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Strong's #803 - ἀσφάλεια

from (G804)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
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  1. firmness, stability
  2. certainty, undoubted truth
  3. security from enemies and dangers, safety
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 982 ‑ בָּטַח (baw‑takh');  983 ‑ בֶּטַח (beh'‑takh);  4349 ‑ מָכוֹן (maw‑kone');  6738 ‑ צֵל (tsale);  8252 ‑ שָׁקַט (shaw‑kat');  8454 ‑ תֻּשִׁיָּה (too‑shee‑yaw', too‑shee‑yaw');  8551 ‑ תָּמַךְ (taw‑mak');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (3)
Luke 1
Acts 1
1 Thessalonians 1
NAS (4)
Luke 2
Acts 1
1 Thessalonians 1
HCS (3)
Luke 1
Acts 1
1 Thessalonians 1
BSB (3)
Luke 1
Acts 1
1 Thessalonians 1
ESV (2)
Luke 1
1 Thessalonians 1
WEB (3)
Luke 1
Acts 1
1 Thessalonians 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἀσφάλ-εια [φᾰ],

gen. ας, Ion. ης, ἡ, (ἀσφᾰλής)

1. security against stumbling or falling, ἀ. πρὸς τὸν πηλόν Th. 3.22; steadfastness, stability, ἀσφαλείᾳ.. ἀνόρθωσον πόλιν raise up the city so that it stand fast, S. OT 51; κατασκευάζειν τὴν [τῆς πολιτείας] ἀ. Arist. Pol. 1319b39.

2. assurance from danger, personal safety, A. Supp. 495, etc.; τηρεῖν ἀ. ἐπιβουλῆς Antipho 2.2.8; ἀ. τῆς ἐπαναφορᾶς precaution regarding it, And. 3.33, cf. Th. 4.68, 8.4; ἡ ἰδία ἀ., opp. ὁ τῆς πόλεως κίνδυνος, Lys. 31.7; δεηθεὶς τῆς ἀ. ἔτυχε safe-conduct, Hdt. 3.7; ἀ. διδόναι, παρέχειν, X. HG 2.2.2, Cyr. 4.5.28: freq. with Preps., ἀσφαλείης εἵνεκεν Hdt. 4.33; ἀσφαλείας οὕνεκα Ar. Av. 293; δι' ἀσφαλείας τὰς πόλεις οἰκεῖν Th. 1.17; τὸ σῶμ' ἐν ἀσφαλείᾳ καθιστάναι, καθεστάναι, Isoc. 9.30, X. Hier. 2.10; κατ' ἀσφάλειαν in safety, Th. 4.128; μετ' ἀσφαλείας Id. 1.120, Pl. Ti. 50b: pl., ἀσφάλειαι seasons of safety, Isoc. 8.21.

3. caution, σῴζονται ὑπ' ἀσφαλείας Alciphr. 1.10, cf. Heliod. (?)ap. Orib. 46.11.27 and 14.4: in Lit. Crit., circumspection, Demetr. Eloc. 287.

4. assurance, certainty, ἀ. πολλὴ μὴ ἂν ἐλθεῖν αὐτούς Th. 2.11; ἀ. ἐργάζεσθαι τὴν γῆν security for agriculture, X. Cyr. 7.4.5.

5. ἀ. λόγου convincing nature, certainty of an argument, Id. Mem. 4.6.15, cf. Luke 1:4.

6. as law-term, security, bond, Arr. Epict. 2.13.7; pledge, BGU 1149.24 (i B. C.): in pl., = Lat. cautiones, Just. Nov. 72.6.

7. Pythag. name for eight, Theol.Ar. 56.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

ἀσφάλεια, ἀσφαλείας, (ἀσφαλής) (from Aeschylus down);

a. firmness, stability: ἐν πάσῃ ἀσφάλεια most securely, Acts 5:23. tropically, certainty, undoubted truth: λόγων (see λόγος, I. 7), Luke 1:4 (τοῦ λόγου, the certainty of a proof, Xenophon, mem. 4, 6, 15).

b. security from enemies and dangers, safety: 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (opposed to κίνδυνος, Xenophon, mem. 3, 12, 7).

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ἀσφάλεια , -ας ,

(< ἀσφαλής ),

[in LXX for H982, etc.;]

1. firmness.

2. certainty: Luke 1:4.

3. security: Acts 5:23, 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

(In Papyri it is used as a law-term, proof, security; v. MM, s.v.; M, Th., l.c.)†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

P Amh II. 78.16 (A.D. 184) ἀσφάλιαν γ [ρ ]απτήν , ";written security,"; P Tebt II. 293.19 (c. A.D. 187) τὰς παρατεθείσας ὑπὸ αὐτο ( ) [ἀσ ]φα [λ ]είας , ";the proofs submitted by him"; (Edd.), P Flor I. 25.28 (ii/A.D.), κατ᾽ ἐ ]νγράπτους ἀσφαλίας . In the inscriptions the word is very common united with ἀσυλία , ἀτέλεια , etc., e.g. OGIS 81.16 (iii/B.C.) ἀσφάλε [ιαν καὶ ἀ ]συλίαν : cf. 270.11 (iii/B.C.), 352.60 (ii/B.C.). In ib. 669.10 (i/A.D.) we find τῶν θεῶν ·ταμιευσαμένων εἰς τοῦτον τὸν ἱερώτατον καιρὸν τὴν τῆς οἰκουμένης ἀσφάλειαν . As this illustrates the use of . found in 1 Thessalonians 5:3, so is that of Luke 1:4 paralleled by the papyrus instances cited above. The noun occurs innumerable times in the commercial sense, ";a security."; In P Tebt II. 407.10 (A.D. 199?) αἱ ὠναὶ καὶ ἀσφάλειαι is rendered ";the contracts and title-deeds."; For the phrase of Acts 5:23 cf. Syll 246.30, ὅπως μετὰ πάσης ἀσφαλε [ίας ] συντελεσθεῖ (sc. ἡ τῶν μυστηρίων τελετή ). For the idea of ";security"; against attack from outside cf. C. and B. 559.9 (ii. p. 650) ἐποίησαν τὴν τῶν θυρίδων ἀσφάλειαν καὶ τὸν λυπὸν πάντα κόσμον : the date is A.D. 60–80. Cf. P Fay 107.11 (A.D. 133) τοὺς φανέντας αἰτίους ἔχιν ἐν ἀσφαλείᾳ , ";to keep the persons found guilty in a safe place"; (Edd.). Personal ";safety"; comes in Syll 192.58 (B.C. 290–87) τὴν τοῦ ἑαυτοῦ σώματος ἀσφάλειαν . The word is MGr.



The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
ασφαλεια ασφαλεία ασφάλεια ἀσφαλείᾳ ἀσφάλεια ασφαλειαν ασφάλειαν ἀσφάλειαν ασφαλείας asphaleia aspháleia asphaleíāi asphaleian aspháleian
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