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Bible Commentaries

Scott's Explanatory Notes, Practical Observations on the book Psalms

Psalms 113

Verses 1-9

Psalms 113:1-9.

V. 1. We are informed by the Jewish writers, that this psalm and the five following, were sung at their feasts, especially after the celebration of the passover.

(Note, Matthew 26:30-35; Matthew 5:30.) ’ By this often ’ repetition, he stirreth up our cold dulness to praise God.’ (Marg. Ref.)

V. 2, 3. ’ If God’s glory shine through all the world, ’ and therefore of all ought to be praised ; what, great con’ demnation were it to his people, among whom chiefly it ’ shineth, if they should not earnestly extol his name ! ’ (Marg. Ref.) These verses may be considered as a prophecy of the final prevalence of true religion ; when all nations shall unite in the high praises of JEHOVAH, as God our Saviour. (Note,Psalms 72:17-19.)

V. 4- 6. Notes,Psalms 89:6-12. Psalms 97:8-9. Exodus 15:11. Is. 40: 18- 26; 57. 15, 16. Jeremiah 10:6-8. Micah 7:18-20.

V. 7, 8. The advancement of Joseph, of David, and others, from a low condition to the highest authority, seems alluded to ; as illustrating the providential dispensations of God, and the methods of his grace.

(Notes,Psalms 78:70-72. Psalms 105:17-22. 1 Samuel 2:4-8. Ezekiel 17:22-24. Luke 1:46-55. Revelation 5:8-10.)

V. 9. This verse may be thus rendered, perhaps more literally, " He maketh her who was barren in the family, " to sit as a joyful mother of sons." The instances of Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, the mother of Sampson, Hannah, the woman of Shunem, and Kli/ubeth, who were long barren, but were at length made joyful mothers, by the special blessing of God, are supposed to have been emblems of the calling of the Gentiles ; when that immense proportion of the earth, which had so long been barren, produced multitudes of true converts, the sons and daughters of the church, and of the Lord almighty who has espoused her unto himself. (Marg. Ref. Notes, Is. 54: 1- 5. Galatians 4:21-31.) The Psalm begins and ends with " Hallelujah."


The redeemed servants of the Lord may well sing his praises, when employed in his pleasant service, and enjoying the comfort of his presence and favour. His name shall be blessed from age to age, to the end of time and to eternity : and he will ere long be praised, " from the " rising of the sun to the going down of the same." His unequalled and infinite majesty becomes the more glorious by his unspeakable condescension. (Notes, Psalms 11:4-5. Psalms 138:6. 2 Corinthians 8:6-9. Philippians 2:5-11 .) He is not only high above all nations, but his glory is above the very heavens in which he dwells. He humbles himself in noticing the concerns, and in accepting the exalted adorations, of angels and archangels. How vast then must be his condescension, in attending to the interests, and in regarding ;he worship, of us mean, polluted sinners on earth ! How inconceivable his love in assuming our nature, and tabernacle among us, that he might ransom our guilty souls ! In his providence, the Lord sometimes raises men from ;he most abject to the most honourable stations in society; and it is well when they acquit themselves properly in ;heir new dignities. But this is his constant method in his ungdom of grace. He takes us beggars, debtors, ’nay, rebels and traitors, from the dust, the dunghill, or the dungeon, to be his favourites, and his children ; to be dngs and priests unto him : and thus he numbers us with the princes of his chosen people. He gives us all our comforts ; which are generally the more welcome, when hey have been long delayed, and were no longer expected. Nor should the hint be overlooked, that joyful mothers should cheerfully bear the confinement of tending on their beloved children. But while we bless the Lord, for favouring the Gentile world with the joy of his salvation ; et us pray, constantly and fervently, that those lands, which ire yet barren, may, by the genial influence of his gospel, Become fruitful, and produce numerous converts, who nay join with us in praising the Lord for ever : adding also our most strenuous endeavours, as we have ability and opportunity, to forward that happy event. (Notes,Psalms 67:6-7. Matthew 6:9-10.)

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