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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Isaiah 6

Verse 1

king Uzziah. Contrast this leprous king with the glorious king of Isaiah 6:5 .

died. In a separate house. This completes the contrast.

I saw. Hebrew ra'ah = to see clearly. As in Isaiah 6:6 .

Verse 2

it: i.e. the throne. seraphims = burning ones. No Art. Celestial beings, named but unexplained. Name used of the serpents (Numbers 21:6 ) because of the burning effect produced by them, just as nachash was used of a snake because of its shining skin (Numbers 21:9 ), as well as of the shining one of Genesis 3:1 . See notes on Genesis 3:1 .Numbers 21:6 , Numbers 21:9 , and App-19 . Septuagint reads "and seraphs stood round about Him".

Verse 3

Holy, holy, holy. Figure of speech Epizeuxis for intense and solemn emphasis. Compare the threefold blessing of Numbers 6:24-26 and Revelation 4:8 , a threefold unity.

Verse 5

Woe. Figure of speech Ecphonesis. App-6 .

undone = dumb, or lost. The essence of true conviction is a concern for what I am, not for what I have done or not done.

seen. Compare Job 42:5 .

King. Contrast "king Uzziah", Isaiah 6:1 .

Verse 6

flew. Compare "ran" (Luke 15:20 ).

the tongs. Reference to Pent, (Exodus 25:38 ; Exodus 25:37 . Exodus 25:23 ("snuffers"). Numbers 4:9 ). App-92 .

Verse 7

iniquity. Hebrew. 'avah, App-44 .

purged = covered. Hebrew. kaphar = to cover, and thus, here, atone. See note on Exodus 29:33 . Not the same word as in Isaiah 1:25 ; Isaiah 4:4 .

Verse 8

voice. See the Structure (p. 980). This is the voice from the Temple concerning the "scattering", corresponding with Isaiah 40:3 , Isaiah 40:6 , which is the voice from the wilderness concerning the "gathering".

Whom shall I send? This was not Isaiah's original commission to prophesy, but his special commission for this great dispensational prophecy. Chs. 1-5 form a general introduction to the whole book (see p. 930).

Us. Reference to Pentateuch (Genesis 1:26 ; Genesis 3:22 ; Genesis 11:7 ). App-92 .

said I. In edition 1611 this was "I said".

Verse 9

Hear ye indeed. Hebrew "a hearing, hear ye". Figure of speech Polyptoton ( App-6 ) for emphasis. See note on Genesis 26:28 .

see ye indeed. Hebrew "a seeing see ye". Figure of speech Polyptoton, as above.

Verse 10

Make, &c. = Declare or foretell that the heart of this People will be fat. Isaiah could do no more. A common Hebrew idiom. This prophecy is of the deepest import in Israel's history. Written down seven times (Matthew 13:14 .Mark 4:12 .Luke 8:10 . John 12:40 . Acts 28:26 , Acts 28:27 . Romans 11:8 ). Solemnly quoted in three great dispensational crises: (1) By Christ (Matthew 13:14 ), as coming from Jehovah on the day a council was held "to destroy Him". (2) By Christ, as coming from Messiah in His glory (John 12:40 , John 12:41 ) after counsel taken to "put Him to death" (John 11:53 , and Compare Isa 12:37 ). (3) By Paul, as coming from the Holy Ghost when, after a whole day's conference, they "believed not" (Acts 28:25-27 ).

convert = turn or return

Verse 11

how long? See the answer (Romans 11:25 ).

wasted = desolate.

without = for want of. man. Hebrew. adam. App-14 .

land = ground, or soil. Hebrew. adamah

desolate. See note on Isaiah 1:7 .

Verse 12

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4 .

forsaking. See note on Isaiah 1:4 .

Verse 13

But yet in it shall be a tenth, &c. = Still, there is in it (the land) a tenth part; and it (the tenth part) shall again be swept away; yet, as with terebinth and oak, whose life remains in them when felled, the holy seed will be the life thereof. This is no "interpolation"; it is necessary to complete the Structure.

shall be. Supply [there is].

teil tree = terebinth.

substance = root-stock.

is in them: or will be in them. A special rending called Sevir ( App-34 ) reads "in it": i.e. in the land.

cast their leaves = are felled. The Ellipsis, here, is wrongly supplied.

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