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Strong's #08314 - שָׂרָף

from (H8313)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
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1) serpent, fiery serpent

1a) poisonous serpent (fiery from burning effect of poison)

2) seraph, seraphim

2a) majestic beings with 6 wings, human hands or voices in attendance upon God

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 785 ‑ ἀσπίς (as‑pece');  3789 ‑ ὄφις (of'‑is);  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (9)
Numbers 2
Deuteronomy 1
Isaiah 6
HCS (0)
HCS (6)
Numbers 1
Deuteronomy 1
Isaiah 4
BSB (7)
Numbers 2
Deuteronomy 1
Isaiah 4
ESV (8)
Numbers 2
Deuteronomy 1
Isaiah 5
WEB (9)
Numbers 2
Deuteronomy 1
Isaiah 6
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2512) prx (סרפ SRP) AC: Burn CO: Venom AB: ?: [from: pr- a burning wound]

V) prx (סרפ SRP) - Burn: [df: PrV] KJV (118): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Pual, Piel, Participle) burn, kindle, made - Strongs: H5635 (סָרַף), H8313 (שָׂרַף)

Nm ) prx (סרפ SRP) - Seraph: A venomous serpent from its burning venom. [df: PrV] KJV (7): fiery, serpent, seraphim - Strongs: H8314 (שָׂרָף)

Nf1 ) eprx (סרפה SRPH) - Burning: [df: hprV] KJV (13): burn, burning - Strongs: H8316 (שְׂרֵפָה)

hf1 ) eprxm (מסרפה MSRPH) - Burning: [df: hprVm] KJV (2): burning - Strongs: H4955 (מִשְׂרָפוֹת)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2023
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 I. שָׂרָף noun masculine Isaiah 14:29 a serpent, usually venomous (possibly from above v, from burning effect of poison); — absolute ׳שׂ Numbers 21:8 (J E; on Arabic parallels see Jacob Arabic Dichter ii. 93, iv. 10f.), apposition ׳נָחָשׁ שׂ Deuteronomy 8:15, plural הַנְּחָשִׁים הַשְּׂרָפִים Numbers 21:6; a flying serpent, or dragon, שָׂרָף מְעוֺפֵף Isaiah 14:29; Isaiah 30:6.

II. [שָׂרָף] noun masculine Isaiah 6:2 plural שְׂרָפִים seraphim (probably akin to I. ׳שׂ, as beings originally mythically conceived with serpents' bodies (serpent-deities, compare Isaiah 14:29; Isaiah 30:6), or (Che Comm.) personified of lightning, compare arts. SERAPHIM, Strachan Hast. DB Che Ency. Bib.; Di Marti and others compare also Egyptian guardian-griffins, called Šerref; see also כְּרוּב; on Assyrian Šarrapu (-bu), epithet of god Nergal, connected by Dl WB with √ שָׂרַף, see שָׁרָב, Zim KAT 3. 415); — in OT. majestic beings with six wings, and human hands and voices, attendant upon ׳י Isaiah 6:2,6.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

שָׂרָף m.

(I.) a species of venomous serpents, Numbers 21:6. שָׂרָף מְעוֹפֵף a flying dragon, Isaiah 14:29, 30:6. It is supposed to be the Gr. πρηστήρ, καύσων, so called from its inflamed bite. If the derivation is to be sought in the Phœnicio-Shemitic languages, I should prefer regarding it as so called from swallowing down, see שָׂרַף No. 1 but it corresponds to the Sanscr. sarpa, serpent; sarpin, reptile, from the root srip, ἕρπειν, serpere. Compare Bochart, Hieroz. t. iii. p. 221, ed. Lips.

(II.) pl. שְׂרָפִיס Isaiah 6:2,, an order of angels attending upon God, and appearing with him, having six wings. The Hebrews, as Abulwalid and Kimchi, render the word bright, or shining angels (compare Ezekiel 1:13; 2 Kings 2:11, 6:17 Matthew 28:3); but the verb שָׂרַף has the sense of burning, not of shining, and it is better, comparing شريف, to understand princes, nobles of heaven, who elsewhere are also called שָׂרִים, see שַׂר No. 2. If any one wishes to follow the Hebrew usage of language (in which שָׂרָף is a serpent), he may render it winged serpents, since the serpent, amongst the ancient Hebrews (Numbers 21:8; 2 Kings 18:4), and amongst the Egyptians (Herod. ii. 74; Ælian. Var. Hist. xi. 17, 22), was the symbol both of wisdom and of healing power (see more in my Comment. on Isa. loc. cit.); but I prefer the previous explanation, since the Hebr. שָׂרָף is elsewhere used of a poisonous serpent. [The idea of winged serpents surrounding the throne of God is in itself wildly incongruous, and it is not to be borne that such a notion should be supported by a connection with Jewish superstition, supposed or real; so Gesenius in Thes.]

(III.) [Saraph], pr.n. m. 1 Chronicles 4:22.

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List of Word Forms
הַשְּׂרָפִ֔ים השרפים וְשָׂרָ֣ף ושרף שְׂרָפִ֨ים שָׂרָ֔ף שָׂרָ֥ף שָׂרָף֙ שרף שרפים haś·śə·rā·p̄îm hasseraFim haśśərāp̄îm śā·rāp̄ saRaf śārāp̄ śə·rā·p̄îm seraFim śərāp̄îm vesaRaf wə·śā·rāp̄ wəśārāp̄
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