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The word "hand" occurs about1046 times in the Bible. It is used in approximately20 different ways as types of various attitudes and actions. The Scriptures are too numerous for us to list them all, but we will seek to arrange them in groups in a way that will be helpful and profitable to the reader. The arrangement will not be an alphabetical one, but will rather be placed as the thoughts are found in the Scriptures. A typical Scripture reference will be used in each case.

The hand represents human power. Genesis 9:2; Genesis 39:6.

The hand represents divine power. Exodus 6:1; Exodus 13:3.

The hand represents conquering power. Exodus 14:8; Numbers 33:3.

The hand represents a position of service2Ki3:11.

The hand when washed represents innocency. Deuteronomy 21:6; Matthew 27:24.

The hand when kissed represents loving affection, or deceitfulness or hypocrisy. Job 31:27.

The hand when it is the right hand sometimes represents honor and favor. Psalm 110:1; Romans 8:34.

The hand when it is the right hand may indicate security and peace. Psalm 16:8; Psalm 109:31.

The hand when it is given is a sign of friendship, confidence and trust2Ki10:15.

The hand when it is lifted up may represent an act of supplication to GOD, and of dependence on GOD. Exodus 17:12; 1 Timothy 2:8.

The hand when Laid on, indicates the imparting of spiritual gifts on the part of a leader of GOD's people to one who is less able and less prominent. Acts 6:6; 1 Timothy 4:14. This seems to have been done only by Apostles and those in authority.

The hand when stretched out indicates that mercy is extended and offered. Proverbs 1:24; Romans 10:21.

The hand when leaned upon is a type of confidence and familiarity2Ki7:2; 2 Kings 5:18.

The hand when it is GOD's hand may signify divine power. Acts 4:28; probably the Holy Spirit, Acts 8:18; divine retribution Judges 2:15; sovereign disposition Psalm 31:15; divine sufficiency Psalm 104:28; Psalm 145:16.

The hand when it is man's hand may represent evil power; Exodus 18:9; personal possessions1Ki 11:31; counselor agreement2Sa 14:19; personal sufficiency Proverbs 3:27.

Isaiah 49:16 (a) This shows the wonderful love and the constant care of GOD for those who have trusted their lives and their souls to Him. His wounded hands are ever before Him to remind Him of the children of GOD whom He has saved. The work which He does is always connected with His people. The engraving on those hands was done by the nails at Calvary.

Isaiah 59:1 (a) This is a picture of the blessed, far-reaching power of GOD to save both the soul and the life of everyone who believes GOD.

Isaiah 65:2 (a) Here is a figure of GOD's constant call to His enemies to come unto Him for salvation and restoration.

Hebrews 10:31 (a) This figure reveals the terrible sufferings of that one who fails to kneel as a suppliant for mercy at the feet of the Lord JESUS. The terrible wrath of an angry GOD will fall upon him in judgment.

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