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Verse 1

Mark 15:1

straightway ... One of Mark’s favorite words.

consultation ... "What can we accuse him off before Pilate?"

council ... the sanhedrin court

bound -- Tied him again.

Verse 2

Mark 15:2

Thou sayest it ... "You have said so." An ambigous or humble affirmative.

Verse 3

Mark 15:3

many things ... Not "king" in Pilate’s sense. Many times there are "word" problems, and semantic problems between the Jews and the Romans.

Verse 21

Mark 15:21

Simon a Cyrenian -- See sermon "Mar 15 Simon of Cyrene" in Sermons_Gann.topx in the e-Sword module on or here . Romans 16:13 Conjecture is that this is the son and wife of Simon of Cyrene who bore the cross for Christ.

1) Appantly Simon is named in the Gospel narratives because he was well known.

2) His sons are mentioned because they were well know in Rome.

3) Some where along the way Paul had stayed with this family (probaby at Antioch).

See the material on Sermons_Gann.topx.

Verse 39

Mark 15:39

centurion ... see ASV

gave up the ghost ... "saw how he died" NIV

Verse 40

Mark 15:40

What women stood by the cross?

Matthew 27:55-56 Mark 15:40 Luke 23:49 John 19:25

3) mother of 3) Salome no 1) Jesus’ mother

James and John names

2) Mary, mother of 2) Mary, mother 2) Mother’s sister

James & Joses James the less &


1) Mary Magdalene 1) Mary M. 3) Mary, wife of


4) Mary Magdalene

See NOTE on John 19:25

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Gann, Windell. "Commentary on Mark 15". Gann's Commentary on the Bible. 2021.