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Strong's #3188 - יַחַשׂ

from (H3187)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine

1) genealogy

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2 Chronicles
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Verse Results
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1176) xh (ההס HhS) AC: Support CO: Refuge AB: ?: A place of support and trust. (eng: house - as the place of refuge)

A) xh (ההס HhS) AC: ? CO: Refuge AB: ?

Nf3 ) tfxh (ההסות HhSWT) - Refuge: KJV (1): trust - Strongs: H2622 (חָסוּת)

H) exh (ההסה HhSH) AC: ? CO: Refuge AB: ?

V) exh (ההסה HhSH) - Refuge: To take refuge or place ones trust in one or thing of support. KJV (37): (vf: Paal) trust, refuge, hope - Strongs: H2620 (חָסָה)

am) exhm (מההסה MHhSH) - Refuge: Refuge, shelter, hope, trust. KJV (20): refuge, shelter, hope, trust - Strongs: H4268 (מַחֲסֶה)

J) xfh (ההוס HhWS) AC: ? CO: Spare AB: ?: One who has been given refuge.

V) xfh (ההוס HhWS) - Spare: To give refuge to another. KJV (24): (vf: Paal) spare, pity, regard - Strongs: H2347 (חוּס)

L) xhi (יההס YHhS) AC: ? CO: Lineage AB: ?: One is supported by his family line.

V) xhi (יההס YHhS) - Lineage: Ones history within the family. [df: Vxy] KJV (20): (vf: Hitpael) genealogy - Strongs: H3187 (יָחַשׂ)

Nm ) xhi (יההס YHhS) - Lineage: Ones history within the family. [df: Vxy] KJV (1): genealogy - Strongs: H3188 (יַחַשׂ)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2022
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

יַחַשׂ m. a word of the silver age, a race, a family. Found once Nehemiah 7:5, סֵפֶד הַיּחַשׂ pedigree, genealogy (Chald. יַחַס is used in the Targums for Heb. מִשְׁפָּחָה and תּוֹלְדוֹת. Simonis also compares خُجَاسُ nature, origin; but this word properly signifies brass, i.q. נְחשֶׁת and the phrase كريم الناحاس of a liberal and generous disposition, is figurative, and properly signifies of fine brass). Hence there is formed a denom. verb in

Hithpael הִתְיַחֵשׂ to cause one’s name to be recorded in genealogical tables, ἀπογράφεσθαι, to be enrolled, 1 Chronicles 5:1, 1 Chronicles 5:7, 17 1 Chronicles 5:17, 9:1 Nehemiah 7:5. Inf. הִתְיַחֵשׂ is often used as a noun, and signifies register, table of genealogy, 1 Chronicles 7:5, 1 Chronicles 7:7, 1 Chronicles 7:9, 40 1 Chronicles 7:40; 2 Chronicles 31:16, 17 2 Chronicles 31:17; 2 Chronicles 12:15, “the acts of Rehoboam-are recorded in the commentaries of Shemaiah-לְהִתְיַתֵשׂ so that the particulars are related in the manner of a genealogical table.”

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List of Word Forms
הִתְיַחֵ֤שׂ הַיַּ֙חַשׂ֙ היחש התיחש וּלְהִתְיַחֵ֗שׂ ולהתיחש haiYachas hay·ya·ḥaś hayyaḥaś hiṯ·ya·ḥêś hityaChes hiṯyaḥêś ū·lə·hiṯ·ya·ḥêś ulehityaChes ūləhiṯyaḥêś
Old Testament Hebrew Lexical Dictionary developed by Jeff Garrison for Copyright 1999-2022. All Rights Reserved, Jeff Garrison, Gdansk, Poland.
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