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Jeremiah 47

Peake's Commentary on the BiblePeake's Commentary

Verses 1-7

Jeremiah 47. Philistia.— Instead of Jeremiah 47:1, LXX has simply “ On the Philistines” , which is probably original. The “ waters rising from the north” ( Jeremiah 47:2) would suggest Babylon, not Egypt, as the foe; the editorial reference to Egypt in 1 might be suggested (wrongly) by Jeremiah 47:5. Pharaoh is supposed to have smitten Gaza (Cadytis, Herod. ii. 159) in 608. The devastating waters ( Isaiah 8:7 f.) of an overflowing wady flood the land ( Jeremiah 47:2); the terror of the enemy’ s approach breaks even the closest bonds of affection ( Jeremiah 47:3). The Philistines, being destroyed, will not be able to help the Phœ nicians ( Jeremiah 47:4). The cities of Philistia mourn ( Jeremiah 47:5), and the Philistines appeal to Yahweh’ s sword for mercy ( Jeremiah 47:6); the prophet answers them ( Jeremiah 47:7) with the question “ How can it be quiet?” (so read, with VSS, and note mg.) .

Jeremiah 47:4 . Tyre and Sidon: chief cities of Phœ nicia; the text is dubious, “ every helper that remaineth” being really “ every helping survivor” , an improbable phrase.— Caphtor: the original home of the Philistines, i.e. Crete (pp. 56f., Amos 9:7 *).

Jeremiah 47:5 . Baldness . . . cut thyself: see on Jeremiah 16:5 f. For “ their valley” , read “ of the Anakim” ( Joshua 11:22), with LXX, taking the phrase as a vocative, “ O remnant of the Anakim!”

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Peake, Arthur. "Commentary on Jeremiah 47". "Peake's Commentary on the Bible ". https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/pfc/jeremiah-47.html. 1919.
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