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Strong's #02945 - κύκλῳ

as if dative case of kuklos (a ring, "cycle" - akin to (G2947))
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  1. in a circle, around, round about, on all sides
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 734 ‑ אֹרַח (o'‑rakh);  4605 ‑ מַעַל (mah'‑al);  5362 ‑ נָקַף (naw‑kaf');  5439 ‑ סְבִיבָה (saw‑beeb', seb‑ee‑baw');  5921 ‑ עַל (al);  8478 ‑ תַּחַת (takh'‑ath);  
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KJV (7)
Mark 3
Luke 1
Romans 1
Revelation 2
NAS (7)
Mark 1
Luke 1
Romans 2
Revelation 3
HCS (8)
Mark 3
Luke 1
Romans 1
Revelation 3
BSB (8)
Mark 3
Luke 1
Romans 1
Revelation 3
ESV (6)
Mark 3
Luke 1
Romans 1
Revelation 1
WEB (6)
Mark 3
Romans 1
Revelation 2
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


As if dative case of κυìκλος kuklos (a ring, cycle; akin to G2947)

κύκλος, ὁ

(Dor. , v. infr. 11.11), also with heterocl. pl. κύκλα Il., etc., v. infr. 11.1, 3, 9, 111.1:


1. ring, circle, ὅπποτέ μιν δόλιον περὶ κύκλον ἄγωσιν, of the circle which hunters draw round their game, Od. 4.792; κ. δέκα χάλκεοι (concentric) circles of brass on a round shield, Il. 11.33, cf. 20.280; but ἀσπίδος κύκλον λέγω the round shield itself, A. Th. 489, cf. 496, 591.

2. Adverbial usages, κύκλῳ in a circle or ring, round about, κ. ἁπάντῃ Od. 8.278; κ. πάντῃ X. An. 3.1.2; πανταχῇ D. 4.9; τὸ κ. πέδον Pi. O. 10(11).46; κ. περιάγειν Hdt. 4.180; λίμνη.. ἐργασμένη εὖ κ. Id. 2.170; τρέχειν κ. Ar. Th. 662; περιέπλεον αὐτοὺς κ. Th. 2.84; οἱ κ. βασιλεῖς X. Cyr. 7.2.23; ἡ κ. περιφορά, κίνησις, Pl. Lg. 747a, Alex. Aphr. in Top. 218.3: freq. with περί or words compounded there with, round about, κ. πέριξ A. Pers. 368, 418; περιστῆναι κ. Hdt. 1.43; βωμὸν κ. περιστῆναι A. Fr. 379; ἀμφιχανὼν κ. S. Ant. 118 (lyr.); περιστεφῆ κ. Id. El. 895; περισταδὸν κ. E. Andr. 1137; κ. περιϊέναι Pl. Phd. 72b, etc.; τοῦ φλοιοῦ περιαιρεθέντος κ. Thphr. HP 4.15.1; so κ. περὶ αὐτήν round about it, Hdt. 1.185; περὶ τὰ δώματα κ. Id. 2.62; also κύκλῳ c. acc., without περί, ἐπιστήσαντες κ. σῆμα Id. 4.72; πάντα τὸν τόπον τοῦτον κ. D. 4.4: c.gen., κ. τοῦ στρατοπέδου X. Cyr. 4.5.5; τὰ κ. τῆς Ἀττικῆς D. 18.96, cf. PFay. 110.7 (i A.D.), etc.: metaph., around or from all sides, S. Ant. 241, etc.; κεντουμένη κύκλῳ ἡ ψυχή all over, Pl. Phdr. 251d; τὰ κ. the circumstances, Arist. Rh. 1367b29, EN 1117b2; ἡ κ. ἀπόδειξις, of arguing in a circle, Id. APo. 72b17, cf. APr. 57b18: with Preps., ἐν κ. S. Aj. 723, Ph. 356, E. Ba. 653, Ar. V. 432, etc.; ἅπαντες ἐν κ. Id. Eq. 170, Pl. 679: c. gen., E. HF 926, Th. 3.74; κατὰ κύκλον Emp. 17.13.

II any circular body:

1 wheel, Il. 23.340; in which sense the heterocl. pl. κύκλα is mostly used, 5.722, 18.375; τοὺς λίθους ἀνατιθεῖσι ἐπὶ τὰ κύκλα on the janker, IG 12.350.47.

2. trencher, SIG 57.32 (Milet., v B.C.), Abh.Berl.Akad. 1928(6).29 (Cos), Poll. 6.84.

3. place of assembly, of the ἀγορά, ἱερὸς κ. Il. 18.504; ὁ κ. τοῦ Ζηνὸς τὠγοραίου Schwyzer 701 B 6 (Erythrae, v B.C.); ἀγορᾶς κ. (cf. κυκλόεις) E. Or. 919; of the amphitheatre, D.C. 72.19. crowd of people standing round, ring or circle of people, κ. τυραννικός S. Aj. 749; κύκλα χαλκέων ὅπλων, i.e. of armed men, dub. in Id. Fr. 210.9, cf. X. Cyr. 7.5.41: abs., E. Andr. 1089, X. An. 5.7.2 (both pl.), Diph. 55.3. place in the ἀγορά where domestic utensils were sold, Alex. 99.

4. vault of the sky, ὁ κ. τοῦ οὐρανοῦ Hdt. 1.131, LXX 1 Esdras 4:34; πυραυγέα κ. αἰθέρος h.Hom. 8.6, cf. E. Ion 1147; ὁ ἄνω κ. S. Ph. 815; ἐς βάθος κύκλου Ar. Av. 1715; νυκτὸς αἰανὴς κ. S. Aj. 672; γαλαξίας κ. the milky way, Placit. 2.7.1, al., Poll. 4.159; also ὁ τοῦ γάλακτος κ. Arist. Mete. 345a25; πολιοῖο γάλακτος κ. Arat. 511. μέγιστος κ. great circle, Autol. Sph. 2, al.; μ. κ. τῶν ἐν τῇ σφαίρᾳ Archim. Sph.Cyl. 1.30, cf. Gem. 5.70; κ. ἰσημερινός, θερινός, etc., Ph. 1.27; χειμερινός Gem. 5.7, Cleom. 1.2; ἀρκτικός, ἀνταρκτικός, Gem. 5.2, 9; ὁ κ. ὁ τῶν ζῳδίων Arist. Mete. 343a24; ὁ ὁρίζων κ. the horizon, Id. Cael. 297b34; παράλληλοι κ., of parallels of latitude, Autol. Sph. 1: in pl., the zones, Stoic. 2.196.

5. orb, disk of the sun and moon, ἡλίου κ. A. Pr. 91, Pers. 504, S. Ant. 416; πανσέληνος κ. E. Ion 1155; μὴ οὐ πλήρεος ἐόντος τοῦ κύκλου (sc. τῆς σελήνης) Hdt. 6.106: in pl., the heavenly bodies, IG 14.2012 A 9 (Sulp. Max.).

6. circle or wall round a city, esp. round Athens, ὁ Ἀθηνέων κ. Hdt. 1.98, cf. Th. 2.13, etc.; οὐχὶ τὸν κ. τοῦ Πειραιῶς, οὐδὲ τοῦ ἄστεως D. 18.300. circular fort, Th. 6.99, al.

7. round shield, v. sub init.

8. in pl., eye-balls, eyes, S. OT 1270, Ph. 1354; ὀμμάτων κ. Id. Ant. 974 (lyr.): rarely in sg., eye, ὁ αἰὲν ὁρῶν κ. Διός Id. OC 704 (lyr.).

9. οἱ κ. τοῦ προσώπου cheeks, Hp. Morb. 2.50; κύκλα παρειῆς Nonn. D. 33.190, 37.412; but κύκλος μαζοῦ, poet. for μαζός, is f.l. in Tryph. 34.

10. κ. ἐλαίης an olive wreath, Orph. A. 325 (pl.).

11. cycle or collection of legends or poems, κύκλον ἱστορημέναν ὑπὲρ Κρήτας GDI 5187.9 (Crete); esp. of the Epic cycle, ὁ ἐπικὸς κ. Ath. 7.277e, Procl. ap. Phot. Bibl. p.319 B., cf. Arist. Rh. 1417a15; of the corpus of legends compiled by Dionysius Scytobrachion, Ath. 11.481e, cf. Sch. Od. 2.120; κ. ἐπιγραμμάτων Suid.s.v. Ἀγαθίας; cf. κυκλικός 11.


1. circular motion, orbit of the heavenly bodies, κύκλον ἰέναι Pl. Ti. 38d; οὐρανὸς.. μιᾷ περιαγωγῇ καὶ κύκλῳ συναναχορεύει τούτοις Arist. Mu. 391b18; revolution of the seasons, ἐνιαυτοῦ κ. E. Or. 1645, Ph. 477; τὸν ἐνιαύσιον κ. the yearly cycle, ib. 544; ἑπτὰ.. ἐτῶν κ. Id. Hel. 112; μυρία κύκλα ζώειν, i.e. years, AP 7.575 (Leont.): hence κ. τῶν ἀνθρωπηΐων ἐστὶ πρηγμάτων human affairs revolve in cycles, Hdt. 1.207; φασὶ.. κύκλον εἶναι τὰ ἀνθρώπινα πράγματα Arist. Ph. 223b24, al.; κ. κακῶν D.C. 44.29; κύκλου ἐξέπταν, i.e. from the cycle of rebirths, Orph. Fr. 32c. 6. ἐν τοῖς κ. εἶναι to be in train, of an affair, PEleph. 14.24 (iii B.C.).

2. circular dance (cf. κύκλιος), χωρεῖτε νῦν ἱερὸν ἀνὰ κ. Ar. Ra. 445, cf. Simon. 148.9, E. Alc. 449 (lyr.).

3. in Rhet., a rounded period, περιόδου κύκλος D.H. Comp. 19, cf. 22, 23. period which begins and ends with the same word, Hermog. Inv. 4.8.

4. in Metre, a kind of anapaest, v.l. for κυκλικός in D.H. Comp. 17. sphere, globe, Pl. Lg. 898a. [ by nature, S. Ant. 416, Aj. 672, etc., but freq. long by position in Hom. and Trag.]

Thayer's Expanded Definition

κύκλῳ (dative of the substantive κύκλος, a ring, circle (cf. English cycle)); from Homer down; the Sept. times without number for סָבִיב, also for מִסָּבִיב and סָבִיב סָבִיב; in a circle, around, round about, on air sides: Mark 3:34; Mark 6:6; οἱ κυκλωαγροι, the circumjacent country (see ἀγρός, c.), Mark 6:36 (here WH (rejected) marginal reading gives ἔγγιστα); Luke 9:12; ἀπό Ἰερουσαλήμ καί κύκλῳ, and in the region around, Romans 15:19; τίνος, around anything (Xenophon, Cyril 4, 5, 5; Polybius 4, 21, 9, others; Genesis 35:5; Exodus 7:24, etc.): Revelation 4:6; Revelation 5:11 (here R κυκλόθεν); .

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

κύκλος , -ου , ,

[in LXX chiefly for H5439;]

a ring, circle. Dat., κύκλῳ , as adverb., round about, around: Mark 3:34; Mark 6:6; Mark 6:36, Luke 9:12, Romans 15:19; c. gen., Revelation 4:6; Revelation 5:11; Revelation 7:11

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For the dat. κύκλῳ used adverbially ";round about,"; as in Revelation 4:6, see CPR I. 42.10 κύκλῳ τοῦ χωρίου : cf. P Fay 110.7 (A.D. 94) τὰ κύκλωι τοῦ ἐλαιουργίου ἔξωθεν σκάψον ἐπὶ βάθος, ";dig a deep trench round oil-press outside"; (Edd.), P Tebt II. 342.26 (late ii/A.D.) τοῦ κεραμ (είου) ἐν κύκλῳ α ̣ ̣τ ̣(οῦ) ψ [ι ]λ ̣ο ̣υ ̣ͅ τόπου, ";the vacant space surrounding the pottery"; (Edd.), and from the inscr. OGIS 455.12 (i/B.C.) κύκλῳ τε ἐκείνου τοῦ ἱεροῦ. . . [οὗτος ὁ ] τόπος ἄσυλος ἔστω. The adj. κύκλιος is found in ib. 213.83 (iv/iii B.C.) ἐν ] τοῖς κυκλίοις ἀγῶσιν.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
κύκλου κύκλους κυκλω κύκλω κύκλῳ κύκλωμα κυκλώματα κυκλώματος κύκνον kuklo kuklō kyklo kyklō kýkloi kýklōi
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