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Gann's Commentary on the Bible

Mark 7

Verse 1

Mark 7:1

Freedom from Jewish legalism

Verse 7

Mark 7:7

Tradition vs Commandment

Verse 17

Mark 7:17

disciples asked him -- they didn’t understand

Verse 18

Mark 7:18

Defilement is explained - Mark 7:18-23

cannot defile him ... Thus, no meats (food) eaten today are "unclean"

Verse 19

Mark 7:19

Perer and unclean foods - Acts 10:9-16

Verse 21

Mark 7:21

evil ... begins in the heart.; Galatians 5:19-21

Verse 24

Mark 7:24

Jesus, friend of strangers (Syrophenician woman) Mark 7:24-37

Foreshadows the Universal scope of the gospel.

could not be hid ... Christ in a pagan land.

Jesus’ fame crossed borders

1) Jesus Silent - Matthew 15:23

2) Jesus Refused - Matthew 15:24

3) Jesus Reproached her - Matthew 15:26; Mark 7:27

Verse 27

Mark 7:27

dogs ... little dogs, household pets, not scavengers - Matthew 15:24

Verse 29

Mark 7:29

go thy way ... another instance of Jesus healing at a distance, and faith on the part of the woman and not the daughter who was healed.

Verse 32

Mark 7:32

Many were brought to him, and Mark selects an example.

impediment ... not dumb, fut a stammer. The Greek word appears only here.

A picture of men bringing their friend to Christ. But they tried to tell Jesus His business, how to do it. "Our way"

There is a tie between deafness and dumbness. If our ears are open to the wWord, our tongue will be loosed in praise.

Verse 33

Mark 7:33

took him aside ... It was probably the circumstances of the people around that makes it necessary for the cure to be gradual and with visual signs.

Verse 34

Mark 7:34

Ephphatha ... one of the five Aramaic words Mark records.

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