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Psalms 92

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Verses 1-15

  1. INTRO:
    1. Tonight we’ll talk about our need for Palm Tree Christians!
    2. Hymn: Now thank we all our God. With hearts and hands and voice, Who wondrous things hath done, In whom His world rejoices; Who, from our mothers’ arms, Hath blessed us on our way With countless gifts of love, And still is ours today.
    3. Thankfulness does not have to wait for prosperity and peace. It’s always a good time to praise God for the “wondrous things” He has done.
      1. What was the background on this hymn? It was the worst of times. In the first half of the 17th century, Germany was in the midst of wars and famine and pestilence. In the city of Eilenburg lived a pastor by the name of Martin Rinkart. During one especially oppressive period, Rinkart conducted up to 50 funerals a day as a plague swept through the town. Yet during those years of darkness and despair, when death and destruction greeted each new day, Pastor Rinkart wrote 66 sacred songs and hymns. Among them was the song “Now Thank We All Our God.”
    2. Morning - Look ahead to your day by faith & praise Him for His lovingkindness.
    3. Every night - Look back & praise Him for His faithfulness.
      1. Maybe referred to the morning & evening burnt offering? (Ex.29:38-42)
    4. (4,5) The Psalmist is moved to express himself in thanksgiving for some specific “work” on his behalf.
      1. God’s great works are the products of profound thoughts.
    5. (6,7) But the fool cannot understand they are doomed because they are the enemies of God.
    6. (10a) But God has delivered the psalmist making him strong like a wild ox.
    7. PALMS! (10b-15)
    8. Judean Date Palm: In 1963 up on Masada in Israel, they discovered a jar full of Date Palm seeds, dating back 2000 years. They stored them for 30 years then in 2005 planted one in Kibbutz Ketura/near Elat. It sprouted 6 weeks later. June 2008 it stood 4’ tall.
      1. Oldest seed to ever germinate!
    9. The PalmTree historically has been called the representative tree of Israel.
      1. It has found itself on their coins; engraved in Solomon’s Temple; it will be in the Millennium Temple; it was used at the Triumphal entry; & the Trib martyrs will be found holding Palm branches in their hands in Rev.7:9 (victory).
    10. He likens us unto a Palm Tree!!! [So how do they flourish?]
    11. [1] FRESH! (10,11) Fresh Oil
      1. There are over 2600 species of Palm Trees, from 3-100’ tall.
      2. Oil:
      3. The African Oil Palm gives a higher yield per acre than any other oil plant.
        1. It produces 2 types of oil: that from palm kernels(for soap & margarine), & that from fleshy part of the fruit(used more widely for industrial processes).
      4. Fresh oil - There is perennial freshness with God!
        1. (Perennial = lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time. Remaining leafy throughout the year.)
        2. Does your eye ever get tired of staring at the ocean? Watching waves break? Gazing at the mountains covered with snow? Watching sunsets?
          1. From childhood to old age we look on the same landscape, yet there is always something fresh to captivate our roving eye.
          2. Perennial freshness with God!
      5. Enemies & wicked:
      6. The Palm Tree breaks the bands!
        1. ​​​​​​​Other trees do not break bands out around them. As the tree grows, the bands dig into the wood. (ever seen that?)
        2. The palm tree breaks the bands as it grows. The believer is able to do the same.
          1. Ps.107:14 He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, And broke their chains in pieces.
      7. The Palm Tree will bend but not break!
        1. They can withstand a lot of abuse, storms, & wind.
        2. Where other trees will snap in hurricane winds the Palm tree will bend...but then comes up again!
      8. The Palm Tree can withstand abuse!
        1. The heart of the ordinary tree is dead. The vulnerable area of an ordinary tree is the outside. (i.e. weed eater)
        2. The heart of the palm is alive. The life of the palm tree is in the inside.
          1. Thus, outward abuse does not affect the life or quality of the palm tree.
          2. Though our outward man perish, yet the inward man us renewed day by day.
    12. [2] FLOURISHING! (12,13) Flourish like a Palm Tree
      1. The Palm Tree points to water!
        1. In the desert, the Palm trees have roots that go down deep to draw up the water.
          1. They can survive when other trees are dying.
          2. To go deep = living in Christ; constant connection with Him (kneeology!)
          3. Shallow Christians aren’t flourishing because they are seeking nourishment on the surface. Running their roots out laterally.
            1. Looking to the world for refreshment but come away thirsty!
        2. Set your taproot deep in the word of God & prayer!
      2. The Palm Tree cannot be grafted!
        1. Horticulturists say that to graft a palm tree is to kill it.
        2. The palm tree is distinctive & unusual.
        3. The Christian is to be distinctive, easily distinguished from the world.
      3. The Palm Tree will not burn!
        1. It refuses to burn as ordinary wood.
        2. The child of God is protected from the flames of judgment.
      4. We don’t know if trees literally grew in the Temple area or not, but the righteous are said to flourish there in the presence of God!!!
        1. Our you planted in the house of God?
    13. [3] FRUITFUL! (14) Still bear Fruit in old age
      1. The older the Palm Tree the sweeter the fruit! They still bear fruit in old age
        1. As a palm tree grows older, its fruit grows sweeter.
        2. They even say the older trees with scarred trunks produce the sweetest fruit.
          1. The scars of life produce the fruit of holiness.
          2. The trials of life conform us to the image of Christ.
        3. In old age then, those who live for Christ become fresh, flourishing, & fruitful!
          1. As you get older, make your life count more & more for Jesus!
      2. A group of Palm Trees form an Oasis!
        1. One standing alone will no provide much shade in the burning sun.
        2. A group forming an Oasis reminds us to stay together & stand as Christians.
          1. Not forsaking the gathering together of the brethren.
        3. Often in the desert you will find orange or lemon trees growing beneath the shade of the palms grouped together.
          1. Grouping together helps those weaker than ourselves!
      3. The Palm Tree is an evergreen!
        1. The evergreen is a symbol of immortality.
        2. The child of God will never die(sp.); he has everlasting life!
    14. FAITHFUL! (15) The Lord is upright...& righteous
      1. i.e. A Master that wont ever run back from His promise.
      2. “Every aged Christian is a letter of commendation to the immutable fidelity of Jehovah.” (Spurgeon)
      3. God cannot be moved or removed from doing righteously, than a rock can be moved out of its place.
    15. End Bend your head tonight for the fresh anointing for the new ministries that await you.
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