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Bible Commentaries

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT

Mark 5

Verses 1-6

TITLE: Run to Worship TEXT: Mar_5:1-6 PROPOSITION: Some things require haste. QUESTION: Which? KEY WORD: Activities READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. Doctor tells man he should get some exercise - Man: I want a black belt in Karate

2. Doctor: You need a pair of black suspenders.

3. Many of us are hurrying - to wrong places, to do wrong things

4. Here is a man - demons in him, not in right mind, naked, crazy -

5. BUT - He ran to worship Jesus.


· Mat_28:8 - Ran to bring the disciples word

· Joh_20:2 - (Mary) ran to Simon Peter and John


· Mar_5:6 - Saw Jesus, ran and worshipped him

Welcome prodigals home

· Luk_15:20 - While a great way off, saw, had compassion, ran, kissed him

See the empty tomb

· Luk_24:12 - Peter ran to the tomb, saw the linens

· Joh_20:4 - Both ran together to the tomb.

· No greater news than, “He is alive.”

Win the prize

· 1Co_9:24 - Run so you can win the prize

Gain confidence

· 1Co_9:26-27 - Run straight toward your goal

Do battle

· Rev_9:9 - Sound of horses running to battle

Allow WORD free course (room to run)

· 2Th_3:1 - Give the Word room to run and do its work

See Jesus

· Heb_12:1-2 - Run race looking to Jesus, finisher of our faith

Verses 7-9

TITLE: Son of God Most High TEXT: Mar_5:6-9 PROPOSITION: Even the demons believe in Jesus. QUESTION: Why? KEY WORD: Confessions READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. Confess = Say the same thing

2. God said - This is my Son. What do you say?

3. Even the demons in this wild man confess faith in Jesus.

Identifies you as a Christian

· 1Jn_2:23 - Confess Son = have the Father

· 1Jn_4:2 - Confess Jesus and you are of God

· 1Jn_4:3 - Not confess = not of God

An evidence of union with God

· 1Jn_4:15 - Confess Christ = dwell with God

Necessary to salvation

· Rom_10:9-10 - Confessions is UNTO salvation

Ensures his confessing us

· Mat_10:32-33 - Confess Christ = He confess us

The fear of man prevents

· Joh_7:13 - Not speak - fear of the Jews

· Joh_12:42-43 - Because of the Pharisees, praise of men or praise of God

Persecution should not prevent us from

· Mar_8:35 - Save your life = lose it

· 2Ti_2:12 - Suffer = reign with him, deny = deny us

Must be connected with faith

· Rom_10:9 - must believe in the heart, not just say words

Consequences of not

· Mat_10:33 - Deny Christ = We will be denied for eternity


1. Nathanael Joh_1:49 - Song of God, King of Israel

2. Peter Joh_6:68-69 - You have words of eternal life

3. Man born blind Joh_9:33 - If not of God, could do nothing

4. Martha Joh_11:27 - Christ, Son of God

5. Peter and John Act_4:12 - Salvation in no other name

6. Apostles Act_5:42 - Not cease to teach and preach Jesus Christ

7. Stephen Act_7:59 - Lord Jesus, receive my spirit

8. Paul Act_9:29 - Spoke boldly in the name of Lord Jesus

9. John Rev_1:9 - For the testimony of Jesus Christ

10. Church in Pergamos Rev_2:13 - Hold fast my name, not denied

11. Martyrs Rev_20:4 - Beheaded for the witness of Jesus

Verses 17-20

TITLE: Back to Business TEXT: Mar_5:18-20 PROPOSITION: After a traumatic event, it is impossible to get back to normal activity. QUESTION: Who? KEY WORD: Changed READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. The events of September 11, 2001 (terrorist attacks on NY and Pentagon) are still fresh

2. Mayor of NY, President said - Back to work, fly planes, buy things

3. All who meet Jesus are changed

4. Never return to same old, same old again

Man cured of demon possession - Mar_5:18-20

· Don't follow Jesus

· Go home and tell your friends and family

Shepherds Luk_2:8-9

· Normal night of watching sheep

· See the star, hear announcement of Jesus birth

· Visit the manger

· Luk_2:20 - returned - never the same

Jews at Pentecost - Jewish festival, good time, reunion

· Act_2:5 every nation under heaven

· Saw the commotion, heard the sermon, pricked in their heart

· 3,000 baptized - never the same again


· On road to Damascus - papers to arrest Christians

· Bright light, Jesus confronts him

· Never the same again


· Seller of purple from Thyatira

· On business trip in Philippi, at river, praying

· Paul teaches her - baptizes her

Jailer at Philippi

· Just going to work - night shift

· Hears Paul and Silas - singing and praying

· Earthquake - doors open - can not prevent all from escaping

·“Do yourself no harm” - all are present - none escaped

Peter hungry on a housetop waiting for lunch

· 1Pe_4:4 - not running to the same excess (as before)


1. Have you met Jesus?

2. IF you have met him, you will never be the same again.

Verses 25-34

TITLE : He Touched Me TEXT : Mar_5:25-34 PROPOSITION : Touching was a vital part of the ministry of Jesus and should be part of our ministry. QUESTION : How? KEY WORD : Methods READING : Same INTRODUCTION :

1. Touching is a lost (dying) art. Why?

2. Sexual harassment, fear of contact, misinterpret as sexual advancement

3. We are afraid get to personal and caring - vulnerable

4. America is losing touch. Drive thru (food, banks), Internet shopping

5. Have you touched others? Jesus?

I. Seek to touch some part of Jesus.

1. Mat_14:34-36 Touch the hem of his garment

2. Luk_6:19 Whole multitude sought to touch him

3. Mar_3:10 Pressed upon him to touch him

II. Take Him by the hand.

1. 2Ki_10:15 Gave him his hand.

2. Mar_9:27 Took him by the hand, lifted him up.

3. Act_3:7 Peter took him by the hand.

III. There are Different Kinds of Touch.

1. Cleansing touch. Mat_8:3 - Leper -Be thou clean.

2. Quieting touch. Mat_8:15 - Fever left her.

3. Instructing touch. Matthew 9:29 - 2 blind men - Eyes were opened.

4. Helping touch. Mar_7:33-35 - Deaf / Mute - Tongue was loosed.

5. Reassuring touch. Mat_17:7 - Transfiguration - Be not afraid.

6. Healing touch. Luk_22:51 Ear of servant.

IV. Today, we need Physical Touching.

1. Babies in an orphanage.

2. not caressed.

3. Withdrawn, paranoid, fearful.

4. Phone commercial "Reach out and touch someone."

5. Look for: Lonely, Hurting, Weak - AND TOUCH THEM.

Conclusion :

1. Have you touched Jesus?

2. Have you been touched by Jesus?

3. Faith = touching Jesus

4. Baptism = touching Jesus

He Touched Me Shackled by a heavy burden 'Neath a load of guilt and shame Then the hand of Jesus touched me And now I am no longer the same Oh since I met this blessed Savior And since he cleaned and made me whole Oh I never cease, never cease to praise Him I'll shout it while eternity rolls Chrous: Oh He touched me, oh He touched me And oh what a joy that floods my soul Something happened and now I know He touched me and made me whole.

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