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Mark 5

Verse 1


They arrived on the other side. After the storm. The territory of the Gerasenes. Also known as the territory of the Gadarenes. Gerasa was the village where Jesus landed after the storm. Gadara, an important city, was seven or eight miles to the south. The whole area took its name from these cities.

Verse 2


He was met by a man. The burial caves are still seen in the cliff near Gersa (the more recent name for Gerasa). For notes on demons, see Matthew 4:24.

Verse 3


Lived among the graves. The graves were caves in the rock, either natural or man-made. This man was living in them. Nobody could keep him tied. His strength was superhuman during a seizure.

Verse 10


And he kept begging Jesus. The demons expected to be sent back to the abyss, and they knew Jesus could send them there.

Verse 11


A large herd of pigs. At Gerasa the hillside slopes down to the lake. The religious law did not allow pigs to be kept, since they were “unclean.”

Verse 13


About two thousand pigs in all. Perhaps Jesus allowed this to happen to show the reality of the demons. This implies there were 2,000 evil spirits in this man.

Verse 17


So they began to ask Jesus to leave. Christ does not stay where he is not wanted. He did not visit the territory of the Gerasenes again.

Verse 20


And went all through the Ten Towns. The first one to preach Christ in that area, could testify to his power.

Verse 21


Jesus went back across. Back to Capernaum.

Verse 22


An official of the local synagogue. One of the “synagogue elders,” who convened the congregation, preserved order, and who invited the readers and speakers. See note on Matthew 9:18.

Verse 23


Very sick. Matthew, Mark, and Luke all give this. She was twelve years old; she was dying as he started to go to Jesus; she died while he was speaking (Mark 5:35).

Verse 24


There was a woman. See notes on Matthew 9:20-22. This miracle took place as they were going to the house of Jairus.

Verse 25


By many doctors. This woman had spent all her money trying to get well, but without success. Probably the “doctors” would depend on “magical charms” and “incantations” to try to produce a cure.

Verse 30


At once Jesus knew. Christ was aware of the woman and deliberately healed her as she touched him. What he says is to bring out the lesson. His question asks for her declaration of faith. This woman’s faith caused her to act, and Jesus healed her.

Verse 35


Your daughter has died. But Jesus had power over death!

Verse 37


Did not let anyone else. Only Peter, James and John go with him into the house. These are the same ones who saw Jesus transfigured. The mourners were outside. [Matthew does not mention this,].

Verse 38


Where Jesus saw the confusion. The professional musicians and mourners were screaming and crying (see Matthew 9:23).

Verse 41


Talitha, koum. He said this in the dialect of the people. He orders her to “get up.”

Verse 42


She got up at once. When Jesus healed, it was complete. She is awakened from death, and her illness is gone!

Verse 43


Not to tell anyone. Jesus had a work to do before the climax of the Cross. His fame must not spread too quickly. Things must be prepared. In addition to his own raising from death, Jesus rescued three from the grasp of death. Here, it is a girl who has just died. The widow’s son at Nain (Luke 7:11-15) had been dead at least twenty-four hours. Lazarus (John 11:0) had been dead more than four days. Note also: the girl was raised privately; the widow’s son, publicly; and Lazarus, in the presence of bitter enemies.

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