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1 Chronicles 22

Dr. Constable's Expository NotesConstable's Expository Notes

Verses 1-19

Preparations for temple construction ch. 22

This chapter is unique to Chronicles. It records David’s plans to assemble building materials and workers for the construction of the temple. He instructed Solomon carefully in what God had promised so his son would carry out the work as God wanted it done (1 Chronicles 22:5-13). This is the first of three speeches by David that the Chronicler recorded: 1 Chronicles 22:2-19; 1 Chronicles 28:1-21; and 1 Chronicles 29:1-9.

The writer provided another reason God did not permit David to build the temple himself. God wanted a man characterized by peace to build His house (1 Chronicles 22:8). David not only shed blood in obedience to God (1 Chronicles 14:10; 1 Chronicles 19:13), but he had also been guilty of excessive violence (cf. 2 Samuel 8:2; 2 Samuel 11:4; 2 Samuel 11:15). Solomon not only ruled in peaceful times, after David had subdued Israel’s enemies, but his name even relates to the Hebrew word for peace (shalom). "Shalom" does not just mean the absence of war, however. It includes the fullness of Yahweh’s blessing that Israel enjoyed because of David’s reign.

If God’s revelation to David (1 Chronicles 22:8) took place at the same time as the one mentioned in 2 Samuel 7:2, Solomon’s birth appears to have followed the giving of the Davidic Covenant (cf. 1 Chronicles 22:9). However, it seems probable that God gave the revelation in 1 Chronicles 22:8 to David before Solomon was born (1 Chronicles 22:9). He evidently repeated it after Solomon’s birth when He gave David the covenant (2 Samuel 7:2). Such a repetition is very probable in view of David’s great desire to build a house for the Lord. This was the passion of his life at the time he became king and from then on.

David also mentioned a qualification on God’s promise: obedience to God’s will (1 Chronicles 22:13). Solomon would only prosper as he submitted obediently to God’s authority. Solomon and all who followed him failed God. Consequently, the original readers of Chronicles anticipated a Son of David who would yet come and complete what Solomon and the other kings of Judah could not. These promises were still unfulfilled in the returned exiles’ day, as they are in ours.

"David is here to Solomon much like Moses was to Joshua. David could do all the preparations for the temple but could not build it, just as Moses could not lead Israel into Canaan." [Note: Thompson, p. 165.]

Verses 1-34

2. The second account of God’s promises to David chs. 22-27

In this group of chapters we have David’s preparations for the fulfillment of those aspects of the covenant that extended beyond his reign. We can see David’s belief that God would fulfill the rest of His promises in the ways he prepared for their fulfillment. He prepared in two ways: by gathering materials for the construction of the temple (ch. 22), and by appointing the officials who would guide Israel after his death (chs. 23-27).

David concerned himself with what God had promised. In this he was a godly example to the restoration Jews, and he is to us. He wanted to see God’s kingdom come, namely, the kingdom that God had promised (cf. Matthew 6:10). The focus of the promise was the house for God that Solomon would build. David did all he could to pave the way for its coming into reality (cf. Psalms 69:9; John 2:17). The postexilic remnant demonstrated little zeal to rebuild the temple or to reestablish God’s kingdom on earth (Haggai 1:2). The Book of Chronicles was one instrument God used to stir them up to action (cf. Haggai 2:20-23; and Zech.).

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