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Psalms 93

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Verses 1-5

Psalms 93

The Lord ... His Majesty

Scripture v. 1-5:

Verse 1 declares that the Lord-majestic continually reigns over heaven and earth, clothed with strength and majesty, as King-absolute, gird about. It is He who established the earth so that it can not be moved or removed. He is supreme over and above all earthly sovereigns, Psalms 96:10; Psalms 99:1. See also Psalms 52:7; Revelation 19:6; Job 40:10; Psalms 104:1; Isaiah 59:17; Isaiah 63:1.

Verse 2 extols Him, "thy throne is established of old, (from then on). Thou art from everlasting," as Messiah, Lord-majestic, and sovereign over all creation, Proverbs 8:22; Psalms 94:20; Isaiah 44:8; Isaiah 45:21; Revelation 1:17.

Verse 3 asserts "the floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods lifted up their voice; the floods (still) lift up their waves," as a symbol of massive world powers, in a state of roaring tumult, Psalms 46:2-3; Psalms 2:1-6.

Verse 4 adds that "the Lord on high, the most High," exalted living majestic sovereign of the universe, is "majestic" in power, more than the noise (roarings) of many waters, the heathen, earthly rulers, even mightier than the mighty waves of the sea, Psalms 76:4; Psalms 89:9. See also 1 Chronicles 29:12; Nahum 1:3; Job 26:10; Psalms 65:7.

Verse 5 concludes of the majestic King of Glory that His testimonies are "very sure", true from the beginning," trustworthy, Psalms 119:160. It is added "holiness becometh thy house, O Lord, for ever," 1 Kings 8:56; Psalms 111:7; Exodus 19:6; Psalms 134:1. The words of the Lord are without error, and His promises, He will keep, Psalms 19; Psalms 7; Hebrews 13:5.

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Garner, Albert & Howes, J.C. "Commentary on Psalms 93". Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary. 1985.