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Acts 25

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Verse 1

Acts 25:1

Sermon: Agrippa - Case of Non-Conversion (Acts 26:29)

Intro: Two principle men in the text - very different

Representative of pople in the world today

1) One man who was near the kingdom

2) One man who was far from the kingdom

Festus ... A politition - corruption under Nero.

a) the way he became acquainted with Paul - Acts 25:15-16

1) Requet of chief prints and scribes

2) If guilty, Paul said death sentance was right

For continuing outline see Acts 25:10

Verse 4

Acts 25:4

Festus ... surprised

Verse 6

Acts 25:6

Paul brought first time before Festus.

Verse 7

Acts 25:7

Jews ... Chief priests, scribes, and their attorney.

Verse 8

Acts 25:8

Verse 9

Acts 25:9

Wilt thou go ... Festus out to appease the Jews.

Verse 10

Acts 25:10

Caesar’s judgment seat ... i.e. here at Caesarea, or in Rome.

For previous outline see Acts 25:1

*2) b) Paul refused to go to Jerusalem

1) Paul knew of 40 men 2 yrs before had sworn and bound under an oath neither to eat nor drink till he was dead

For continuing outline see Acts 25:11

Verse 11

Acts 25:11

See Romans 13:4 note on "Capital Punishment"

For previous outline see Acts 25:10

appeal unto Caesar... 2) This was Paul’s right as a Roman citizen.

Such appeal was no light matter - 2000 miles to Rome.

One would remain in prison until it suited the Emperor to hear the case.

Acts 25:12 Festus considered it - ok

All that was lacking was a suitable vessel landing at Caesarea and bound for Rome.

For continuing outline see Acts 25:13

Verse 13

Acts 25:13

Previous outline see Acts 25:11

*3) While waiting for such a ship King Agrippa come to pay a formal complimentary visit.

He brings his beautiful sister Bernice with him.

a) There would be a great deal of ceremony, feasting, and entertainment

b) Conversation - Acts 25:14-19

Who was King Agrippa

1) Great grandson of Herod the Great - who mudered innocents in Bethlehem

2) Grand nephew of the Herod who imprisoned / beheaded John & mocked Jesus.

3) Son of Herod of Acts 12 who put James to death and tried to kill Peter.

And who had died a miserable death here in Caesarea.

Agrippa was 17 yrs when father died, now 30 yrs old

Usually lived in Rome at this time.

For continuing outline see Acts 25:18

Verse 18

Acts 25:18

Previous outline on Acts 25:13

c) Festus was surprised about the lack of proper accusation against Paul

Note the light this speech throws upon Festus.

1) His previous position in Rome

2) He was acquainted with Roman history, politics, wars, YET ...

a) Jesus Christ has been preached for 20 yrs. Churches were established all over Roman empire, yet this seems to be the first time Festus had heard of Jesus.

b) This poor wretched heathen knew so little of Judaism or Christianity to think it a matter of "demon worship" superstitution, Acts 25:19

How account for this ignorance?

1) Many men know much about politics, business, sports, but give no time or attention to religion, the Bible or Christ.

2) Others have just as much on their mind, yet find the time to also become proficient in their knowledge of truth.

3) Oh, how far Festus is from the kingdom! cf Mark 12:34

*5) The remarks of Paul fell on ears of a totally different person.

a) Who was Agrippa - see above in Acts 25:13

b) The surprise is that one of the bloody, persecuting family should now want to hear an apostle preach! Acts 25:22

c) If one had predicted this ten years before, he would have been called a false prophet, YET this reminds us of Acts 9:15;

d) "Tomorrow" Acts 25:22; So Festus had another day’s entertainment set up.

e) Acts 25:23 Great pomp and a great audience. Never such a gorgeous assembly heard the gospel!

For continuing outline see Acts 25:23

Verse 19

Acts 25:19

superstition ... "religions", literally "demon worship"


Thayer Definition:

1) in a good sense

1a) reverencing god or the gods, pious, religious

2) in a bad sense

2a) superstitious

3) religious

Verse 23

Acts 25:23

Previous outline Acts 25:18

*6) Paul sent for. Imagine how Paul must have felt !

a) What Agrippa might have expected to hear! (a plea for mercy, etc)

b) Not surprising that this sermon is considered Paul’s greatest.

c) Paul is led in, Festus’ introduction Acts 25:24

*7) Festus’ Introduction - Acts 25:24-27

a) Such was the predicament this poor ignorant man (Festus) was in.

He had a prisoner to send 2,000 miles and no charge to understand. Festus is saying, "I want your help;" to the chief captains and principle men of the city as counselors, and especially King Agrippa, because he was an expert in the Jewish faith, "help me to determine what to write!"

b) Festus sits down, and apparently King Agrippa assumes the role of moderator / examiner of the meeting.

For continuing outline see Acts 26:1

Bibliographical Information
Gann, Windell. "Commentary on Acts 25". Gann's Commentary on the Bible. https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/gbc/acts-25.html. 2021.
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