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Strong's #4066 - מָדוֹן

from (H1777)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
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1) strife, contention

1a) strife, contention

1b) object of contention

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 485 ‑ ἀντιλογία (an‑tee‑log‑ee'‑ah);  1343 ‑ δικαιοσύνη (dik‑ah‑yos‑oo'‑nay);  2556 ‑ κακός (kak‑os');  3060 ‑ λοίδορος (loy'‑dor‑os);  3163 ‑ μάχη (makh'‑ay);  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (11)
Psalms 1
Proverbs 8
Jeremiah 1
Habakkuk 1
NAS (21)
Psalms 2
Proverbs 17
Jeremiah 1
Habakkuk 1
HCS (10)
Psalms 1
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 1
Habakkuk 1
BSB (17)
Psalms 1
Proverbs 14
Jeremiah 1
Habakkuk 1
ESV (10)
Psalms 1
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 1
Habakkuk 1
WEB (10)
Psalms 1
Proverbs 7
Jeremiah 1
Habakkuk 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1083) nd (דנ DN) AC: Rule CO: Ruler AB: Quarrel: The pictograph d is a picture of a door. The n is a picture of a seed representing the idea of life. Combined these pictures mean "the door of life". The ancient Hebrew concept of a "judge" is one who restores life. The goal of one that rules or judges is to bring a pleasant and righteous life to the people. This can also mean a deliverer as one whom restores life to his people. (eng: damn - with an added m; dean - as a judge)

A) nd (דנ DN) AC: Quarrel CO: ? AB: ?: A quarrel requiring the need of a ruler or judge to mediate the incident.

km) ndm (מדנ MDN) - Quarrel: KJV (3): discord, strife - Strongs: H4090 (מְדָן)

acm) nfdm (מדונ MDWN) - Quarrel: KJV (18): strife, contention, discord - Strongs: H4066 (מָדוֹן)

hbm) nidm (מדינ MDYN) - Quarrel: KJV (9): contention, brawling - Strongs: H4079 (מִדְיָן)

C) nda (אדנ ADN) AC: ? CO: Base AB: Lord: The foundation of a column or pillar as the support of the structure.

Nm) nda (אדנ ADN) - Base: KJV (56): socket, foundation - Strongs: H134 (אֶדֶן)

cm) nfda (אדונ ADWN) - Lord: The ruler as the foundation to the community. KJV (335): lord, owner, master, sir - Strongs: H113 (אָדֹן)

cfm) infda (אדוני ADWNY) - Lord: The ruler as the foundation to the community. KJV (434): lord, god - Strongs: H136 (אֲדֹנָי)

M) nid (דינ DYN) AC: Judge CO: ? AB: Judge

V) nid (דינ DYN) - Judge: [Hebrew and Aramaic] [df: Nwd] KJV (26): (vf: Paal, Niphal) judge, plead the cause, contend, execute, strife - Strongs: H1777 (דּוּן), H1778 (דִּין)

Nm ) nid (דינ DYN) - I. Judge:[df: Nwd]II. Judgment:[Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (28): judge, judgment, cause, plea, strife, tread, out - Strongs: H1779 (דּוּן), H1780 (דִּין), H1781 (דַּיָּן), H1782 (דַּיָּן)

kf1) enidm (מדינה MDYNH) - Province: The jurisdiction of responsibility of a judge or lord. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (55): province - Strongs: H4082 (מְדִינָה), H4083 (מְדִינָה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 I. מָדוֺן noun masculine Proverbs 22:10 strife, contentionPsalm 80:7 9t.; plural מִדְיָנִים Proverbs 18:18, מִדְ֯וָנִים Proverbs 18:19 7t.; contracted into מְדָנִים Proverbs 6:19; Proverbs 10:12, מִדְ֯נִים Proverbs 6:14; construct מִדְיְנֵי Proverbs 19:13.

1 strife, contention, almost wholly Proverbs: — Proverbs 18:19; Proverbs 23:29; Proverbs 26:20; also Proverbs 17:14 ("" רִיב), Proverbs 22:10 ("" דִּין וְקָלוֺן); יִשָּׂא׳מ Habakkuk 1:3 contention ariseth ("" ריב); ׳שׁלּח מ let loose strife Proverbs 6:14; Proverbs 16:28; ׳יְגָרֶה מ he stirreth up strife Proverbs 15:18; Proverbs 28:25; Proverbs 29:22; note especially אִישׁ מִדְוָ֯נִים Proverbs 26:21 = a contentious, quarrelsome man; oftener ׳אֵשֶׁת מ = a contentious woman Proverbs 21:9; Proverbs 25:24; Proverbs 27:15, compare וָכָ֑עַם׳אשׁת מ Proverbs 21:19.

2 object of contention Psalm 80:7, compare אִישׁ מָדוֺן Jeremiah 15:10 ("" אִישׁ רִיב). — On מָדוֺן 2 Samuel 21:20 Qr, see I. מִדָּה below מדד.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
List of Word Forms
וּ֝מִדְיָנִ֗ים וּמָד֖וֹן ומדון ומדינים מִ֝דְיָנִ֗ים מִדְיָנִ֣ים מִדְיָנִ֥ים מִדְיָנִ֨ים מָ֭דוֹן מָד֑וֹן מָד֖וֹן מָדֽוֹן׃ מדון מדון׃ מדינים mā·ḏō·wn Madon māḏōwn miḏ·yā·nîm midyaNim miḏyānîm ū·mā·ḏō·wn ū·miḏ·yā·nîm umaDon ūmāḏōwn umidyaNim ūmiḏyānîm
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