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Strong's #800 - אֵשׁ

from (H784)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine

1) fire

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Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1021) sa (אסה ASh) AC: Press CO: Fire AB: Despair: The pictograph a represents strength. The s is a picture of teeth and imply pressing as one does with the teeth to chew food. Combined these pictures mean "a strong pressing down". A fire is made by firmly pressing a wooden rod down onto a wooden board and spinning the rod with a bow drill. Wood dust is generated from the two woods rubbing together and is heated by the friction creating a small ember in the dust. Small tinder is then placed on the ember and is blown ignited the tinder. (eng: ash - as the product of fire)

A) sa (אסה ASh) AC: ? CO: Fire AB: ?: The pressing of wood together with a fire drill to produce fire through friction.

Nf) sa (אסה ASh) - Fire: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (380): fire, burning, fiery, flaming, hot - Strongs: H784 (אֵשׁ), H785 (אֶשָּׁא)

Nf1) esa (אסהה AShH) - Fire: A fire as well as an offering made by fire. KJV (1): fire - Strongs: H800 (אֵשׁ)

jm) nfsa (אסהונ AShWN) - Furnace: [Aramaic only] KJV (10): furnace - Strongs: H861 (אַתּוּן)

B) ssa (אסהסה AShSh) AC: Press CO: Foundation AB: Pressure: The firm pressing down on something.

bf) sisa (אסהיסה AShYSh) - Foundation: The pressing down of the soil to form a firm and flat surface. KJV (1): foundation - Strongs: H808 (אָשִׁישׁ)

bf1) esisa (אסהיסהה AShYShH) - Raisin Cake: Dried raisins, a food staple, were pressed into cakes. KJV (4): flagon - Strongs: H809 (אֲשִׁישָׁה)

E) asa (אסהא AShA) AC: Press CO: Foundation AB: Pressure: The firm pressing down on something.

om) asfa (אוסהא AWShA) - Foundation: The pressing down of the soil to form a firm and flat surface. [Aramaic only] KJV (3): foundation - Strongs: H787 (אשׁ)

H) esa (אסהה AShH) AC: ? CO: Fire AB: ?

em ) esia (איסהה AYShH) - Fire: A fire offering. KJV (65): offering - Strongs: H801 (אִשֶּׁה)

L) sai (יאסה YASh) AC: Press CO: ? AB: Despair: A strong pressing down on someone bringing despair or hopelessness.

V) sai (יאסה YASh) - Despair: A pressure of hopelessness. KJV (6): (vf: Niphal, Piel) despair, desperate, no hope - Strongs: H2976 (יָאַשׁ)

M) sia (איסה AYSh) AC: ? CO: Fire AB: ?: The charred wood after being burned in the fire.

jm) nfsia (איסהונ AYShWN) - Black: The black of night or the pupil of the eye. In the sense of charring from a fire. KJV (6): apple, obscure, black - Strongs: H380 (אִישׁוֹן)

N) isa (אסהי AShY) AC: ? CO: Pillar AB: ?: A strong pressing down on something.

df1) eifsa (אסהויה AShWYH) - Pil KJV (1): foundation - Strongs: H803 (אֲשׁוּיָה)

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AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2022
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

אֵשׁ with suff. אִשּׁוֹ Job 18:5 אֶשְׁכֶם Isaiah 50:11. comm. (but rarely masc., Job 20:26; Psalms 104:4; Jeremiah 48:45 comp. as to the gender of words signifying fire, Lehrg. 546, note), fire. (Amongst the cognate languages, the Chaldee has אֶשָּׁא, אֶשְׁתָּא fire, fever; the Syr. ܐܶܫܳܬܳܐ fever; Eth. አሰት፡ fire; Abrb. أَنِيسَةُ, wich however is rarely used. The offshoots of this very ancient stock are very widely spread in the languages of Asia and Europe; comp. Sanscr. ush, to burn; Pehlev. and Persic اتش; Gr. αἶθος, αἴθω: Latin œstus: old Germ. Eit, fire; eiten, to kindle; Germ. heiß, heißen, Effe. A kindred stock is ur; Heb. אוּר, אוֹר, comp. עוּר uro, areo, and with the addition of a labial, πῦρ, comburo, ferveo, Füer, Feuer).


(1) the fire of God, often used of lightnings, 1 Kings 18:38; 2 Kings 1:10, 12 2 Kings 1:12, 14 2 Kings 1:14; Job 1:16 comp. Exodus 9:23, and Pers. آتش آسمان. Also, figuratively used of the anger and wrath of God (Virg. Æn. ii. 575, “exarsere ignes animo, subit ira,” etc.). Deuteronomy 32:22, אֵשׁ קָֽדְחָה בְאַפִּי “a fire is kindled in my anger.” Jeremiah 4:4, 15:14 21:12 Lamentations 2:4; Ezekiel 22:21 and, by a similar figure, fire, when speaking of men, is also applied to internal ardour of mind. Jeremiah 20:9; Psalms 39:3, Psalms 39:4.

(2) Poet. fire is used of war, so that to be consumed with fire is i.q. to be destroyed in war. [?] Numbers 21:28; Jeremiah 48:45; Judges 9:15, 20 Judges 9:20; Isaiah 10:16, 26:11 Psalms 21:10. קָדַח אֵשׁ “to kindle a fire,” metaph. for to excite the tumult of war, Isaiah 50:11. The same figure is very familiar to the Arabian poets, compare on Isaiah 7:4.

(3) Fire and burning are used in Hebrew to designate any destruction, whether of men or things. Job 15:34, 20:26 22:20 31:12 Isaiah 30:30, 33:11, 14 Isaiah 33:14.

(4) heat of the sun, Joel 1:19, 20 Joel 1:20, 2:3, Joel 2:5.

(5) splendour, brightness, e.g. of arms, Nahum 2:4. אַבְנֵי אֵשׁ “gems of a fiery splendour,” Ezekiel 28:14, 16 Ezekiel 28:16 comp. Stat. Theb. ii. 276, “arcano florentes igne smaragdi.” See the derivative אִשֶּׁה.

אֵשׁ Ch. emphat. st. אִשָּׁא id. Daniel 7:11.

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