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Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible

1 Chronicles 19


David’s messengers to Hanun are villanously entreated, 1 Chronicles 19:1-5.

The Ammonites and Syrians are overcome by Joab and Abishai, 1 Chronicles 19:6-15;

by David himself, 1 Chronicles 19:16-19.

Verse 1

Of all the contents of this chapter, see the notes on 2 Samuel 10:0, where we have the same things, and almost the very same words.

Verse 7

Thirty and two thousand chariots, i. e. thirty-two thousand men fighting from or with chariots, as that word is elsewhere used; of which see my notes on 1 Samuel 13:5. And this interpretation seems the more probable by comparing this place with 2 Samuel 10:6, where this army is said to consist of twenty thousand footmen, and twelve thousand men of Ish-tob; which make up these thirty-two thousand men, who fought partly from chariots, and partly on foot with chariots, or attending upon the chariots, as the ancient manner of fighting was. And here, 1 Chronicles 19:6, this army is made up of chariots and horsemen; where, except the chariots be understood of footmen, there were no footmen in the army, which is unusual and incredible.

Verse 19

How this agrees with 2 Samuel 10:18, see in the notes on that place.

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