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Strong's #5007 - τάλαντον

from a presumed derivative of the original form of tlao (to bear, equivalent to (G5342))
Parts of Speech
Noun Neuter
  1. the scale of a balance, a balance, a pair of scales
  2. that which is weighed, a talent
    1. a weight varying in different places and times
    2. a sum of money weighing a talent and varying in different states and according to the changes in the laws regulating currency
      1. the Attic talent was equal to 60 Attic minae or 6000 drachmae
      2. a talent of silver in Israel weighed about 100 pounds (45 kg)
      3. a talent of gold in Israel weighed about 200 pounds (91 kg)
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 374 ‑ אֶפָה (ay‑faw', ay‑faw');  3603 ‑ כִּכָּר (kik‑kawr');  
Frequency Lists  
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KJV (15)
NAS (14)
HCS (14)
BSB (14)
ESV (15)
WEB (16)
Verse Results
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

τᾰλαντ-ον, τό,

balance, Ζεὺς.. τὸ τ. ἐπιρρέπει ἄλλοτε ἄλλως Thgn. 157; ζυγὸν ταλάντου A. Supp. 823 (lyr.); ταλάντῳ μουσικὴ σταθμήσεται Ar. Ra. 797: in this sense used by Hom. only in pl., pair of scales, ἔχον ὥς τε τάλαντα γυνή.., ἥ τε σταθμὸν ἔχουσα καὶ εἴριον ἀμφὶς ἀνέλκει ἰσάζουσα Il. 12.433; esp. of the scales in which Zeus weighed the fortunes of men, χρύσεια πατὴρ ἐτίταινε τ. 8.69, 22.209; γνῶ γὰρ Διὸς ἱρὰ τ. 16.658; ἐπὴν κλίνῃσι τ. Ζεύς, i.e. when he decides the issue of battle, 19.223; τ. βρίσας οὐκ ἰσορρόπῳ τύχῃ A. Pers. 346; of the scales of justice, δίκης κατέκειτο τάλαντα h.Merc. 324, cf. AP 6.267.4 (Diotim.): so in sg., δίκας ῥέπει τάλαντον B. 17.25.

2. tax paid for the use of the public scales, SIG 4.7 (Cyzicus, vi B.C.).

II anything weighed,

1 a definite weight, talent, in Hom. always of gold, δέκα χρυσοῖς τάλαντα Il. 9.122; δύω χρ. τ. 18.507; δέκα πάντα τ. ten in all, 19.247, 24.232; χρυσοῦ.. εὐεργέος ἑπτὰ τ. Od. 9.202; χρυσοῖο τάλαντον.. τιμήεντος 8.393: from the order of the prizes in Il. 23.262 sq. and other passages its weight was probably not great, cf. Arist. Fr. 164.

2. in post- Hom. writers, the τάλαντον was both a commercial weight (differing in different systems), and also the sum of money represented by the corresponding weight of gold or silver; τοῖσι μὲν (of the subjects of Darius) ἀργύριον ἀπαγινέουσι εἴρητο Βαβυλώνιον σταθμὸν τ. ἀπαγινέειν, τοῖσι δὲ χρυσίον ἀπαγινέουσι Εὐβοϊκόν· τὸ δὲ Βαβυλώνιον τ. δύναται Εὐβοΐδας (ὀκτὼ καὶ add. Reiz) ἑβδομήκοντα μνέας Hdt. 3.89; τ. Ἀττικόν, Αἰγιναῖον, etc., Poll. 9.86; ἐποίησε [ὁ Σόλων] σταθμὰ πρὸς τὸ νόμισμα τρεῖς καὶ ἑξήκοντα μνᾶς τὸ τ. ἀγούσας Arist. Ath. 10.2. of money, τ. ἀργυρίου Hdt. 7.28, cf. X. HG 3.5.1, etc.; χίλια τ. νομίσματος Aeschin. 2.174; μνᾶ ἀπὸ τοῦ τ. IG 12.220.7, cf. 92.37, al. of weight, τὸ τ. τὸ ἐμπορικόν ib.22.1013.35; used in weighing lead, ib.12.374.287, 42(1).103.131 (Epid., iv B.C.), PMich.Zen. 9.4 (iii B.C.); iron, PCair.Zen. 144.6 (iii B.C.), CPHerm. p.77 (iii A.D.); cloth, PMich.Zen. 120.8 (iii B.C.), etc.

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

τάλαντομ , -ον , τ ,

[in LXX for H3603;]

1. a balance (Hom.).

2. that which is weighed, a talent;

(a) a talent in weight (in Horn. always of gold);

(b) a sum of money, whether gold or silver, equivalent to a talent in weight (v. DB, iii, 418 ff.): Matthew 18:24; Matthew 25:15 ff. †

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

";of such acharacter,"; is found in Biblical Greek only in 2 Peter 1:17. For the weaker τοῖος we may cite P Oxy VI. 903.14 (iv/A.D.) διὰ τὸν τρόφιμόν σου ἧλθας ἢ διὰ τὴν τοίαν ἦλθας λαλῆσαι ἐπάνω αὐτῆ ̣ς; ";have you come on account of your foster-son or of such a woman, to talk about her?";

[Supplemental from 1930 edition]

τοιόσδε is found in 2 Esdras 5:3, 2 Maccabees 11:27; 2 Maccabees 15:12, in addition to 2 Peter 1:17.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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