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Strong's #1011 - βουλεύω

from (G1012)
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  1. to deliberate with one's self, consider
  2. to take counsel, resolve
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 213 ‑ אוּץ (oots);  1245 ‑ בָּקַשׁ (baw‑kash');  1580 ‑ גָּמַל (gaw‑mal');  2161 ‑ זָמַם (zaw‑mam');  2656 ‑ חֵפֶץ (khay'‑fets);  2803 ‑ חָשַׁב (khaw‑shab');  3289 ‑ יָעַץ (yaw‑ats');  3559 ‑ כּוּן (koon);  4427 ‑ מָלַךְ (maw‑lak');  5066 ‑ נָגַשׁ (naw‑gash');  6246 ‑ עֲשַׁת (ash‑eeth');  
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Luke 1
John 1
Acts 3
2 Corinthians 5
NAS (7)
Luke 1
John 3
Acts 1
2 Corinthians 2
HCS (6)
Luke 1
John 2
Acts 1
2 Corinthians 2
BSB (6)
Luke 1
John 2
Acts 1
2 Corinthians 2
ESV (8)
Luke 1
John 1
Acts 3
2 Corinthians 3
WEB (9)
Luke 1
John 1
Acts 3
2 Corinthians 4
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Il. 2.379, etc., aor. ἐβούλευσα Od. 5.23, etc., βούλ- Il. 14.464: pf. βεβούλευκα S. OT 701: Med. and Pass., v. infr.: (βουλή):

I take counsel, deliberate, in past tenses, determine or resolve after deliberation:

1 abs., ὣς βουλεύσαντε Il. 1.531; βουλευέμεν ἠδὲ μάχεσθαι in council or in battle, Od. 14.491; β. ὅπως ὄχ' ἄριστα γένοιτο 9.420, cf. 11.229; δυσμενέεσσι φόνου πέρι β. 16.234; ἔς γε μίαν βουλεύσομεν (sc. βουλήν) we shall agree to one plan, Il. 2.379; θυμῷ β. Od. 12.58; β. περί τινος Hdt. 1.120, Th. 3.28, 5.116: in Prose, chiefly Med. in this sense, v. infr. B.

2. c. acc. rei, deliberate on, plan, devise, β. βουλάς Il. 24.652, al.; οὐ.. τοῦτον μὲν ἐβούλευσας νόον αὐτή; Od. 5.23; ὁδόν 1.444; φύξιν Il. 10.311, 398; κέρδεα Od. 23.217; ψεύδεα 14.296: c. dat. pers., τῷ γάρ ῥα θεοὶ βούλευσαν ὄλεθρον Il. 14.464, cf. Hdt. 9.110; θάνατόν τινι Pl. Lg. 872a; β. πῆμά τινι Od. 5.179, etc.; κέλευθον A. Pers. 758; ποινάς Id. Ag. 1223; νεώτερα β. περί τινος Hdt. 1.210: Pass. (with fut. Med., A. Th. 198), aor. ἐβουλεύθην Hdt. 7.157, Th. 1.120, Pl. R. 442b: pf. βεβούλευμαι (usu. in med. sense, v. infr. B): to be determined or planned, ψῆφος κατ' αὐτῶν βουλεύσεται A. l.c.; βεβούλευται τάδε Id. Pr. 998, cf. Hdt. 7.10. δ; τὰ βεβουλευμένα, = βουλεύματα, Id. 4.128; τὰ βουλευόμενα X. Cyr. 6.2.2; πῶς σφῷν βεβούλευται Pl. Euthd. 274a.

3. c. inf., take counsel, resolve to do, τὸν μὲν ἐγὼ βούλευσα.. οὐτάμεναι Od. 9.299, cf. Hdt. 1.73, 6.52, 61, etc.: Pass., τοῖσι ἐβεβούλευτο τὸ παιδίον προσουδίσαι Id. 5.92. γ.

II give counsel, τὰ λῷστα β. A. Pr. 206; β. δυνατός Pl. Lg. 694b: c. dat. pers., advise, ἵνα σφίσι βουλεύησθα Il. 9.99, cf. A. Eu. 697.


1. sit in council, of the Spartan γέροντες, Hdt. 6.57; to be a member of a βουλή, Arist. Pol. 1282a30; esp. of the Council of 500 at Athens, Antipho 6.45, And. 1.75, X. Mem. 1.1.18, Arist. Ath. 62.3; ἡ βουλὴ ἡ βουλεύουσα Lys. 13.19; βουλὴν β. to be a member of the β., ib.20; βουλεύειν λαχών Pl. Grg. 473e. Med., fut. -εύσομαι A. Ag. 846, Ch. 718, Th. 1.43, Pl. Smp. 174d: aor. ἐβουλευσάμην S. OT 537, etc.; βουλ- Il. 2.114; ἐβουλεύθην D.H. 15.7: pf. βεβούλευμαι Hdt. 3.134, S. El. 385, Th. 1.69, E. Supp. 248, Pl. Chrm. 176c (also in pass. sense, v. supr.): more freq. in Att. Prose than Revelation 1:1-20 abs., take counsel with oneself, deliberate, Hdt. 7.10. δ, Arist. EN 1112b11, 20; παραχρῆμα οὐδὲ -σάμενος D. 37.13; ἅμα τινί Hdt. 8.101; περὶ τοῦ μέλλοντος τῶν οἰκείων Th. 3.44, cf. Pl. Phdr. 231a; περί τι Id. R. 604c; ὑπέρ τινος ib. 428d; πρὸς τὴν γεγενημένην ξυμφοράν Th. 7.47: c. acc. cogn., β. βούλευμα And. 3.29; βουλήν Pl. Plt. 298b, etc.; ἴσον τι ἢ δίκαιον Th. 2.44: also like Act., take counsel, πρός τινας LXX 4 Ki. 6.8.

2. act as member of council, and so originate measures, β. καὶ κρίνειν Arist. Pol. 1281b31; τὸ βουλευόμενον ib. 1291a28.

3. c. acc. rei, determine with oneself, resolve on, κακὴν ἀπάτην βουλεύσατο Il. 2.114 (Med. here only in Hom.); ἀλλοῖόν τι περί τινος Hdt. 5.40, cf. Pl. Ap. 32c.

4. c. inf., resolve to do, Hdt. 3.134, Pl. Chrm. 176c.

5. rarely folld. by Relat., β. ὅ τι ποιήσεις ibid.; β. ὅπως.. with subj., X. Cyr. 1.4.13; β. πῶς τις, c. fut., Id. An. 3.4.40; πῶς καὶ τί πρακτέον εἴη Plb. 1.33.3; ἵνα.John 12:10.

Thayer's Expanded Definition


1. to deliberate, take counsel, resolve, give counsel (Isaiah 23:8; (from Homer down)).

2. to be a councillor or senator, discharge the office of a senator: Xenophon, mem. 1, 1, 18; Plato, Gorgias, p. 473{e}; (others). In the N. T. middle, (present βουλεύομαι; imperfect ἐβουλευομην; future βουλεύσομαι, Luke 14:31 L marginal reading T WH; 1 aorist ἐβουλευσαμην):

1. to deliberate with oneself consider: followed by εἰ, Luke 14:31, (Xenophon, mem. 3, 6, 8).

2. to take counsel, resolve: followed by an infinitive, Acts 5:33 (R G T Tr marginal reading); (Rec.); ; τί, 2 Corinthians 1:17; followed by ἵνα, John 11:53 L T Tr text WH; (cf. Winer's Grammar, § 38, 3). (Compare: παραβουλεύω (παραβούλομαι), συμβουλεύω.)

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


(< βουλή ),

[in LXX chiefly for H3289;]

to take counsel, deliberate, resolve. In mid.,

1. to take counsel with oneself, consider: seq. εἰ , Luke 14:31.

2. to determine with oneself, resolve: c. inf., Acts 5:33; Acts 27:39; c. acc, 2 Corinthians 1:17; seq. ἵνα , John 11:53; John 12:10 (cf. παρα -, συμ -).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For the verb in its general sense followed by an infinitive, as in Acts 5:33 א D, cf. P Tebt I. 58.28 (B.C. 111) βεβουλεύμεθα ἐκσπάσαι τὸ ἐπιδεδομένον ὑπόμνη (μα ), ";we have determined to abstract the memorandum"; (Edd.), P Fay 116.9 (A.D. 104) ἐπὶ βουλεύωμαι [εἰς π ]όλιν ἀπελθῖν χάριν [τον ] μικροῦ , ";as I am intending to go to the city on account of the little one"; (Edd.), P Leid Wxi. 44 (ii/iii A.D.) βουλευομένον (= ου ) δὲ τὸ τρίτον τρίτον (om.) κακγᾶσε (l. καγχᾶσαι ), ";volente vero tertium cachinnari"; (Ed.). The active (as in Isaiah 23:8) was perhaps obsolete : BGU IV. 1097.8 has been emended—see συμβουλεύω . The verb is absolute in the oldest dated Greek papyrus, P Eleph 1.5 (a marriage contract, B.C. 311–0) (= Selections, p. 2)—the couple are to live ὅπου ἂν δοκῆι ἄριστον εἶναι βουλευομένοις κοινῆι βουλῆι . It is used of a judge conferring with his assessors in Chrest. II. 372iv. 19 (ii/A.D.) Εὐδα [ ]μων βουλευσάμενος σὺν τοῖς παρο [ ]σι εἶπεν κτλ . Note for the subst. P Fay 20.2 (iii/iv A.D.) ὅθεν μοι παρέστη τὸ βούλευμα τοῦτο , ";wherefore I have formed this intention"; (Edd.).



The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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βεβούλευμαι βεβούλευνται βεβούλευται βουλεύεσθε βουλεύεται βουλευομαι βουλεύομαι βουλευόμενοι βουλευόμενος βουλευομένων βουλεύου βουλεύσασθε βουλευσεται βουλεύσεται βουλεύσησθε βουλευσώμεθα εβουλευοντο εβουλεύοντο ἐβουλεύοντο εβουλευσαντο εβουλεύσαντο ἐβουλεύσαντο εβουλεύσασθε εβουλεύσατο εβουλεύσω εἰ bouleuomai bouleúomai bouleusetai bouleúsetai ebouleuonto ebouleúonto ebouleusanto ebouleúsanto ei
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