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Bible Commentaries

Smith's Writings

Psalms 93

Verses 1-5


The Reign of Jehovah.

The 93rd Psalm is introductory to the second section of the Fourth Book, comprising Psalm 93 to 100. It presents the great theme of these psalms - the reign of Jehovah, the character of His throne, and the effect of His rule.

(v. 1) In the opening verse the reign of Jehovah is anticipated. By publicly taking His throne Jehovah displays His majesty and exercises His power. It is not only that dignity is His and that power belongs to Him, but when Jehovah reigns His royalty will be displayed, for “He hath clothed himself with majesty;” His strength will be exercised, for “he hath girded himself with strength.” The blessed result will be that, at last, the world will be brought into rest, and enjoy the blessings of a stable government, “the world is established, it shall not be moved” (JND).

(v. 2) However, the throne that is established on earth is no new throne. It is established of old; the One who reigns is from everlasting.

(vv. 3-4) Through long ages rebellious man has opposed the government of God. The floods lifted up their voice. The passion and will of man had risen up as the angry and tumultuous waves, but however mighty the power of man, “Jehovah on high is mightier.”

(v. 5) When the will of man, like the noise of many waters and the might of the waves, seems to triumph and carry all before it, faith has that in which it can rest, the testimonies, or Word of God. God's testimonies are, like Himself, very sure. In the midst of the rising up of evil, His throne remains untouched. God is, and has been from all eternity, and His Word is as sure as Himself. Furthermore the certainty of His Word is linked with the holiness of His house. God will fulfill His Word; at the same time He will maintain His holy character. If we are to enjoy the certainty of His Word we must maintain the holiness of His house. “It is not holiness apart from the Word, or knowledge of certainty apart from holiness. The Spirit of truth is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit the Spirit of truth.”

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Smith, Hamilton. "Commentary on Psalms 93". "Smith's Writings". 1832.