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Strong's #8160 - שָׁעָה

from a root corresponding to (H8159)
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1) brief time, moment

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 5610 ‑ ὥρα (ho'‑rah);  
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Daniel 5
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Daniel 5
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Daniel 5
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Daniel 5
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Daniel 5
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Daniel 5
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1476) os (סהאה ShAh) AC: Watch CO: Shepherd AB: Delight: The pictograph s is a picture of the teeth used for devouring or destruction, the o is a picture of the eye. Combined these mean "destroyer watches". The shepherd carefully watches over the flock and the surrounding area always on the lookout for danger. When a predator comes to attack, the shepherd destroys the enemy.

A) os (סהאה ShAh) AC: Watch CO: ? AB: Delight: The shepherd watches over and cares for and delights in his sheep.

Nf1) eos (סהאהה ShAhH) - Hour: The watching of the arch of the sun to determine the hour of the day. [Aramaic only] KJV (5): hour - Strongs: H8160 (שָׁעָה)

im/f) ost (תסהאה TShAh) - Nine: [Unknown connection to rootAlso meaning ninety when written in the plural form - miost] KJV (78): nine, ninth, ninety - Strongs: H8672 (תִּשְׁעָה), H8673 (תִּשְׁעִים)

ldm ) ofsos (סהאהסהואה ShAhShWAh) - Delight: KJV (9): delight, pleasant - Strongs: H8191 (שַׁעֲשֻׁעִים)

bfm) ioist (תסהיאהי TShYAhY) - Ninth: [Unknown connection to root;] KJV (18): ninth - Strongs: H8671 (תְּשִׁיעִי)

hff) iosm (מסהאהי MShAhY) - Cleanse: As a preparation for inspection. KJV (1): supple - Strongs: H4935 (מִשְׁעִי)

B) oos (סהאהאה ShAhAh) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Delight: The shepherd takes delight in his sheep.

V) oos (סהאהאה ShAhAh) - Delight: KJV (9): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Pilpel) delight, cry, play, dandle, shut - Strongs: H8173 (שָׁעַע)

H) eos (סהאהה ShAhH) AC: Watch CO: ? AB: ?: The shepherd inspects and watches over the flock with compassion and protection.

V) eos (סהאהה ShAhH) - Watch: Also to look upon with respect. KJV (15): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hitpael) look, respect, dismay, turn, regard, spare, dim, depart - Strongs: H8159 (שָׁעָה)

J) ofs (סהואה ShWAh) AC: Cry CO: ? AB: Trouble: When the sheep are in trouble they will cry out and the shepherd will deliver them.

V) ofs (סהואה ShWAh) - Cry: To shout or cry out from a burden. KJV (21): (vf: Piel) cry, aloud, shout - Strongs: H7768 (שָׁוַע)

Nm) ofs (סהואה ShWAh) - I. Cry: II. Rich:In the sense of a carefully watching ones possessions. KJV (6): cry, riches - Strongs: H7769 (שׁוּעַ), H7771 (שׁוֹעַ), H7773 (שֶׁוַע)

Nf1) eofs (סהואהה ShWAhH) - Cry: KJV (11): cry - Strongs: H7775 (שַׁוְעָה)

L) osi (יסהאה YShAh) AC: Rescue CO: ? AB: ?: When one of the flock is in trouble, the shepherd rescues it.

V) osi (יסהאה YShAh) - Rescue: KJV (205): (vf: Niphal, Hiphil) save, saviour, deliver, help, preserved, salvation, avenge, defend, rescue, safe, victory - Strongs: H3467 (יָשַׁע)

Nm) osi (יסהאה YShAh) - Rescue: A deliverance or freedom from a trouble. KJV (36): salvation, safety, saving - Strongs: H3468 (יֶשַׁע)

af1) eosfm (מוסהאהה MWShAhH) - Rescue: A deliverance or freedom from a trouble. KJV (1): salvation - Strongs: H4190 (מוֹשָׁעָה)

df1) eofsi (יסהואהה YShWAhH) - Rescue: A deliverance or freedom from a trouble. KJV (78): salvation, help, deliverance, health, save, saving, welfare - Strongs: H3444 (יְשׁוּעָה)

if1) eosft (תוסהאהה TWShAhH) - Rescue: A deliverance or freedom from a trouble. [df: hest hewst] KJV (34): salvation, deliverance, help, safety, victory - Strongs: H8668 (תְּשֻׁעָה)

Adopted Roots:

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Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 II. [שַׁ֫עַר] noun [masculine] measure (properly reckoning); — plural מֵאָה שְׁעָרִים Genesis 26:12 (J) 100 measures, i.e. 100 for one = 100-fold.

III. שׁער (√of following).

שָׁעָה noun feminine brief time, moment (ᵑ7 id., שָֽׁעֲתָא, Late Hebrew שָׁעָה time, hour; Syriac moment, then hour Brock369, but Christian-Palestinian Aramaic moment, hour Schw Idioticon 97 Schulth Lex.211; perhaps = Assyrian šattu, duration; Tel Amarna91,77 še-ti, time, hour (as Canaanism) Wkl KAT 3. 335; Arabic , portion of time, Ethiopic time, hour, time (Buhl calls Arabic Ethiopic loan-words, but see Wkl l.c); √ unknown: possibly Assyrian loan-word (see Wkl l.c); Dl Proverbs 39f. conjecture* שׁיע = שָׁעָה look, hence moment = 'Augenblick,' but verb ׳שׁ rather of steadygaze); — moment: usually emphatic בַּהּשַֿׁעֲתָא (read possibly ׳שָֽׁ as ᵑ7 Syriac, M86* f. Buhl14 compare variant reading in Str) in the same moment, forthwith Daniel 3:6,15; Daniel 4:30; Daniel 5:5; absolute שָׁעָה חֲדָה Daniel 4:16 for a moment.

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Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

שָׁעָה to look (kindred to שָׂכָה No. 1, which see); hence, absol. to look around (for help), 2 Samuel 22:42. Specially

(a) followed by אֶל to regard any one (his prayers [offerings, rather]), Genesis 4:4,.

(b) to look to any one for aid, followed by אֶל Isaiah 17:8 עַל Isaiah 17:7, 31:1 בְּ Exodus 5:9.

(c) followed by מִן and מֵעַל to look away from, to turn the eyes from anything, to let it alone, Job 7:19, 14:6 Isaiah 22:4.

Hiphil, i.q. Kal, letter c, followed by מִן Psa. 39:14, הָשַׁע מִמֶּנִּי “turn thy eyes from me.” The form הָשַׁע is imp. apoc. for הַשְׁעֵה, whence הַשַׁע, and, by lengthening the former syllable (like יִרֶב, יֵרֶב; יִכְהֶה, יֵכַהּ), הָשַׁע. There is therefore no need to refer this form to a root עע֞, or that the vowels should be changed. Another הָשַׁע see under שָׁעַע Hiphil.

Hithpael הִשְׁתָּעָה

(1) to look around (for help), Isaiah 41:10.

(2) i.q. הִתְרָאָה letter b, to look upon one another (sc. in fighting, or rather in disputing), Isaiah 41:23.-Derivative, Ch. שָׁעָה.


שָׁעָה i.q. Syr. ܫܥܳܐ, Heb. שָׁעַע to be smeared together, to be smeared over (as the eye), Isaiah 32:3.

שָׁעָה emphat. שַׁעֲתָא, שַׁעְתָּא Ch. f. a moment of time, pr. the twinkling of an eye, Augenblick (Arabic سَاعَةُ a moment; also, an hour, compare Dutch Stondt, which signifies both). בַּהּ שַׁעְתָּא at the same moment, i.e. immediately, Daniel 3:6, 15 4:30 5:5 but 4:16, כְּשָׁעָה חֲדָא “for a short time.”

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List of Word Forms
כְּשָׁעָ֣ה כשעה שַׁעֲתָ֗א שַׁעֲתָ֗ה שַׁעֲתָ֣א שַׁעֲתָ֣ה שעתא שעתה kə·šā·‘āh kəšā‘āh keshaAh ša‘ăṯā ša‘ăṯāh ša·‘ă·ṯā ša·‘ă·ṯāh shaaTa shaaTah