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Strong's #2156 - זְמֹר

zem-o-raw', zem-o-raw', zem-ore'
from (H2168)
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1) branch, twig, shoot

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 5568 ‑ ψαλμός (psal‑mos');  2814 ‑ κλῆμα (klay'‑mah);  
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KJV (5)
Numbers 1
Isaiah 1
Ezekiel 2
Nahum 1
NAS (7)
Numbers 1
Isaiah 2
Ezekiel 2
Nahum 2
HCS (5)
Numbers 1
Isaiah 1
Ezekiel 2
Nahum 1
BSB (5)
Numbers 1
Isaiah 1
Ezekiel 2
Nahum 1
ESV (4)
Numbers 1
Isaiah 1
Ezekiel 2
WEB (5)
Numbers 1
Isaiah 1
Ezekiel 2
Nahum 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2124) rmz (זמר ZMR) AC: Pluck CO: Music AB: Melody: The sound from a musical instrument where the string is plucked or the singing that accompanies it. Also, the plucking of fruit from a vine or branch. [from: rn- music as bright]

V) rmz (זמר ZMR) - Pluck: To make music by plucking an instrument or plucking fruit. KJV (48): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Piel) praise, sing, prune - Strongs: H2167 (זָמַר), H2168 (זָמַר)

Nm) rmz (זמר ZMR) - I. Music: II. Musician:[Aramaic only] III. Zemer:An unknown animal. KJV (6): musick, singer, chamois - Strongs: H2169 (זֶמֶר), H2170 (זְמָר), H2171 (זַמָּר)

Nf1) ermz (זמרה ZMRH) - I. Melody:As plucked on an musical instrument. A song set to music. II. Choice fruit:As plucked from the tree or vine. KJV (5): melody, psalm, fruit - Strongs: H2172 (זִמְרָה), H2173 (זִמְרָה)

af1) ermzm (מזמרה MZMRH) - Pruninghook: For plucking fruit from trees or vines or trimming candle wicks. KJV (4): pruninghook - Strongs: H4211 (מַזְמֵרָה)

bm) rimz (זמיר ZMYR) - I. Music: II. Plucking:KJV (1): song, psalmist, branch - Strongs: H2158 (זְמִרָה), H2159 (זָמִיר)

bf1) erimz (זמירה ZMYRH) - Music: KJV (6): singing - Strongs: H2158 (זְמִרָה)

cf1) erfmz (זמורה ZMWRH) - Vine: From where grapes are plucked. KJV (5): branch, slip - Strongs: H2156 (זְמֹר)

ef2) trmiz (זימרת ZYMRT) - Music: KJV (3): song - Strongs: H2176 (זִמְרָת)

kf1) ermzm (מזמרה MZMRH) - Snuffer: KJV (5): snuffer - Strongs: H4212 (מְזַמֶּרֶת)

hcm) rfmzm (מזמור MZMWR) - Melody: As plucked on an musical instrument. A song set to music. KJV (57): psalm - Strongs: H4210 (מִזְמוֹר)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 זְמוֺרָה noun [feminine] branch, twig, shoot — absolute ׳ז Numbers 13:23, ׳הַזּ Ezekiel 8:17; Ezekiel 15:2; construct זְמֹרַת Isaiah 17:10; suffix זְמֹרֵיהֶם Nahum 2:3; — branch of grape-vine Numbers 13:23 (JE), Ezekiel 15:2; branch, twig (Co Reissigbündel) used in idolatrous worship אֶלאַֿמָּם׳הַזּ Ezekiel 8:17 (see Sm and most), but custom obscure (see Da), and text dubious; זְמֹרַת זָר (compare Ew§ 287 b) Isaiah 17:10 twigs of a strange one (i.e. of a strange god) figurative of idolatrous cults adopted by Israel; ׳ז plural in figure of Israelites Nahum 2:3.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
List of Word Forms
הַזְּמוֹרָ֕ה הַזְּמוֹרָ֖ה הזמורה וּזְמֹ֥רַת וּזְמֹרֵיהֶ֖ם וזמריהם וזמרת זְמוֹרָה֙ זמורה haz·zə·mō·w·rāh hazzemoRah hazzəmōwrāh ū·zə·mō·raṯ ū·zə·mō·rê·hem uzeMorat ūzəmōraṯ ūzəmōrêhem uzemoreiHem zə·mō·w·rāh zemoRah zəmōwrāh
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