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Strong's #7244 - רְבִיעָי

corresponding to (H7243)
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1) fourth

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Daniel 6
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Daniel 6
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Daniel 6
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Daniel 6
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Daniel 6
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Daniel 6
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2744) obr (רבאה RBAh) AC: ? CO: Square AB: ?: The four sides of a square. [from: br- spread out]

V) obr (רבאה RBAh) - Square: To go down on the hands and knees in the sense of being on all fours. KJV (15): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Pual, Participle) square, foursquare, lay down, gender - Strongs: H7250 (רָבַע), H7251 (רָבַע)

Nm) obr (רבאה RBAh) - I. Squared:On the hands and knees in the sense of being on all fours. II. Quarter:As one side of a four sided square or a fourth. KJV (8): lying down, side fourth, square - Strongs: H7252 (רֶבַע), H7253 (רֶבַע)

e m) obir (ריבאה RYBAh) - Fourth: KJV (4): fourth - Strongs: H7256 (רִבֵּעַ)

gm) obfr (רובאה RWBAh) - Fourth: KJV (2): fourth - Strongs: H7255 (רֹבַע)

nm) obra (ארבאה ARBAh) - Four: [Hebrew and Aramaic; Also meaning forty when written in the plural form - miobra] KJV (144): four, fourth, forty, fortieth - Strongs: H702 (אַרְבָּעָה), H703 (אַרְבַּע), H705 (אַרְבָּעִים)

nf1 ) eobra (ארבאהה ARBAhH) - Four: KJV (316): four - Strongs: H702 (אַרְבָּעָה)

bfm) ioibr (רביאהי RBYAhY) - Fourth: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (62): fourth, foursquare - Strongs: H7243 (רְבִעִי), H7244 (רְבִיעָי)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2023
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [רְבִיעִי] adjective ordinal number fourth; — feminine absolute רביעיא Kt, רְבִיעָאָה Qr (K§ 66,1) Daniel 2:40; Daniel 3:25; Daniel 7:7,23; emphatic רְבִיעָֽיְתָא Daniel 7:19; Daniel 7:23.

רַבְרְבִין etc. see רַב above רַבְרְבָן see רבב.

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List of Word Forms
רְֽבִיעָאָ֔ה רְֽבִיעָאָ֡ה רְבִ֣יעָאָ֔ה רְבִיעָ֣יְתָ֔א רְבִיעָאָה֙ רביעאה רביעיתא rə·ḇî·‘ā·’āh rə·ḇî·‘ā·yə·ṯā rəḇî‘ā’āh rəḇî‘āyəṯā reViaAh reviAyeTa