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1. Son of Gershom and grandson of Moses or Manasseh, q.v. Though only a Levite he acted as priest in the house of Micah, who had a graven image, an ephod, and teraphim. He afterwards became priest to the tribe of Dan. He inquired of the Lord for them, and gave a reply as if God had answered him. Judges 17:7-13; Judges 18:1-30 . He was called 'a young man out of Beth-lehem-judah, of the family of Judah.' This may mean that he had merely resided there. Bethlehem was not a Levitical city. He had been sojourning where he could in those troublous times.

2. Son of Saul and friend of David. Jonathan was a valiant man, and a man of faith. He slew the garrison of the Philistines in Geba. 1 Samuel 13:2,3 . This caused the Philistines to gather together their armies; and Jonathan went secretly and alone with his armour-bearer, but in reliance on the Lord, up to their garrison, and the Philistines were smitten. But Jonathan, in pursuing them, tasted a little wild honey, not knowing that his father had pronounced a curse upon any that should taste food until evening. Desiring to follow up the victory, Saul inquired of God but received no reply, therefore lots were cast to discover why God would not answer — the lot fell on Jonathan and his father said he must die; but the army rescued him. 1 Samuel 14:1-46 .

On David's slaying Goliath, Jonathan made a covenant with him because he 'loved him as his own soul,' and gave to David his robe and his weapons. 1 Samuel 18:1-4 . He afterwards sheltered David from the malice of Saul, and gave proof of his love in that though he was heir to the throne, he agreed that David should be king, and he would be next to him. 1 Samuel 19:1-7; 1 Samuel 20:1-42; 1 Samuel 23:16-18 . Nevertheless Jonathan remained with his father, rather than with the one who was anointed by God to be His king, and with his father he perished. In this he was a type of the future remnant, who, having left the true David, will go through the tribulation. 1 Samuel 31:2 .

3. Son of Abiathar the high priest. 2 Samuel 15:27,36; 2 Samuel 17:17,20; 1 Kings 1:42,43 .

4. Son of Shimeah, David's brother. He killed the giant who had twelve fingers and twelve toes. 2 Samuel 21:21; 1 Chronicles 20:7 .

5,6. Two of David's mighty men. 2 Samuel 23:32 : 1 Chronicles 11:34 .

7. Son of Jada, a descendant of Judah. 1 Chronicles 2:32,33 .

8. Uncle of David: his counsellor and secretary 1 Chronicles 27:32 .

9. Ancestor of some who returned from exile. Ezra 8:6 .

10. Son of Asahel: he superintended the separation of the Jews from their strange wives. Ezra 10:15 .

11. Son of Joiada, a priest. Nehemiah 12:11 .

12. Priest 'of Melicu.' Nehemiah 12:14 .

13. Son of Shemaiah, a priest. Nehemiah 12:35 . Apparently called JEHONATHAN in Nehemiah 12:18 .

14. The scribe in whose house Jeremiah was imprisoned. Jeremiah 37:15,20; Jeremiah 38:26 .

15. Son of Kareah. Jeremiah 40:8 .

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