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Bible Commentaries

The Church Pulpit Commentary

Psalms 113

Verse 1


‘Praise the name of the Lord.’

Psalms 113:1

I. As God has given Himself a name that is above every name, and has therein revealed His nature for all times and the whole world, so will He be invoked always and everywhere by His servants by this name, and bids His Church in all places of the earth be mindful of this part of its service to Him.

II. God’s infinite exaltation above all created beings does not separate Him from those in need of help, or remove Him to an unapproachable distance, or place Him in solitude and out of relation to them, but is united in an incomparable manner with a careful regard for the least as well as for the greatest.

III. This mindfulness of them is no mere observing or purposeless gazing, but actual condescension to the insignificant, despised, and afflicted, so that they may be raised from their misery, and that the Church may ever have renewed occasion to praise Him.


(1) ‘From this psalm to Psalms 118 is the Hallel which is recited at the three great feasts. In the family celebration of the Passover night, it is divided into two parts, the one half, Psalms 113, 114, being sung before the repast, and the other half, Psalms 115-118, after the repast; to which the words, “When they had sung a hymn” (St. Matthew 26:30) may refer.’

(2) ‘By mentioning the name of Jehovah the Psalmist would teach us to bless each of the attributes of the Most High, which are, as it were, the letters of His name; not quarrelling with His justice or His severity, nor servilely dreading His power, but accepting Him as we find Him revealed in the inspired Word, and by His own acts; and loving Him and praising Him as such. We must not give the Lord a new name, nor invent a new nature, for that would be the setting up of a false god.’

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