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Strong's #4731 - στερεός

from (G2476)
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  1. strong, firm, immovable, solid, hard, rigid
    1. in a bad sense, cruel, stiff, stubborn, hard
    2. in a good sense, firm, steadfast
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 117 ‑ אַדִּיר (ad‑deer');  394 ‑ אַכְזָרִי (ak‑zaw‑ree');  2388 ‑ חָזַק (khaw‑zak');  2496 ‑ חַלָּמִישׁ (khal‑law‑meesh');  4749 ‑ מִקְשָׁה (mik‑shaw');  6064 ‑ עָנַשׁ (aw‑nash');  6697 ‑ צֻר (tsoor, tsoor);  6862 ‑ צָר (tsar, tsawr);  
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KJV (4)
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 2
1 Peter 1
NAS (4)
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 2
1 Peter 1
HCS (4)
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 2
1 Peter 1
BSB (4)
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 2
1 Peter 1
ESV (4)
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 2
1 Peter 1
WEB (4)
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 2
1 Peter 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

στερεός, ά, όν, also στερρός (q.v.), firm, solid, ς. λίθος ἠὲ σίδηρος Od. 19.494; βοέαι Il. 17.493; αἰχμὴ ς. πᾶσα χρυσέη all of solid gold, Hdt. 1.52, cf. 183; ἕρμα ς. γῆς E. Hel. 854, cf. X. Cyn. 9.16; γῆ ς. καὶ ἀδιάλυτος Epicur. Nat. 14.2; τὰ -ώτερα τῶν ὀστέων, opp. τὰ ἀραιότερα, Hp. Fract. 33; τὸ ς ., opp. κενόν, Democr. ap. Arist. Ph. 188a22, Metaph. 985b7; opp. μαλθακός, Pl. Phdr. 239c; κυσὶ ς. καὶ ἰσχνοῖς, opp. προβάτοις πίοσι καὶ ἁπαλοῖς, Id. R. 422d; ἀθλητής D.L. 2.132; βραχίονες Theoc. 22.48; δέρματα Pl. Prt. 321a; νῆμα Id. Plt. 282e; ς. κέρας solid, opp. κοῖλον, Arist. HA 500a6; ς. κάλαμος Thphr. HP 4.11.10; στερεὰ τροφή solid food, D.S. 2.4, Ep.Hebrews 5:12, Arr. Epict. 2.16.39 ( Comp. ); τὸ ς. σῶμα, opp. ὁ χυλός, Gal. 15.463; ς. κοιλίη costive, Hp. Acut. ( Sp. ) 56 . Adv. -ρεῶς firmly, fast, κατέδησαν Od. 14.346; ἐντέτατο Il. 10.263; νῶτα . . ἑλκόμενα ς ., of wrestlers, 23.715 . of money, standard, of full value, ἀργυρίου στερεὰ τάλαντα SIG 826 D 20 (Delph., ii B.C. ); so perh. of sums due in kind, πυροῦ στερεοῦ PRein. 8.5 (ii B.C.), al.; and of linear and square measures, τῆς προσούσης αὐλῆς πηχῶν ς. ὀκτὼ τὸ ἐπιβάλλον αὐτῷ μέρος ἥμισυ πήχεις ς. τέσσερας eight (four) standard cubits, PStrassb. 87 (ii B.C.), cf. PLond. 3.1024.19 (ii B.C.); πόδες ς . standard feet, Milet. 7p.59 ( Didyma ); μέτρημα ς . Supp.Epigr. 4.446.11 (ibid, iii/ii B.C. ). ὠρύγη ποταμὸς ἐπὶ τὰ τρία ς . the ditch was restored by digging to its three normal dimensions, OGI 672 (Canopus, i A.D. ), cf. 673, where the Latin version has at tria soldu ( m ).

2. metaph., stiff, stubborn, στερεοῖς ἐπέεσσι, opp. μειλιχίοις, Il. 12.267; κραδίη -ωτέρη ἐστὶ λίθοιο Od. 23.103 . Adv. -ρεῶς, ἀποειπεῖν Il. 9.510, cf. 23.42 .

3. later, hard, stubborn, cruel, πῦρ Pi. O. 10(11).36; ὀδύναι Id. P. 4.221; ἀπειλαί A. Pr. 174 (anap.); ἁμαρτήματα S. Ant. 1262 (lyr.); ἦθος Pl. Plt. 309b; οὕτω ς. [τι] πρᾶγμα θερμόν ἐσθ' ὕδωρ Antiph. 245; ς. φωνή Tryph. 490; τοῦτο ἤδη -ώτερον harder, more difficult, Pl. R. 348e .

4. of language, τὸ εὔτονον καὶ ς . solidity, D.H. Din. 8; ποιήματα Phld. Po. 5.5, cf. 4 ( Sup. ).

5. ς. ζῴδια, i.e. productive of settled conditions, Serapio in Cat.Cod.Astr. 1.100.17, Ptol. Tetr. 32, PMag.Lond. 46.47.

II of bodies and quantities, solid, cubic, opp. ἐπίπεδος (plane), Pl. Phlb. 51c; ς. γωνία a solid angle, Id. Ti. 54e sq., cf. Euc. 11 Def. 11; ς. πῆχυς POxy. 669.7 (iii A.D.); ς. ἀριθμός a cubic number, Arist. Pol. 1316a8; τὰ ς . cubic numbers, representing bodies of three dimensions, Pl. Tht. 148b: dat. sg. στερεῷ in the third power, Theol.Ar. 4 . (Cf. Skt. sthirás 'firm, hard, solid', OHG. star 'rigid', O E. starian 'stare fixedly'.)

Thayer's Expanded Definition

στερεός, στερεά, στερεόν (Vanicek, p. 1131; Curtius, § 222), from Homer down, firm, solid, compact, hard, rigid: λίθος, Homer Odyssey 19, 494; strong, firm, immovable, θεμέλιος, 2 Timothy 2:19; τροφή, solid food, Hebrews 5:12, 14; στερεωτερα τροφή, Diodorus 2, 4; Epictetus diss. 2, 16, 39; tropically, in a bad sense, cruel, stiff, stubborn, hard; often so in Greek writings from Homer down: κραδιη στερεωτερη λιθοιο, Odyssey 23, 103; in a good sense, firm, steadfast: τῇ πίστει, as respects faith, firm of faith (cf. Winer's Grammar, § 31, 6 a.), 1 Peter 5:9 (see στερεόω, at the end).

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

στερεός , - , -όν ,

[in LXX: Numbers 8:4 (H4749); σ . πέτρα , Isaiah 5:28 (H6862), etc.;]

hard, firm, solid: τροψή , Hebrews 5:12; Hebrews 5:14; θεμέλιος , fig., 2 Timothy 2:19. Metaph.,

(a) in bad sense, hard, cruel (Hom., al.);

(b) in good sense, steadfast, firm: τ . πίστει , 1 Peter 5:9.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

One of Paul’s favourite compds. in συν –, found only in Philippians 3:17 συνμιμηταί μου γίνεσθε, i.e. ";vie with each other in imitating me,"; ";one and all of you imitate me,"; so Lightfoot ad l., comparing the verb συμμιμεῖσθαι in Plato Polit. p. 274 D.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
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List of Word Forms
στερεα στερεά στερεὰ στερεάν στερεας στερεάς στερεᾶς στερεοι στερεοί στερεοὶ στερεος στερεός στερεὸς στερεωτέρων sterea stereà stereas stereâs stereoi stereoì stereos stereòs
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