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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Psalms 150

Verse 1

The fifth of the last five Hallelujah Psalms, answering to the great thought of DEUTERONOMY. Compare Psalms 150:2 with Deuteronomy 3:24 , and Deuteronomy 32:43 .

Praise ye THE LORD. Hebrew Hallelu-JAH. App-4 .

GOD. Hebrew El. App-4 .

sanctuary. The earthly sanctuary and the heavenly: the lower being formed on the pattern of the higher. See Hebrews 8:5 ; Hebrews 9:23 ; and compare 1 Chronicles 28:13 , 1 Chronicles 28:19 .

firmament: Hebrew = expanse (Genesis 1:6 ).

Verse 2

for = in [the recital of] His mighty acts.

mighty acts. Some codices, with Aram, and Syriac, read "His might".

excellent = the abundance of His greatness or grandeur.

Verse 3

the. No Art. in Hebrew text.

Verse 4

timbrel = drum. See note on Exodus 15:20 .

organs = pipe, or reed (singular, never pl).

Verse 6

breath. Hebrew. neshamah (see App-16 ): i.e. in contrast with material instruments.

praise THE LORD. Hebrew. tehallel jah.

Praise ye THE LORD. Hebrew. Halelujah, thus fitly closing the Book of Psalms. Compare the endings of the other four books; and see notes on p. 720.

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