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Strong's #4393 - προφέρω

from (G4253) and (G5342)
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  1. to bring forth
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 4672 ‑ מָצָא (maw‑tsaw');  
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KJV (2)
Luke 2
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Luke 4
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Luke 2
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Luke 2
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Luke 2
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Luke 2
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Ep. and Ion. impf. προφέρεσκον, Q.S. 4.275, IG 14.1747.6 ( Rome ): fut. προοίσω: aor. 1 προήνεγκα: aor. 2 προήνεγκον Th. 5.17: Hom.only pres.; 3 sg. pres. subj. προφέρῃσι Il. 9.323:

bring before or to one, present, ὡς ὄρνις . . νεοσσοῖσι προφέρῃσι μάστακα Il. l.c.; νέκυν Ἀχιλλῆϊ 17.121; μάντεις σφάγια προὔφερον Th. 6.69; προενέγκας τὴν ἐπιστολήν BGU 1141.11 (i B.C.), cf. PTeb. 291.43 (ii A.D.), etc.

2. of words, σφιν ὀνείδεα π . cast reproaches in their teeth, Il. 2.251; π. τινί throw in one's teeth, bring forward, allege, esp. in the way of reproach or objection, μή μοι δῶρ' ἐρατὰ πρόφερε χρυσέης Ἀφροδίτης 3.64, cf. Hdt. 1.3, 8.61, 125, Isoc. 4.100; π. τοὔνομα τοῦθ' ὡς ὄνειδος D. 21.190; δικαιώσεις ἀλλήλοις Th. 5.17: abs., reproach (folld. by words quoted), Hdt. 3.120: also in Med., τὴν ἐν Δωδώνῃ ἀσέβειαν Plb. 5.11.2; εἶναι βασιλικὴν γῆν PTeb. 81.17 (ii B.C.), cf. PAmh. 2.30.7 (ii B.C.), etc.

3. utter, μῦθον E. Med. 189 (anap.): Med., ζῷα ἀνθρωπίνας π. φωνάς S.E. P. 1.73, cf. 15, Jul. Or. 7.218c . π. Αἴγιναν πάτραν proclaim it as their country, Pi. I. 5(4).43; π. εἰς μέσον or εἰς τὸ μ . publish, Pl. Lg. 812c, 936a: Med., ὁπόσσω κα προφέρηται for whatever sum [the priest] lays down, Berl.Sitzb. 1927.169 ( Cyrene ).

4. bring forward, cite, μὴ π. τὴν τότε γενομένην ξυνωμοσίαν Th. 3.64, cf. 5.26 ( Pass. ), Pl. Sph. 259d; προφέρων Ἄρτεμιν putting forward her authority, A. Ag. 201 (lyr.); π. τὰς ἐπονειδίστους τῶν ἡδονῶν citing by way of example, Arist. EN 1173b21, cf. Pol. 1288a20: also in Med., Pl. Phlb. 57a, X. Oec. 14.6; ἀναμνήσεως χάριν π . Plb. 4.66.10; αὐτοῦ -ομένου τὴν περὶ τὸ σῶμα γεγενημένην ἀσθένειαν pleading . ., OGI 244.10 (Daphne, ii B.C. ); cite, Plu. Lyc. 21; recite, ποιήματα D.S. 14.109, cf. 16.92; ἀριθμοὺς τῶν ἀρχαίων ποιητᾶν SIG 703.7, cf. 660.3 (Delph., ii B.C. ).

5. of an oracle, propose as a task, τοῖσι Θηραίοισι προέφερε ἡ Πυθίη τὴν ἐς Λιβύην ἀποικίην Hdt. 4.151; ἡ Πυθίη προφέρει σφι, τὰς Ἀθήνας ἐλευθεροῦν Id. 5.63: Pass., δόμοισι προὐνεχθέντος ἐν χρηστηρίοις (gen. abs.) it having been commanded to do so, A. Ag. 964 .

II bring forward, display, π. κρατερὸν μένος Il. 10.479; σπουδήν LXX Si.Prol. 22; ἔριδα π . show, i.e. engage in, rivalry, Od. 6.92; ἀντιώσεσθαι πόλεμον προφέρων Hdt. 7.9 . γ: — Med., ξεινοδόκῳ ἔριδα προφέρεσθαι challenge one's host to rivalry, Od. 8.210, cf. Il. 3.7 .

2. bring out, ἐντεῦθεν ὥσπερ ἐκ ταμιείου π . Isoc. 1.44; ἤνοιξα τὸν τόπον τῶν οἰναρίων καὶ προενήνεχα (sic) οἴνου κεράμια νά POxy. 1288.12 (iv A.D.); ἠξίωσαν προενεχθῆναι αὐτὸν ἀπὸ τοῦ δεσμωτηρίου that he should be produced . ., BGU 1024 vii 4 (iv A.D.) .

III carry off, sweep away, of a storm, Il. 6.346, Od. 20.64; of death, π. σώματα τέκνων E. Med. 1111 (anap.). put or move forward, πόδα Id. Tr. 1332 (lyr.); carry forward, pass on, σκυταλίδα Aen.Tact. 22.27: hence, promote, further, ἠώς τοι προφέρει μὲν ὁδοῦ, π. δὲ καὶ ἔργου furthers one on the road and in the work, Hes. Op. 579: without gen., AP 9.344 ( Leon. Alex. ); μέγα π. εἴς τι conduce, help to wards gaining an object, Th. 1.93; μεγάλη τύχη πρὸς πάντα π . D.C. 78.38: Pass., move forward, προενεχθέντος τοῦ σώματος Arist. IA 711a29 .

2. intr., surpass, excel another, δόξας ἔργα πολὺ προφέρει Simon. 161, cf. Theoc. 12.5: c. dat. rei, εἴρια καλλονῇ τε προφέροντα καὶ ἀρετῇ τῶν ἀπὸ τῶν ὀΐων (tree) wool surpassing sheep's wool in beauty and goodness, Hdt. 3.106; πλούτῳ καὶ εἴδεϊ προφέρων Ἀθηναίων Id. 6.127; ἡ Νάξος εὐδαιμονίῃ τῶν νήσων π . Id. 5.28; π. εἰς εὐτυχίαν τινῶν E. Med. 1092 (anap.): abs., ἐν πάντα νόμον εὐθύγλωσσος ἀνὴρ π . Pi. P. 2.86; πλούτῳ καὶ ἐξουσία, εὐψυχία, Th. 1.123, 2.89, cf. Q.S. 4.275; ἔν τινι D.C. 77.11 . bring forth children, IG 14.1747.6 ( Rome ). carry before, λύχνον τινί D.C. 39.31: Pass., τὸ ῥόπαλον προεφέρετο αὐτοῦ Id. 72.17 .

Thayer's Expanded Definition

προφέρω; (from Homer down); to bring forth: τί ἐκ τίνος, Luke 6:45.

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

προφέρω ,

[in LXX: Proverbs 10:13 (H4672 ni.), Tobit 9:5, al.;]

to bring forth: c. acc rei, seq. ἐκ , Luke 6:45.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

ῥοπή occurs as a v.l. for ῥιπή, ";a moment,"; in 1 Corinthians 15:52 D*EFG 67**. For the original meaning, ";a turn of the scale,"; as in. Sap 18.12, cf. P Par 63.73 (B.C. 165) (as read P Petr III. p. 24) συμβαλεῖται ῥοπὴν εἰς τὸ προκίμενον, ";it would turn the scale in favour of the matter in hand"; (Mahaffy), and P Tebt I. 27.79 (cited s.v. ἐνθυμέομαι). See also Aristeas 90 ῥοπῇ καὶ νεύματι, ";momenta temporis et ad nutum,"; Vett. Val. p. 301.1 αἱ στιγμαὶ ἢ ῥοπαὶ τῶν ὡρῶν, and Herodas VII. 33 with Headlam’s note.


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προφερει προφέρει propherei prophérei