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Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 93

Verses 1-5

  1. INTRO:
    1. Intro: This is the 1st of the Theocratic Psalms(95-100). Psalms that magnify Israel’s Theocracy(God/rule).
      1. Autocratic government - headed by a strong man or a dictator. [Auto/self]
        1. Kratos = Gk word for power.
      1. Monarchic gov - headed by a king w/more or less absolute power. [Mono/one]
      1. Democratic government - governments in which the people rule. [Demos/people]
      1. Oligarchy - a gov headed by an elite few. [oligoi/few]
      1. Theocratic government - government in which there is no man-appointed or self-appointed ruler, but rather a government directed by God. [Theo/God]
    1. In all the history of the world only Israel has had a true theocratic form of government.
      1. This was 1st seen in Deut.33:5 by Moses, And He was King in Jeshurun, When the leaders of the people were gathered, All the tribes of Israel together.
        1. Also in Ex,15:18 “The Lord shall reign forever and ever.”
      1. From the beginning of history, till the time of Samuel, this was Israel’s sole form of government.
      1. It failed, not because God failed, but because Israel failed.
        1. The people demanded of Samuel that he give them a king so that they might be like the other nations. See 1 Sam.8 (esp.5-9,19-22) :-(
    1. During Millennium - a Monarchy yes, but essentially theocratic in character.
      1. (i.e.) As David ran it, His character calling a shepherd, pastoring the people.
      1. The nation was NOT a private preserve upon which a king could prey, but a pasture to be kept & cultivated for the flock of God.
        1. That’s why God got so mad at King Ahab when he wanted Naboth’s vineyard. {It was his families inheritance, in the land, from God, he couldn’t take property that wasn’t his, & he knew better! - But while sulking, Jezebel (his pagan wife, from Sidon) had Naboth set up & stoned. Ahab went to claim the vineyard & Elijah showed up to issue his death warrant, dogs will lick your blood!}
    1. This Psalm anticipates Israel’s once again theocratic rule during the Millennium.
      1. Where God will once again visibly step down into the arena of human affairs, in the person of JC, & take the admin of earth’s affairs into His own hands.


    1. KING OF HEAVEN! (1,2)
    1. Yahweh melek - Jehovah reigns/is king.
    1. Josephus coined the phrase Theocracy, yet its meaning was limited to God’s reign over Israel. The Psalmist here describes Him reigning over the entire earth, even the universe.
    1. Ps.93 is the Psalmist unpacking Ps.92:8.
      1. What does that mean? How is He exalted/lifted on high? - Ps.93 tells us.
    1. Note 4 important attributes of God:
      1. [1] The Majesty of God - Majesty has to do with “dignity, authority of sovereign power, stateliness, & grandeur.”
        1. Majesty is an attribute that links God’s holiness & God’s sovereignty.
      1. [2] The Power of God - i.e. Strength. He means the majesty of God is a majesty of power.
      1. [3] The Immutability of God - i.e. Established. It looks like the world is being shaken, but despite appearances, but nothing is able to move or, even less, destroy God’s creation, but God Himself.
        1. The world is only established because God Himself is established/immovable(vs2).
        1. This is one of God’s qualities that separate Him out from His creation. He does not change, but His creation is always changing.
          1. It’s in constant change: decaying; running down; sun is cooling & eventually die out; abundant resources of the earth are exhaustible & will run out; species have gone extinct; each of us matures, grows old, & dies.
      1. [4] The Eternity of God - means that God is, that He always will be, & that He is everywhere the same in His eternal being.
        1. Abraham called Him, “the Eternal God”; Moses wrote, “from everlasting to everlasting You are God”; the Revelation describes God as, “the Alpha & the Omega, the beginning & the end.”.
        1. It means God can be trusted to remain as He revealed Himself.
          1. He’ll be at the end of our days what he was at the beg.
          1. He will not change His character, nor break His word.
        1. Also He is inescapable. We may try to ignore him, but one day we will have to give an accounting to Him, who knows all are heart & desires.


  1. KING OF EARTH! (3,4)
  1. Everything changes but God. - Yes, the world of nature is indeed in constant turmoil but that God is sovereign over even this change.
    1. The Greeks were close to the answer when they said “that change is not random but is instead ordered change. Ordered because an ordering law or word of God stands behind it.”
    1. God is involved in His creation. He sustains & controls it moment by moment.
      1. He is never the absentee landlord. He is always in charge.
  1. The Floods have lifted up their voices - What are they saying? “you’re going to sink!” “you’re going to drown!” “I’m taking you down!”
    1. No waves or floods can disturb the throne of God!
      1. We see the floods, but we don’t see God.
      1. We see the floods getting higher & higher, & we don’t lift up our eyes by faith & see the eternal, established, secure, throne of God.
    1. It reminds us again (like w/Peter) don’t look at the Flood look to the Father.
      1. Jesus told Peter “come”, & His commandments are His empowerments!
    1. Vs.4 is our Father who art in heaven!
    1. But even if we do sink beneath the waves, we will simply fall into the hallow of God’s hand.
  1. A Kingdom of Law - God’s rule is not of power alone. Note the word testimonies here.
    1. Testimony - because it was the function of the Law to bear witness to God’s demands, & to man’s duties.
    1. It is also a rule of law! This means God rules His people by His Word (not whim)
    1. To be actually ruled by God, we must not only confess Him as our God but also know & obey his statutes too.
      1. Apply to: a coach, boss, president/king. How can you say you’re ruled by them but not listen to what they say?
      1. Christ then rules His church by teaching us the Scriptures. There is where we learn what to do & what we ought to be.
    1. Your choice: listen to the waves, or to His testimonies.
  1. A Kingdom of holiness or justice - Holiness is what His house is known for!


  1. End: When the Jews set up their liturgy for their new temple in Jerusalem, they selected a special Psalm to be sung each day of the week. One of the 7 was this one, Ps.93.
    1. It was selected for Friday. The Talmud explains why, “It was on the 6th day that the Lord finished the work of creation. After that He entered upon His Sabbath rest, & began His reign over the earth.” [Also title LXX; & adopted by Vulg]
      1. This little Psalm is truly a prelude to the millennium itself.
    1. He also wants to set up a miniature millennium in our hearts!
      1. He wants us to acknowledge Him as His Royal Majesty, & let Him still the storms of rebellion & sin.
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