wine.’ Cretans, both men and women, were notorious drinkers: cp. Titus 1:12.

4. Teach] RV ’train,’ a much better word.

5. Keepers at home] Another Gk. text (adopted in RV) gives ’workers at home.’

Blasphemed] The Cretans would say, ’See how they treat their husbands, that is Christianity!’

7. St. Paul now turns to Titus personally. Even if he had recently seen him, it was not unnatural to press a warning upon ’his child in the faith.’ Sincerity] Rightly omitted in RV, since it is lacking in the best MSS.

9. Servants] i.e. ’slaves.’ Slaves made up a considerable proportion of early Christian congregations; and, often being more intelligent than their masters, could influence them in spiritual things.

11. The RV is again more accurate than AV: ’For the grace of God hath appeared, bringing salvation to all men.’

12. Teaching] better,’ disciplining,’ or even (as Luther), ’chastising.’ That] purpose, ’in order that.’ This present world] lit. ’this present age’; i.e. before Christ’s reappearing.

13. The blessed hope is ’the appearing.’ The apostolic age cannot be understood without constantly keeping in mind that the Christians expected Christ’s return in glory within their generation. Glorious appearing] This should be (as in RV),’ appearing of the glory.’ The’ glory’ is the visible majesty of the divine. The Jews called it the ’shekinah’ The great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ] RV ’our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.’ Scholars have always been divided whether the Father and Christ both are meant, or only Christ. The most skilful escape from the difficulty is to say that Christ will appear in both His own glory and His Father’s. If it is to be interpreted ’our God.. Christ,’ the expression is unique in the NT., unless we take RM for John 1:18, ’God only begotten.’

14, For us] Not ’in our stead,’ but ’for our sake.’ However, the next words suggest both meanings. Redeem] lit. ’set free by means of a ransom.’, A peculiar people] An OT. expression: ’a chosen, favoured, superior people.’ ’His own people ’is perhaps the best rendering.

15. Let no man despise thee] i.e. push these counsels home so gravely and thoroughly that men will heed thee: cp. 1 Timothy 4:12.

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