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Bible Commentaries

Gaebelein's Annotated Bible

Mark 5

Verses 1-43

Chapter 5

1. The Servant’s Power over Satan’s work. (Mark 5:1-20 . Matthew 8:28-34 ; Luke 8:26-39 .)

2. The Servant’s Power over disease and death. (Mark 5:21-43 .Matthew 9:18-26; Matthew 9:18-26 ; Luke 8:40-56 .)

1. The Servant’s Power over Satan’s work. Mark 5:1-20

The Storm on the Lake was the work of Satan, but here the power of the enemy is more prominent. The description of the demoniac differs from Matthew’s and Luke’s account. His condition is described in fullest detail. He dwelt in the place of the dead. No one could chain him; Satan’s dominion and power cannot be conquered by the effort of man. Then there is self-torture and delusion in thinking of Christ as a tormentor. The complete identification of the legion of demons with this poor victim is seen in Mark 5:9 . The power of the Lord delivers the man. This miserable world is still in the thraldom of Satan and his legion of demons. Demon possessions have not ceased. And the Lord Jesus Christ is still the same. The demons enter the swine by their own request and when granted the herd of swine rushed to destruction. This is an evidence of the character of the devil. He is the murderer from the beginning. But oh! the blessed change which had come for the demoniac. Delivered completely, in the attitude of rest, no longer rushing to and fro in torment, his nakedness covered and in his right mind. These are still the results of salvation. He would remain in constant fellowship with His deliverer. But the Servant demands service--and He announces directly what the Lord had done for Him. This is still the blessed privilege of all who have been delivered. They asked the Servant, with His loving Power to save to the uttermost, to leave their coast. “When the presence of God is felt, it is more terrible than that of Satan. Man would wish to free himself from the latter, but cannot; but the presence of God is insupportable when it makes itself felt, and indeed man has driven God (in the person of Christ) out of this world.” It shows once more the rejection of the Servant.

2. The Servant’s Power over disease and death. Mark 5:21-43

And now He manifests Power over disease and death. The daughter of Jairus was sick unto death. The willing Servant responds at once to the request of her father. While on the way the poor, suffering woman touches the hem of His garment. Mark 5:26 is found only in Mark. The Lord knows the touch of faith and healing power goes forth from Him. She is healed. The sick daughter had died, but the Lord raised her up. All has its blessed spiritual and dispensational lessons. Man is dead in trespasses and sins but One has power to give life and raise the dead. Faith is beautifully illustrated in the woman who touched Him. Jairus’ daughter represents Israel. The Lord will come again into this earthly scene and then will call the remnant of Israel to spiritual and national life. The woman, so hopeless, so helpless, suffering and getting worse, is typical of the Gentiles. The hand of faith can touch Him still. In Mark 5:43 we see once more how the Servant loved secrecy and despised ostentatiousness.

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Gaebelein, Arno Clemens. "Commentary on Mark 5". "Gaebelein's Annotated Bible". 1913-1922.