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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

1 Chronicles 7

Verses 1-40

Genealogies (continued)

This chapter traces the descendants of Issachar, Benjamin (Dan), Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, and Asher.

2. Of Tola] The numbers given in this v. are those of Tola’s descendants by his younger sons as contrasted with his descendants through his firstborn Uzzi: 1 Chronicles 7:3, 1 Chronicles 7:4.

11. By the heads of their fathers] RV ’according to the heads of their fathers’ houses’: and so elsewhere. They were divided into a number of patriarchal clans.

12. Sons of Aher] better, ’the sons of another,’ the other’ being Dan, from whom Hushim was descended: Genesis 46:23.

14. Whom she bare] The name of Asriel’s mother is lost. The Aramitess] i.e. a Syrian woman.

15. The second] i.e. the second son of Manasseh, Machir being the first.

21. Whom the men of Gath.. slew] The occurrence alluded to probably took place after Israel was settled in Canaan, the Ephraimites having descended from the hill-country to make a raid upon the Philistines in the maritime plain. In 1 Chronicles 7:22 Ephraim is a collective, not a personal, name.

23. Beriah.. evil] Heb. Beriah.. beraah. 27. Non.. Jehoshuah] i.e. Nun and Joshua.

28. Gaza] not the Philistine Gaza, which, though it is assigned to Judah in Joshua 15:47, can never have belonged to Ephraim.

40. The children of Asher] These close the historian’s enumeration, the descendants of Zebulun being entirely omitted.

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